Climate Change? Or Just Blowing in the Wind ?

We’ve been told for many years now, by politicians and other self-absorbed ‘experts,’ all of whom presumably took a science class in high school, that if we don’t do something immediately about (allegedly) man-made ‘climate change’ (previously known as ‘global warming’ until it stopped getting warmer), that before long (fill in the politically-desired number of years), we can kiss our rear-ends good-bye. Lights out for America and the world. Grab the kids and the Krispy Kremes, Harold, we’re doomed.

Take for example, the ‘we’re-running-out-of-time’ warnings from environmental wizards.  For starters, our worrier-in-chief, Mr. Biden, had this to say (in part) following a previous destructive hurricane.  Said the president: “I think we’re at one of those inflection points where we either act or we’re going to be, we’re going to be in real, real trouble. Our kids are going to be in real trouble.  We’re living through it right now. We don’t have any more time.” Clearly, then, with regard to what we now refer to as ‘climate change,’ and for the record, as he emphasized, Mr. Biden’s concern is “real.” And that’s his politically-driven rationale for throwing billions of taxpayer dollars (like buckets of water on an imaginary fire) on the many ineffective or premature ‘green’ initiatives.  As Mr. Biden said in an interview a week later, this one addressing California wildfires: “We know what the driver is, climate change.  We know what’s causing climate change, human activity. This is no longer subject to debate. We don’t have a lot of time.  We don’t have much more than 10-years…for real. This is a decisive decade.” Like the doom clock, which has been set and re-set for decades now, claiming that climate change is causing more wildfires and stronger hurricanes, that conclusion really is, in fact, “subject to debate” by scientists.

More on the other side of the climate change debate later. But first, a couple of recent article pro-climate change headlines, in an effort to continue to make the issue ‘real’: “FEMA Administrator Blames Climate Change For The Deadly Tornado Outbreak” and “Majority Of Young People Have ‘Climate Anxiety’ Survey Finds” and “U.N. Report: Billions Of People Around The Globe In Danger From ‘Climate Change.’” Kinda makes you want to hurry out and slap down a few solar panels on the roof or put up a large backyard wind turbine (with noise apologies to neighbors, along with apologies for sliced birds), because “we don’t have a lot of time.” Well actually, now, it’s about 10-years max, claimed one earth life-span estimator last year.

So, let’s start with climate change and hurricanes, since we’ve just recently experienced a tragic one with Hurricane Ian.  Pulling “never let a crisis go to waste” out of their ever-ready strategies & tactics satchel, Progressives and their media partners were quick to aggressively play that venerable theme to further convince us about, and continue to fund, their “green” transition fantasies.

However, putting a stick in their spokes, NOAA has countered with this: “Neither our model projections for the 21st century not our analyses of trends in Atlantic hurricane and tropical storm activity support the notion that greenhouse gas-induced warming leads to large increases in either tropical storm or over all hurricane numbers in the Atlantic.”  Translation: There is little evidence that hurricanes are either stronger or more frequent, and “instead represent natural variability based on long existing cycles of ocean currents, solar activity, rainfall, and myriad other factors that influence weather.” In other words, it’s the elements, and the impact of nature (ocean, sun, rain, etc.) that determine the number and severity of hurricanes’ strength, and possible land impact, not the carbon dioxide produced by our gasoline engines!

Studies suggest that, in America, there is actually a slight decrease in the number of major hurricanes making landfall on our continent, despite the claims of liberal politicians in D.C. that more such storms will be coming “if we don’t spend billions to tackle man-caused climate change,” as the Green Progressives insist. We actually have data on the number of hurricanes impacting the U.S. from 1851 to 2021.  The worst years were 1941-50 (war years), when a total of 24 hurricanes made U.S. landfall during that ten-year span. Closer to our time-period, there were 7 hurricanes identified in 2021, with 4 making U.S. landfall. Year 2022 has run, to date, below average.

On the overall subject of climate, here’s some truth to chew on.  “For 250 years, there has been exponential growth in the use of coal, oil, crude oil, propane, and heating oil.  There has been a massive increase in the use of cars, trucks, CO2, methane, the population, and numerous other things we are told that cause an existential threat of rapid warming of the Earth.  If all of the things that we are told cause warming actually did that, we would not see the record cold temperatures throughout significant portions of the U.S. in October 2022. Climate has always changed cyclically and naturally.”  Sometimes we refer to climate changes or abnormalities as simply, oh, then, let’s just call it what it is …  the weather!

And on the subject of plain old “weather,” we can apparently, for now at least, put “global warming” to bed, with the political/media reason that it was suddenly morphed into “climate change,” at least partially due to this ‘inconvenient’ fact: “NOAA data shows a gradual ‘global land and ocean’ cooling trend from 2016 to the present!  And then this, according to astrophysicist & aerospace engineer, Dr. Willi Soon (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) whose research shows that the sun is currently in a “weakened state, with reduced activity than that experienced during the 1980’s and 1990’s, a condition that he predicts will last until “around 2050.” Said Dr. Soon: “The whole climate system is powered 99.1 percent by the sun’s energy, (thus) global cooling is a far greater source of concern than global warming.  Paging: All past global warming soothsayers.

Regardless, were U.S. average temperatures to resume warming, it is projected to take 80-years (2102) for the average temperature to rise one degree.  All of those combustion fumes we’re throwing up into our air, by an ever increasing capitalistic, fossil fuel burning, American industry-led system, plus the huge consumer/business use of gasoline vehicles, etc., only to find out, now, that, after 80-more years, we would still be raising the average temperature in the U.S. by only one-degree!  Given that reality, does it really make any non-political sense to spend America into oblivion for the sake of killing the petroleum industry in favor of the so-far-fantasy ‘green power’ that hasn’t yet been reliably produced, except of course for nuclear (which is the answer, if we absolutely must go renewable).

Currently, as an unnamed scientist has said: “It’s very hard to prove whether any temperature increase (or decrease) in the 21st century is man-made or simply a natural variation.”  And it’s worth thinking about this, on that note: The Little Ice Age, we’re told, ended 140,000-years-ago.  What caused the huge global melt? Henry Ford wasn’t yet building gasoline powered vehicles, and America’s dramatic industrialized transformation was centuries away from developing, all considered to be today’s causes of global warming, sorry, climate change.  Pretty safe to conclude that it was natural variation (sun, planets, oceans, etc.), and not man-made CO2, that pulled the earth out of its last deep freeze.

And a quick look at just how much CO2 is actually in today’s air. “Carbon dioxide constitutes four one-hundredths of one percent of the air we breathe (or 400 parts per million).  That is an extremely tiny fraction of the atmosphere. 150 million years ago, CO2 was 1,700 parts per million, more than four times what it is now. How can 400 parts per million be a threat to our existence? The catastrophists have not been asked to explain because they have successfully suppressed widespread awareness of CO2’s percentage in the atmosphere.”  As it turns out, by the way, 78% of our air is nitrogen; 21% is oxygen.

“It is an article of faith for the globalist elite and their often useful mouthpieces in the media, in politics, in business and entertainment, that the world is on course for climate disaster which only radical and costly international action can prevent.”  Well, then, someone should probably let the Chinese government in on the approaching disaster, since they are a prime, or perhaps make that, the prime source projecting global emissions into the atmosphere.  “In 2019, China’s emissions not only eclipsed that of the U.S., the world’s second largest emitter at 11% of the global total, but also for the first time, China surpassed the emissions of all developed countries combined.”  That reality will not come as a surprise to those who’ve read past posts on the subject here.  Even now, China continues to burn coal for a portion of its energy production, and reportedly continues to build even more coal-fired plants.  Regardless, per scientist, Dr. Indur Goklany: “Almost everywhere you look, climate change is having only small, and often benign, impacts.  The impact of extreme weather events – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts – are if anything, declining.  Death rates from such events have declined by 99% since the 1920’s.  Climate-related disease has collapsed. And more people die from cold than warm temperatures.”

It all comes back to the basics of weather influence, rather than constantly making fossil fuels, industry, and business/individual vehicles the automatic CO2 villains. “Weather is chaotic. It is the constant interaction of multiple planetary forces that include ocean currents, jet streams, seasonal changes, and variable air pressure.  Add to this the external influences of the solar intensity cycle and the gravitational pull of the moon. Climate has always been changing.  Recent U.S. policies against fracking, pipelines, coal, and internal combustion engines have placed us at a severe strategic disadvantage.” It comes down to the “foolish notion that weather can be subject to political influence.” As someone recently commented, if Washington can’t control deadly viruses like COVID, what makes us think it can control the weather, that is, to have any influence at all on “climate change.”

So, ultimately, it all comes back to political pressure from our current national leadership’s continued desire for more and more spending, and more and more centralized political control, over America, our economics, our culture, our lives, and especially our freedom.  “The climate change mass movement (domestic & global) abhors capitalism.”  It’s as simple and direct as that. “Activists (purposely) ignore the hardships of ordinary Americans and insist that climate change is the primary existential threat facing humanity.”

So, then, how worried are our citizens about that supposedly omni-present, raging menace, to existence: Climate Change?  Well, actually, back down here in the realm of reality, the world lived in by everyday Americans, a full 69% of our citizens (another survey noted was even higher), a clear majority want a reduction in D.C.’s ridiculous and self-centered over-emphasis on climate change. And, instead, want far more attention paid to the issues that truly impact their family’s daily lives (crime, inflation, open border, and education).  And, along with those priorities, there is very definite support for increased oil and gas exploration & production!  Our citizens get it, regarding the real issues directly affecting them today. Hopefully their home-front common sense will have a better chance of prevailing following this upcoming national election.

Time, at last, for three factual summation considerations: (1) For 80-years, climate alarmists have failed to make correct predictions; (2) Cold temperatures kill more people than hot temperatures; and (3) No credible scientific body has stated that climate change threatens the collapse of civilization or human extinction.

As indicated, the American public wants far more emphasis placed on solving the persistent problems of crime, inflation, and illegal immigration, than concern about climate change, which they rate as very low (in one poll, dead last) in their list of national issues needing corrective action. There is a serious question as to whether or not actual human-caused, supposedly death-dealing, ‘climate change’ really exists. As such, American taxpayers, that’s all of us, do not want a continuation of billions of dollars being spent, and wasted, on so-called ‘green’ energy initiatives. Given the fact that the obvious real end-game here is not the (to-date) fantasy energy-generating replacements for fossil fuels, but rather the purposefully designed imposition of more and more federal control over Americans, ultimately providing for less and less individual freedom.  Knowing as we clearly now do, that, from the Progressive-controlling Democrat perspective, it’s really all about removing the, in their minds, ‘nuisance’ of our Constitution, the rule of law, and, in the end, democracy itself, in favor of a Progressive dreamland transition to a Socialist-Marxist fractured nation.  Using an appropriate energy reference, that means it would be ‘lights-out’ for a free and representative America.  Be mindful of the potential for, and the threat of, ultimate centralized Progressive control over what would then be left of our Founders’ hard-fought incredible nation, when you vote in this election. We must protect their incredible legacy of national independence and individual liberty.


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