Climate Cloud-Burst

Progressive Democrat Socialists have told us before about the dangers of “Climate Change,” the unspecific term that’s become the more acceptable spin-off of “Global Warming,” which flamed-out a few years back, when the public, correctly, failed to buy it. Now that they have forged their way into trifecta federal control (two chambers + white house), they have become far more adamant.  Not only is Climate Change a danger, since climate impact, we’re told, is about to engulf us, it is now, a, or perhaps even, the, preeminent national security issue for America. That’s right folks, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and perhaps still other dominance-challengers, are for now, say our superiors, all riding in the back seat, as Climate Change has locked on to our nation’s front bumper.

The Climate Change culprit, as we’ve been lectured about by the Obama-ites in the past, but now, it seems, far more immediate, is of course those now-evil fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. The Obama administration did its best to dismantle the coal industry, the fuel that once dominated America’s production of electricity. Natural gas and oil have since taken over as the far-and-away primary fuels used today for the generation of electricity in the U.S. And therein lies the crisis, which is imminent, say our esteemed Progressive-Socialist leaders.

So imminent, in fact, that among Mr. Biden’s initial swirling water-spout of Executive Orders were the ones ordering work to cease on the Keystone XL pipeline (repeatedly delayed under Obama, accelerated under Trump, now stopped under Biden), and imposing a “60-day pause” on federal land and water oil and natural gas drilling permits.  Regarding the climate crisis, proclaimed Mr. Biden: “We can’t wait any longer.  We see with our own eyes.  We know it in our bones.  It is time to act.”  And as a reminder, you do remember that the mandate for the global warming/climate control issue is solely due to the pollution producing activities of the men, women and children of America.  No phases of the moon, no ocean impact, no hand of God, no Mother Nature, none of those outside forces at work here.  No, no. The abuse of our environment is due solely to mankind, and particularly, American mankind, we are told and shamed.

Well then, since we are apparently guilty-as-charged in the eyes, ears, and especially the bones of Progressive-Socialists, perhaps it would be helpful to reveal to the understandably skeptical American public just exactly what “their” eyes and “their” bones are telling them.  In other words, how about some proof that if we don’t act right now, by crippling our domestic oil and natural gas supply, and with it our economy, that the polar bears are goners, all of the pole ice is melting, and the resulting flooding will surely reach as far inland as Kansas from both coasts!   Other than from government experts, or academic ones, who often perform research under federally-provided grants, no one is providing (or perhaps allowed by media to provide) us with any hard scientific proof that we are truly in peril, and in short order, with consequences like the oceans far-exceeding their banks, and the average year-around daytime temperature skyrocketing, if we don’t stop our dependence on oil and natural gas. They tell us dooms-day is upon us, but there is no evidence or legitimate proof ever given.  It’s just the old: “Trust us. We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

So then, time to hear from our new Climate Envoy, Mr. John Kerry, who also claims to see the sand running quickly out of our climate hour-glass.  Said he: “Three years ago, we were told we have 12-years to avoid those (climate) consequences.  Three of those years were lost because we had Donald Trump who didn’t believe in any of it (wise man!).  And now we have nine years left to try to do what science is telling us we need to do.”  Well, to begin with, on what basis “twelve years”?  Why now “nine years,” since President Trump served a four-year term!”  Who is telling us this and on what demonstrable, accurate, truthful, legitimate basis?  Response: crickets.  No questions, please.  You must trust what we tell you; everything we tell you.  We are Progressive-Socialists. By definition, we are honest. We know it in our bones. Which, by the way, are far better and far more accurate bones when it comes to predicting weather events, than are any of yours.  So there.

If you weren’t already feeling sufficiently guilty about your systemic racism and obvious superiority, then kindly accept a fire-hose worth of additional guilt for the damage that you, specifically, are doing to the environment by driving a gasoline-powered vehicle, heating your home, and in other ways, no doubt excessively, using electricity.  Mankind, American mankind, guilty American mankind is responsible for bringing the scourge of the rapidly approaching climate crisis down upon our nation, and by extension, the planet.  Neither God, nor Mother Nature, are in anyway involved or responsible for changes in our climate.  Nope, say the powers that be.  You alone are riding on the world climate-crisis guilty bus.

Well, as it turns out, and you already know it, that simply isn’t true.  And Mr. Kerry subsequently, post-crisis-announcement handwringing, had to admit as much.  You see, paraphrasing his statement, if the U.S. (that’s you!) reduced our emissions to zero, it would make very little difference in the overall global Climate Change battle.  Again, for clarity, even if we succeeded with Mr. Biden’s desire to drive coal, oil, and natural gas emissions from our nation, while crippling our economy and way of life, it would make ZERO difference toward climate crisis repair around the world.  Said Mr. Kerry: “Paris (Climate Agreement) alone is not enough.  Not when almost 90 percent of all of the planet’s global emissions come from outside of U.S. borders”  90%!!  We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved.”  Emissions violators are, as you might expect, China, Russia, and others, still wishing to aggressively expand their economies, not cut back for the sake of an international request. China, alone, is responsible for 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, and they are still building more electric-generating capability with…ready for this…coal-fired plants!!

So, again, sacrifice the Canadian-American pipeline, along with curtailment of domestic oil and natural gas discovery on federal property, plus production, and refining, at a cost of an estimated 58,000 high-paying jobs from the energy fields,  plus tens of thousands more with the cessation of the Keystone pipeline (and many thousands more with the halt in the southern border wall construction!) all to make ZERO difference in the global fight against a supposed climate crisis.  Pure destructive nonsense. Said West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, the Biden energy plan is like “taking a wrecking ball” to those energy industry jobs throughout several states across the U.S.

Mr. Biden’s announced goal is to eliminate fossil fuel pollution from power generation by 2035.  That’s just 14-years from now.  Totally unrealistic, unnecessary, and beyond that, impossible!  But there’s more swimming around in his crystal ball.  He also plans to rid pollution from the total U.S. economy by 2050.  Fortunately, he and many of us will have long passed on before that uber-blue-sky power-generation goal fails to be made.

And here is present day reality.  Seventy to eighty percent of today’s electricity generation is produced by oil and natural gas.  Wind and solar combined account for only about 4%!  How many years, and how many U.S. dollars would it take for renewables to become reliably, repeat, reliably (sun & wind) dominant? Nuclear power is in some use, and it’s the cleanest of all, but no one wants to discuss nuclear!  Regardless of government efforts to expand renewables, the United States will be dependent on oil and gas generation for very likely some decades to come. The only question remains whether we are allowed to produce all of those fuels that are needed here, or whether we have to go back to being an importer of fuel from other nations to supply our needs.

But what about all of those jobs Mr. Biden’s new Executive Orders have just put on-hold or eliminated outright?  Says he: “When I think of climate change and the answers to it, I think of jobs.  We’re going to put people to work.  We’re not going to lose jobs.  These aren’t pie-in-the-sky dreams.  These are concrete actionable solutions. And we know how to do this.”

Not surprisingly, Republicans failed to buy the “not going to lose jobs” fantasy and the remainder of the pie-based proposal.  Responded Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA State): “Pie-in-the-sky government mandates and directives that restrict our mining, oil, and gas industries adversely impact our energy security and independence.  At a time when millions are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing Americans need is big government destroying jobs, while costing the economy billions of dollars.”

The clear fallacy in the Biden edicts is that the tens of thousands of jobs now on-hold, or more likely lost, cannot, and will not be replaced, in kind, anytime soon.  If in fact it is to ever happen, and done so, on the backs of tax-payer federal grants and funding, gearing up the renewables manufacturing industries will take several years, before significant actual replacement jobs appear (and employment will have to be in line with consumer product demand!).  Mr. Kerry has also suggested that those currently employed in coal mining can simply transition to become solar and wind technicians.  Not so fast.  “The projected new jobs in these industries over 10-years amount to just 20% of the current number of coal jobs, and they don’t pay as well either,” wrote a refreshing Washington Post fact-checker.  And, of course, that doesn’t begin to take into account replacing all of those predicted lost oil and gas industry jobs!

“So, what President Biden wants to do,” continued Mr. Kerry, “is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people who go to work to make solar panels – that we’re making them here at home.  That is going to be a particular focus of the Build Back Better agenda.”  The way this is all looking right now, from a rational conservative perspective, it’s more like a Bankrupt America Better agenda.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was quick to respond to this completely out-of-touch-with-reality dream of solar panel jobs instantly appearing for everyone.  Said Senator Cruz: “What an arrogant, out-of-touch statement for a centimillionaire (i.e., Kerry) to say.  You know, ‘you little people, you know, I don’t like the choices you’re making, and so your jobs go away,’ as John Kerry has said right there.  What a surprise that the Democratic elites have decided that blue-collar workers, that union members, that men and women with calluses on their hands, they’ve made the wrong choices, in his words. I’ve asked multiple Biden nominees what they would say to the union workers who just lost their jobs because Joe Biden decided they didn’t deserve a job.  And essentially, nominee after nominee has said, ‘Well, tough luck.’ ”

Well, not exactly, says the Administration.  Ms. Gina McCarthy, national climate adviser to Mr. Biden, countered that assertion by assuring that the Administration “is not asking for sacrifice” by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline project, along with the other oil & gas-field executive order.  No, said Ms. McCarthy: “The President fully understands that people are suffering now.  This is all about recovering from the COVID crisis. This is all about building good, clean jobs, access to good pay and unions. This is all about investing in the infrastructure we need to build that future that is going to get us to clean electricity and net-zero in 2050.  This is about promises he made that he’s gonna keep.”  Then, later, Secretary of Commerce nominee Gina Raimondo (a second Gina) stepped up to assure those who lost their pipeline jobs that they’d get new ones: “I would say that climate change is a threat to us all and that we will make sure that you have jobs, that you have the skills you need to have a job.  And by the way, as we meet the needs of climate change, there will be many jobs created, good paying jobs, union jobs.”

The one little bitty issue that they all dance around without daring to touch it is that the “sacrifice” imposed on thousands now, has no real fix for the foreseeable future.  There are no instant substitute jobs that these field oil & gas and pipeline construction workers can magically fall into next week.  The magic solution is years and government funding away.  So, there will be great sacrifice for these workers, stretching across several states and communities. Lots of it.  And you do notice that everyone assuring those now with lost jobs that everything is going to be just fine (one day well into the future), those same people all have jobs now, their next paycheck is guaranteed, and their mortgage will get paid.  To be honest, they really can’t be all that concerned about workers ‘suffering,’ because it’s all for the greater good of the anti-fossil fuels crusade. Do remember what we’re told: we only have nine-years of survival left!  So, the immediate-climate-threat-solving Progressive-Socialist regime is determined to make everything much better for everyone, whether you’re forcibly unemployed or not. Again, it’s all for the greater good (of Progressive-Socialists), you see.

So, what’s really going on here?  Why are we actually talking about KO’ing America’s best in the world oil & natural gas capability, which during the regulatory hands-off Trump era, made the U.S. energy independent. And now we’re told to be in favor of pie-in-the-sky promises of massive new renewable energy sources (solar & wind) at the cost of turning America back to an energy de-pendent nation, which means millions of future tax dollars will be sent to Russia and Middle East oil suppliers, and with it, a very definite increase in national security concerns (by bolstering the finances of potential or actual enemy nations while reducing our own treasury resources).

Well, folks, it’s actually quite simple from the Progressive-Socialist (Marxist) perspective.  What’s going on here, what’s being forced upon us, has actually very little to do with people and pollution, and everything to do with politicians and power.  This is all about collecting more and more centralized control in the hands of our political elites, along with those influential global elites behind the curtain.  Federal power and firm, expanding control, maximized for the benefit of the ruling political and corporate elites.  The reality is that no one, and nothing else, matters.  The true goal is not emissions control.  It’s people control.  The emissions fear is just the rationalized means to a greater and greater apparent take-over by the federal government.

And in the doing, via the predictive fossil fuel collapse (along with everything else in their way), transforming our best-in-the-world free-enterprise capitalist economic system into a severely-restricted, state-controlled, one. The genuine fear is not coming from climate issues.  Rather it’s the clear and present potential to see our Constitutional republic absorbed and to possibly be replaced by unconstitutional tyranny. Repeated executive orders, all with no legislative input or debate, with no consensus, or desire for same, which Mr. Biden himself had previously claimed was essential for a democracy.  For conservative Constitutionalists, at least at present, this does not appear to be heading in a positive direction for the maintenance of our traditional, treasured republic.


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