“Climate Change:” Real Or Federal Hoodwink?

Following month after month of blaming we the people for the scourge of “Climate Change,” (i.e., the repackaged “Global Warming”), claiming it was our evil gasoline-burning vehicles, gas stoves, inefficient washing machines, and just about every other careless anti-humanity action we selfish Americans are committing, last week Mr. Biden gave us a smidgen of hope, and probably almost gave his fellow Progressive-Socialists the vapors, when he actually stated, in a moment of subject-matter sanity: “What happened (referring to recent extreme climate events) was Mother Nature let her wrath be seen in the last two years, so people can’t deny it anymore.”  There you read it.  Finally, America’s CEO blaming heavy rain, snow, flooding, tornadoes, and every other climate catastrophe on the real source: Mother Nature, along with her, and our own, ultimate heavenly CEO, God Almighty.

Naturally, and unfortunately, staying in line with Progressive lore, he would quickly return to their nearest available climate change villain: Mankind.  Why yes, we Americans are, of course, the liberal source of all things evil.  Speaking especially, then, to the “younger generations,” about their increasingly desperate future, if “we” don’t tame the climate, he said: “If we don’t keep the temperature from (raising) above 1.5 degrees Celsius (i.e., about 2.7-degrees Fahrenheit), then we’re in real trouble.  That whole generation is damned.”  More politically-driven, sledge-hammer warnings from the nation’s ever-compassionate Care-Taker-In- Chief.  That’s it, just scare the be-jeepers out of the young folks, those that too many of our universities are turning into ultra-liberal “Save The Earth” Storm Trooper zealots (and Democrat voters).

Oh, and then he takes that 2.7-degree predicted temperature rise, destined, said he, to “damn a generation,” one huge, ludicrous, comparison step further, when, said Mr. Biden: “It’s (the 2.7-degree rise) the single-most existential threat to humanity we’ve ever faced, including nuclear weapons.”  He is actually equating the potential nation and population destroying impact of nuclear weapons (a near-term actual threat) to climate change (an indefinite long-term, if ever, unproven, assumed threat).  A breathtakingly-amazing, totally false comparison.  Nuclear weapons we know about and understandably fear.  Compared to climate change which, to date, is an ideology only, with no observable proof.  And, by the way, why in the world is he using a Celsius temperature rise to frighten us, when we are a Fahrenheit nation?  That’s likely because he’s simply repeating what the United Nations climate-types are dictating to world leaders.  Doomsday thinking  bringing to life, the 1962 Broadway musical: “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off”!

We’ve been lectured for several decades now, by pseudo-visionaries, about how we (i.e., villains) will witness the earth coming to an end, projected so by the year (fill in here), if we don’t change our ruinous humanly ways.  So far, not surprisingly, we’ve outlived every one of those false predictions.  Frighteningly, it’s far more likely that hostile nuclear weapons evaporate part of the earth, well before that false, human-caused, earth demise, climate change issue.

According to the National Academy of Sciences going back to “global warming,” which they say is “on track to reach 2.7-dergrees F above pre-industrial averages in the early 2030’s, regardless of how much greenhouse gas emissions rise or fall in the coming decade.”  Note: Regardless of “greenhouse gas emissions.”  So now, if we’ll all gather around the family wood-burning stove (quite likely history’s first ‘renewable),’ we can begin to add some harsh reality to the so-called, and imaginary, climate change crisis.

According to legitimate science, the earth has been in a warming phase for a very long time, for the last few centuries, in fact.  “The so-called Little Ice Age (14th Century to the middle of the 19th) was a period of relative cold (temps down an average of over one degree F), and followed the Mediaeval Warm Period. The Roman and Mediaeval warm periods were, without doubt, warmer than today. Human civilizations have tended to thrive during warmer periods, rather than colder ones. Roman civilization flourished during a relatively warm period, yet Rome collapsed not long after it ended. Regarding past warmer periods, (it’s important to remember that) they cannot possibly have been caused by emissions of carbon dioxide from humans.” Henry Ford’s ‘Model T’ didn’t debut until 1908.

Real causes, then, for climate change include “solar variability, lack of volcanic eruptions, and ocean oscillations, bringing more warm water to the surface.” Continuing: “The effects on the climate of non-human-caused processes are very significant, and we don’t’ know at all how significant CO2 emissions are, or even whether they are a real problem.” And this insightful author/researcher continues on the CO2 impact issue in warmer temperature periods, such as we’re in currently and going forward: “A warmer (earth’s) surface is expected to cause more evaporation from the oceans, so more water vapor is in the atmosphere; and water vapor is a strong greenhouse gas, far stronger than CO2.”  He concludes his lengthy and thoroughly researched climate change ‘crisis’ analysis: “Whatever alarmists may say, I, for one, don’t see any evidence for a ‘climate crisis.’  Still less is there any hard evidence that emissions of CO2 from human civilization are causing any climate problems at all. The effects of 1-degree of warming over 140-years have not been catastrophic. We must stop fearing anything that hasn’t been proven to be a real threat. In my view, the entire ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ accusation is a total fraud.”

And the thoughts of another non-alarmist on our climate: “Solar activity probably ultimately drives long-term climate change. Other important factors in natural climate change are: climate system inertia, internal ocean variability, changes in stratospheric ozone, and winds.  In the very long term, changes in the Earth’s orbit play a role.”  No where in this analysis of climate factors is there any mention of any climate impact from fossil fuels!

Yet another dose of researched reality: “An inconvenient truth: it was warmer, with higher CO2 millions of years ago, long before humans used coal and oil! So why aren’t journalists and urban voters leery of the climate agenda since all the dire threats have been fabricated.”  And then this: “As a result of the replacement of fossil fuels with ineffective wind turbines and solar panels, Northern Europeans approach winter with increased energy costs and the prospect of regional blackouts, all in the name of averting a fabricated climate emergency.”  And because of the failure of ‘renewables’ to provide much needed electricity for heat, countries like England, Germany, and others have turned back to their remaining coal plants as the source of reliable winter-time power generation. “The challenges of winter weather would have been much more manageable if European leaders had not shifted their economies away from coal, oil, and natural gas in favor of expensive and unreliable green technologies.  Of course, the damage of this folly has been compounded by the disruption of energy markets by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.”  As with the attempt by the administration here to shift American “energy” dependence to the folly of “unreliable green technologies.” Note: Communist China has reportedly given the go-ahead to construct over 200 coal-fired power plants, during the last five years alone.  If CO2 is truly a negative climate influence, China is ignoring it.

And still more thoughts on the imaginary climate change crisis: “I realized that the science predicting future doom from emissions of carbon dioxide was wildly speculative. Individual climate scientists did good work, but accurately predicting the future climate was not realistic.  I could not help but notice a climate of fear that prevented scientists from opposing the climate doom narrative. The labs and universities that employed scientists did not want any dissident voices that might torpedo the flow of money from Washington.”  That last statement is significant.  Regardless of the truth, don’t rock the boat, whether researchers dependent on federal grant money, or media reporters not wanting to lose insider access.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, who decided to leave the organization when it was “hijacked by the political left when they realized there was money and power in the environmental movement.” Greenpeace was then “changed from a science-based organization to a political fundraising one.”  Said Mr. Moore on our topic: “The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is not a science organization; it is a political organization.  The IPCC hires scientists to provide them with information that supports the ‘climate change’ narrative.” Patrick Moore continues: “Their campaigns against fossil fuels, nuclear energy, CO2, plastic, etc., are misguided and designed to make people think that the world will come to an end unless we cripple our civilization and destroy the economy.”

Wrote Neil Lock (quoted earlier) in his lengthy, well-researched study on climate change: “Hurtful green policies have progressively chipped away at our rights, our freedoms, our standard of living, and our quality of life.” That said, we can intelligently come to at least two conclusions regarding the ‘alleged’ dangers of climate change.  First, as stated repeatedly by the serious issue researchers cited above, the whole climate change concept, and its fear-mongering, touting the myth that, unless we citizens cut way back on our fossil fuel use and its supposed CO2 negative impact, the earth will end. That certainly appears to be a “fraud,” a hoax, and a governmental folly. Secondly, none of this hysteria is about saving the earth.  This whole public-deceiving campaign is totally about increasing central government power and control, while ensuring, increasingly, step by step, that our traditional Constitutional, Bill of Rights, and Rule of Law-protected citizen freedoms are limited or removed entirely.  Just one of the reasons why the 2024 national election is so incredibly important, for the future of our best in the world capitalistic economic system (vs. the march to Socialism with an even more dictatorial central government), and for the current and future overall freedom and sovereignty of our historically-treasured nation.  Our America!


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