Climate Change, My Asteroid!

And so it begins, with the apparent corruptive-elect Mr. Biden now staffing-up his assumptive administration to look, it appears initially, a whole lot like Obama 3.0, clearing out political-elite assisting living facilities, and triggering a stampeding herd of Progressive-retread, office-seeking submissive cattle, destined to be but the first of such ideological hires, later to share with the nation their inevitable fragrant organic deposits.

Among the first out of the hiring chute, presumptive leader Mr. Biden brings back former, forgettable Secretary of State John Kerry, this time to serve as the “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,” worse yet, also to become a member of the National Security Council, because in the minds of the earnest few, climate change, you see, is now said to be a matter of national security.  No one ever explains why, you are just expected to accept that as “fact,” because very important people said so.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

John Kerry, remembered non-fondly for his role in the Iran nuclear deal (Trump got us out of it) and the 2015 Paris climate accord (Trump got us out of it),  has been described in print as “one of the biggest gasbags in American politics. We look forward to the anti-carbon lectures from a guy who travels the globe on private jets and luxury yachts,” wrote the New York Post Editorial Board. The Post continued: “The only conclusion you can draw is that Biden, having vowed to make fighting climate change a top priority, simply wants someone who’ll look like he’s trying hard, but won’t actually get anything done.”  Perhaps that whole “gasbag” reference is actually the hidden key to understanding his presumed expertise in potentially controlling/eliminating all of America’s future fossil fuel dependence and use!

And, frankly, the plaudits don’t grow one bit stronger for either of these two dedicated lovers of left-wing stunts: “John Kerry and Joe Biden are, literally, wrong about everything all of the time. They are not even broken clocks that are right twice a day. After Mr. Obama himself, no two people in the world are more responsible for the rise of President Trump than Joe Biden and John Kerry.”  And for dessert, just two more of the countless verbal warm embraces for Mr. Biden.  First, from Robert Gates, former CIA director and defense secretary in the Obama administration, who has reportedly said, referring to the former vice-president: “I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national-security issue over the past four decades.” And Senator Marco Rubio, referring to the assemblage of apparent unimpressives to populate his administration, has been quoted as saying that Mr. Biden has pulled together “polite and orderly caretakers of American decline.” Now, may we please have President Trump back in his rightfully elected office.

As the choir of climate phonies reassembles, no one can provide any solid “scientific” proof that mankind, make that, Americans, specifically, are destroying the environment or threatening the planet.  All quick to make claims, but never willing to show actual proof that industrialized, fossil-fuel-dependent America is eroding the quality of life on and off the continent.  Not to mention these inconvenient facts.  The United States population represents just 4.25% of the total population of the world.  And our national landmass equals just 6.1% of the world’s total.  Meanwhile, major world nations Russia, India & China represent a combined 18.5% of the world’s landmass, not to mention cumulative populations!  So, then, explain to us, again, just exactly how destroying the U.S. economy to pursue this pure hoax, this climate change fantasy, can possibly “save the planet.”  Our impact would be minimal, not helping the world, while diminishing our own economic viability and security.  And don’t think for a minute that other large nations, and especially those smaller ones still developing around the world, will voluntarily stop their economic expansion by ceasing their dependence on those apparently now evil fossil fuels.  They won’t.  As but one example, China is continuing to build new coal-fired power plants to help reach their own internal expansion goals.  And reinforcing that reality, wrote columnist Francis Menton: “It should be a basic test of competence for a U.S. President to steer clear of shackling the U.S. economy while the whole developing world is building fossil fuel power sources as fast as they can.”

As for that now conveniently forgotten “global warming” fiction, respected writer and documentarian Dinesh D’Souza states the following in his recent book: “There is consensus on how much the earth has warmed: About 1-degree Celsius (less than 1.5-degrees Fahrenheit) in the past 100-years.”  So, collapse America’s economy, by eliminating all fossil fuel use, in order to stop one-degree+ of average temperature increase over a century’s time?  Nonsense, to the point of criminality.

And do recall the most recent Ice Age (“began about 2.6-million years ago, and lasted until about 11,700 years ago, as glaciers covered huge parts of the planet earth”).  So, then, if industrialized, fossil-fuel-drilling-refining-and-using mankind is causing all manner of environmental mayhem, threatening the safety of our nation, the world and, thus, say they, national security, then what exactly caused that latest of Ice Ages (said to have concluded nearly 12,000-years ago) to melt?  Pretty sure it wasn’t mankind.  Henry Ford wasn’t born yet.  End of discussion.  Class dismissed.

The current primary politically-driven environmental measure is Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which calls for total conversion to renewables within a totally unrealistic number of years (excepting, of course, conversion to the most logical renewable: nuclear!), retrofitting all U.S. factories, buildings, and homes for energy efficiency, and all manner of other related, and considerably unrelated, upheaval, all at enormous national (tax-payer) expense and the dislocation of our lives.

So, let’s stop the charade, and in deference to our recent Thanksgiving holiday, talk turkey.  This whole “Green” whatever movement has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “saving” America’s environment, stopping temperatures from rising, changing the climate (God’s in control of all of it, by the way), or keeping the ocean levels from rising.  Absolutely none of that, as if we collectively  would have any meaningful impact, anyway.  Nope.  This is all about gaining more and more power and control for the Progressives (Communists-in-training).  This is their grand design, their blue-print, for a national take-over.  Cripple our economy, force gasoline and electricity rates to sky-rocket, destroy all traditional energy production jobs (and companies), etc., while taking  more and more control over the everyday lives of Americans, with a tsunami of new rules and regulations, over industry and individuals.  Wrote Edward Ring recently: “It’s a gold mine for the public sector, which expands it ranks in order to intrude into every segment of our lived and help us “manage” our consumption. Everything we do becomes the business of government enforcers, from when and how much water or electricity we consume to where and how much we travel.  Even the size of our windows or the types of outdoor landscaping we tend will come under their scrutiny.  The primary force behind (this), is not a desire to protect the environment, it is greed.”

Again, this all has nothing to do with saving the nation or world from “climate” destruction, and everything to do with federally-managed social and economic lifestyle destruction.  The dreamed about “transformation” of America from a constitutional democratic republic to a Marxist utopia, controlled exclusively by, and for, the well-being and whims of the anointed political and moneyed elite (American royalty).  And the rest of our crumbling nation, whatever’s left of it, in their regal view, be damned.

This is why the Progressives are so dangerous.  Their stated, allegedly “sensible” goals are but a smokescreen hiding their real intentions, and why they must be stopped.  Holding the two Georgia Senate seats is critically important to that end.  Returning the legitimate election-victor President Trump to his rightful second-term is, of course, the real key to stopping the endless national harm proposed by Mr. Biden.  Key SCOTUS decisions on the fraudulent national election are what we must hope will be forthcoming.

To conclude with but one example of how unserious this whole climate change movement really is to its proponents.  Recall that the fear mongers warn about all manner of disaster for the planet if we don’t immediately radically change just about everything about the way we live, since we humans are the problem.  In addition to the fear of rising temperatures, destined to cook us all, is their stated concern for rising ocean levels. One estimate is that “sea levels will rise by six-feet or more by 2100.”  That sounds pretty darn scary.  But if that projection by “experts” has any merit at all, then please explain why John Kerry is apparently quite comfortable owning an $11.75-million beachfront estate on Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts).  Oh, and Mr. Obama, too, is said to own a large, multi-million-dollar stately home there as well.  Remarked one observer: “If you truly believe that climate change is going to be as devastating as the pundits are saying (example: the island of Manhattan will soon be underwater), why would you (Obama) gamble $15-million to buy an island estate directly on the water?”  Well, perhaps that’s because said political millionaire is reported to have remarked that his 2008 election was “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”  That being the case, seems like we can just poop-can the whole Green NO Deal scam, and continue to live our lives with the seasonal climate changes just as they are. That is, as long as neither Kerry nor Obama suddenly decide to suddenly move any time in the next 80-years!

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