Turns Out Actual “Fools” (Really Do) Rush In

Three ultra-ultra-Liberal, new Congresswomen have taken the HOUSE by self-generated storm.  Ms. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has become a liberal media (sadly, that’s redundant) darling already, through self-promotion and crazy, totally impractical proposals.  Ms. Tlaib (D-MI) has attempted to grab some of O-C’s media spotlight, through outlandish profanity and by mashing the accelerator to the floor on the impeachment mobile. Ms. Tlaib appears to be anti-Israel and a practicing Muslim.  She has at least one other Muslim sister new to the House, this one, Ms. Omar (D-Minnesota…notice a D trend here), who succeeded in getting the House to remove the long-standing ban on head-coverings, but has, yet, to nudge fully into the daily spotlight of the ever-supportive and totally-infatuated national media.  But it’s probably not long before the Al-Andrews Sisters will be singing off the same super-Socialist, sheet music.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is already pushing at least two untenable proposals.  Her favorite, a “New Green Deal” (notice the FDR terminology), which would apparently mandate that all U.S. domestic energy must be generated by renewable sources (i.e. solar, wind, hydro, nuclear & whatever comes next) by the Year 2035.  That’s just 16-years from now!  With total U.S. energy needs, residential and industrial, then required to be supplied by renewables.  Impossible, impractical (in a land now proudly energy-independent), and irresponsibly expensive to achieve.

The home energy costs for American families, not to mention manufacturers, and all other components of our commerce sector, would shoot up and likely stay there.  But the overall cost to U.S. taxpayers, the cost of converting existing energy generators, etc., is already projected to exceed $40-trillion over the first 10-years+.  How do we pay for it?  Ms. O-C suggests taxing millionaires at a 70% rate (and that’s just the federal piece of the taxation grab-bag).  At that outlandish rate, or even higher, it would still not even come close to paying the tab.

And not talked about much, as of yet, her Green Deal also reportedly contains Lib-friendly, no doubt costly, elements from the familiar drum-beat of (here it comes) social justice and income equality. For the latter, quite likely meaning that it’s not enough to provide income opportunity for actually achievers (of all ages, genders, and races), when what we need for Lib-justice is income equality without achievement, meaning take from those who’ve earned it, and give to those who haven’t.  That’s one bass-ackwards view of income equality.  Full Socialism 101: Down with the individual. Up with the hand-outs collective.

The other piece of Ms. O-C’s ruinous, unaffordable, hey-here’s-a-nifty-idea, is a mind-numbing (for those still capable of thought), bureaucratic nightmare called “Medicare for All.”  You’ll recall that we’ve toyed with this Government-created car wreck before. Already covered in a previous post, so no need to rehash its consequences.  Projected cost:  $30-trillion+ over the first ten-years.  How does she say we can pay for this pie (or meds)- in-the-sky, American health care system & medical expertise-killing lunacy?  Reportedly, she once was said to have replied: “the same way we did for World War II.”  What? You mean we sell Medical War Bonds, have the Treasury take out even more loans (if any country will still loan us money), and, oh yes, print more money?  It is simply impossible to pay for either one of her programs without throwing the United States of America into probable default, based on trillions of dollars in additional U.S. debt added to our already excessive, problematic, worrisome national debt load.

Oh, and to add icing to Ms. O-C’s sponge cake, on this past Sunday’s “60-Minutes” telecast, when asked if she thought that President Trump was a “racist,” she responded “No question.”  So yet another Lib-Socialist jumps aboard the He’s-A-Racist-Merry-Go-Round, as others, too, have thrown out the R-word. But has there ever been one credible, non-distorted bit of proof to this charge?  Nope.

Unless you mean his commitment to stop terrorists, gangs, criminals, human and drug smugglers, and unproductive hand-out seekers from entering our country illegally, a vital effort to preserve our America, currently being blocked by illegal-immigrant (voter)-loving Democrats, who openly choose personal power over what’s best for the future of our country, and especially for our citizens (the same ones these elected folks are supposed to represent).  In this era where virtually everything is considered “racist,” if that assessment covers keeping the undesirables named above from gaining illegal entry, then so be it.  Far better to defend our country for the long-haul, than worry about a term that’s been watered-down through over-use to the point where it ceases to have any real meaning, except, of course, for use by those who still find joy and re-affirmed self-esteem in flinging insults, regardless.

And speaking of insults, without question, last week’s Gold Medal in the Award Category for Public Potty-Mouth goes to new Congresswomen, Ms. Tlaib who, as everyone alive across our media-addicted nation now knows, on the day of her official swearing-in (speaking of swearing), she announced to her supporters gathered that: “We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the MF-er.” Hard to believe that an elected Representative would chose to so quickly harpoon her national credibility by publicly hurling such a vulgar term at anyone, let alone the current President of the United States.  Perhaps her district in Michigan thinks that’s cool, but pretty sure most of the rest of the country (East & West Coast liberals excluded) found that to be tasteless and totally unbecoming from a person serving in such an elevated position.

Thinking back a few years, isn’t it strange that the previous White House occupant was never the subject, via constant media drum beat, of such slanderous, outrageous, sometimes-even-threatening, and vile name calling.  I wonder how he managed to escape all of that.  Maybe because the national media spent eight-years perched squarely in his lap. Or perhaps it was because he did such a darn fine job.  Well, no, that can’t be it.  So the mystery remains.

Then, a day later, Ms. Tlaib, reportedly stated to a Detroit TV reporter: “I think President Trump (you remember, the “MF-er” from the day before) has met his match. I don’t like bullies. I go after them the same way they go after us.  And he’s just going to have to deal with it.”

Well let’s see, so after decades of successful, high-level, multi-million-dollar, business deals in his past life, and now clearly adept at negotiating deals at the highest level with world leaders and dictators, President Trump has finally “met his match”?  Oh, please, dear vocal, Detroit Torpedo, you flatter yourself and, frankly, you haven’t a clue.  Has she perhaps forgotten that she is just ONE of 435 House Representatives?  Kinda wonder again how, as a rookie member amidst 434 other House votes (most of them seasoned and articulate), she somehow positions herself as the ONE who can take on, and verbally defeat the President, who in ALL ways, is her superior. And, by the way, her dislike for bullies?  Wonder if she’s stopped to consider what her profane, cheap-shot, uttered publically about the President, has made her?  So stand by folks for the coming grudge “match,” featuring Alice in Wonderland vs. Goliath.  We know how that one’s gonna end.

Civility, character, and common sense in our society have definitely taken a beating these last two years.  All have, far too often, given way to arrogance, profanity, hatred, and with it, even threats of violence.  And, a great deal of it seems to be slap-shots from within America’s largely-in-opposition entertainment sector (doing little to win or sustain fans across Middle America), as well as from   irrationally-angry followers, made far too easy, and anonymous, by the omni-presence of social media.

Now, as we’ve witnessed, it has even emerged from the opposition political sector. And from what we’ve heard so far from the two Democrat new-comers, it’s not likely to get better any time soon.  Showboating, not substance, is in.  Encouraged and rewarded 24/7 by our nation’s ever-fawning, negative sound-bit-worshipping, and mostly lib-biased big-city media, to the shame of all involved.


(“No question” quote via The Daily Caller.com, William Davis, 1-6-19); (“MF-er” quote via Daily Wire.com, Amanda Prestigiacomo, 1-4-19); (“Met his match” quote via Tea Party.org, 1-6-19).