Cinch-Up Your Seat Belt, It’s Gonna Get Bumpy

Folks, we’re in for two-years of predictably rough water, with the Democrats soon to be in the House driver’s seat, intent on reversing as much of President Trump’s positive accomplishments as possible, plus known and unknown additional mayhem.

But first, checking back on a couple of those recent elections that were not concluded on election night as they should have been. . In Georgia, we have a defeated top-of-the-ticket candidate, Ms. Abrams, who feels that the voting environment was not “free or fair.”  You’ll recall a similar conclusion with President Trump’s election, which by comparison might now, in some eyes, make the Governor-elect’s victory non-legitimate.  Nevertheless, Mr. Kemp will be sworn-in as the duly elected Governor of Georgia.

Then, the political reverse, out in Orange County, California, the previous, and only, Republican stronghold in the state, where the Republican House candidates had all won on election night, only for every one of them to lose days later once the “remaining” ballots were counted.  And this in an historically Republican-voting county that voted, again this time, for the California Republican candidate for Governor!  Split ticket voting?  Doubtful. Like so many other mysterious wins for the Democrats, the Orange County thing has a fishy smell to it, and shame on the Republican leaders there if they aren’t digging into that situation.  And then there’s the Korean-American Republican House candidate from California, Ms. Young Kim, who was declared the victor on election night, traveled to D.C. for the new member orientation, only to then find that she had actually lost.  The word “find” is appropriate in a race that might possibly have been taken from her, as we learn of too many instances, in Democrat-dominated areas, where questionable ballots are “found.” Like Orange County, if not challenged and thoroughly looked into, we’ll never know what really happened.  As written in an earlier piece here, the whole balloting system needs to be overhauled or at least mostly eliminated (with the submission deadline for absentee ballots no later than the day prior to the election).  Actual, just, legal, and final results need to be announced election night.  Period.

And regarding that impressive House election total for the Democrats, do remember that about 40 incumbent Republican House members chose not to stand for re-election, throwing those races wide open and with a brand new look for voters in those districts.  For those Republican House members who, through age or otherwise, grew weary of the non-stop-campaigning-and-fund-raising election cycles House members face, we thank them for their service to their state and nation, and wish them well.  But for those Republican members in that group who left because they didn’t like President Trump, and we know there were some, thanks for helping hand the House to the Democrats.  Choosing self-satisfaction over party loyalty and country.  Shameful.  Had the 40 or so stayed, it’s quite likely, as incumbents, that all or most would have been re-elected, and what a control and voting difference that would’ve made!  Might still have lost the House, but party representation would’ve been much closer.

So that takes us back to a very different upcoming House, not only by party numbers, but also by composition.  Several young leftist-socialists have been elected who will doubtless push hard for open borders, amnesty for the millions of illegals already here, abolishing ICE, Medicare for All (financially absurd), higher taxes (for increasing government programs), free everything, and heaven only knows what other potentially destructive anti-America schemes will erupt from this ultra-progressive freshmen group.  Conservatives can sit back (what choice do we have now) and watch the sparks fly as the young bucks and buckettes take on the established Democrat House majority. And right out of the box, already comes a challenge to Mrs. Pelosi’s presumptive House Speaker post. Numerically, the youngsters may well have the numbers to deny her the brass ring.  We’ll know before long.

It appears that the leader of the young socialists, or at least the most vocal one, who, to date, is getting the most media attention, is Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from Queens, New York.  There have been times, of late, when her facts or logic prove elusive. Fact-wise, she recently referred to the ability of the Democrats to take back “all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House.” Pretty sure that’s branches, and we can tuck Judicial in there someplace.  And speaking of government, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez favors dumping the Electoral College.  Said she: “It is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College, a shadow of slavery’s power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic.”  “A shadow of slavery’s power”? There’s a wide logic gap, begging for an explanation.  Not a fan of capitalism and apparently weary of the great low unemployment numbers in recent months, she remarked in an interview that: “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.”  Pretty sure that’s not true for “everyone,” nor is it the reason (with thanks to our free enterprise system, tax cuts, and the elimination of growth-stifling government regulations).  With regard to climate change (or global warming for purists), Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is demanding (note: not yet in office) that Democrats back what she calls a “Green New Deal” as her titled- program for the nation to adopt 100% renewable energy (here it comes; put down any hot liquid) …. in 10-years!  Said she: “We have ten years left to plan and implement a Green New Deal before cataclysmic climate disaster.”  So, then, if we don’t do as she suggests, we have ten years left before the world (at least our part of it) comes to a blazing or ocean overflow end.  She is clearly assigning the blame for any climate change on human activity, if in fact the climate really is changing to a life-threatening degree (so to speak).  Totally unproven on the humans-are-the-cause charge, and disputes among scientists as to whether the earth is getting warmer and the oceans rising. Regardless, any sustained changes in historic U.S. or world climate trends are totally out of human hands.  Any finally, for now Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has indicted that she intends to use her Instagram account to “humanize” government!  Sorry, we don’t need Big Government getting cozy with us.  Already too much government in the lives of America’s individuals as it is.

By including some thoughts from the most vocal, most media covered new Congressional member-elect, you can get some idea of the infighting already taking place, and likely to come, within the Democrat Party.  The approaching disputes between the clearly more left-leaning establishment block and the clearly very socialist-committed group of younger, headstrong, idealists will be interesting to watch.  The latter who want nothing more than to topple the older established wing of the House Democrats, if not now, then after the 2020 elections, when they will have recruited even more socialist-committed younger party members to run in future primaries against, in their eyes, aging incumbents.  Clearly the House Democrat establishment now has a significant group of un-neutered tigers in their tank.  If Mrs. Pelosi is successful at regaining her Speaker post, and grows tired of the within-party opposition to the “older” members, we’ll see how long it takes her to bring the gavel down hard on this break-away group of piss-and-vinegar freshmen.

The lack of underlying unity among old and new Democrat House members may well prove to be a side-show not witnessed by that party in a very long time.  It’s been the Republicans who can’t seem to get along, and who broke off into factions, even during these past two years of White House-House-Senate control.  Hopefully the coming discord in the Democrat House will occupy them and the media, while the President and the Senate Majority can go about the critical business of making America an even better, safer, more economically sound nation in which to live, work, and raise families, all of which, and more, were the President’s promises from the very start.  And his positive actions speak far louder than complainers’ words. Or certainly would, if the liberal-adoring national media would ever cover the President’s significant efforts to grow, improve, and keep safe, our great nation.


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