Cheat’s in the Mail

The Progressives (the political party formerly known and even occasionally, respected, as Democrats) are not happy about the over 200,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus epidemic.  But yet, actually, silently, they are.  First, because, of course, those deaths were all caused by President Trump, so what them worry, and secondly especially because it has given Progressives the perfect excuse to claim that mail-in ballots are required to protect the safety of those remaining millions of American the President has not yet killed.  Even though voting in-person, with mask, distancing, and sanitary spray, is no more dangerous than going to the grocery store (or participating in a ‘peaceful’ protest), Progressives still cling to the safety issue with a death grip, as witnessed by the repressive stay-in-place ‘health’ orders from far too many of their tribe’s mayors and governors, aimed solely at making things (i.e., economy & unemployment) look and feel worse, specifically to harm the Trump re-election prospects, regardless of the negative impact on their own citizens and businesses.

Just like the impeachment hoax, the vote-by-mail for the masses crusade is just another Progressive scam masquerading as “caring.”  This false campaign, unneeded by the vast majority of American voters, is being pushed solely for the purpose of creating confusion, delayed election night results, and outright vote fraud.  And from the very start of the Trump Administration, with one bogus over-throw attempt after another, for Progressives, fraud has become their standard practice, their way of life, their reason to be.  If you can’t win legitimately, which, despite stomping and shouting from their far-left bunker, they no longer can, then by all means, and by every means necessary, then win by cheating.

Every day, for weeks now, there have been more and more reports amidst (only) conservative media about cheating discovered and /or cheating anticipated. In the last four national elections (2012-2018), almost 28-million mail-in ballots went missing, and state and local officials “simply have no idea what happened” to them!  The stage is set for the same thing to happen in 2020, with Republican ballots now specifically targeted, of course. And, according to liberal (tax-payer supported) NPR, nearly 65,000 absentee mail-in ballots were thrown out in primary elections this year (2020), because they arrived past deadlines. The issue this year is the number of ballots that will be counted this November, as several Progressive-dominated states have loosened the ballot inclusion due dates, dramatically increasing the likelihood of massive ballots magically found and counted after election day!

So, let’s review the current situations and “requirements” in several states. Back in April, a federal appeals court ruled that Kansas cannot require voters to show proof of citizenship when they register.  Incredible, and should be illegal!  Do you suppose that could lead to some illegals voting? While the court referred to existing statutes, their decision and the statutes are wrong, regardless.  This decision alone (impacting 5 states in that circuit’s district!) points to the definite likelihood of voter fraud.

Palm Beach County (FL) actually sent out primary election mail-in ballot return envelopes that showed either a “D” or an “R” amidst the bar code numbers on the outside, making it super-easy to identify and toss the party ballots that those collecting chose not to keep!  Either a colossal blunder or a purposeful one by elections officials.  They “claim” such identifiers will not appear on general election ballot envelopes.  They got caught red-handed.  Remains to be seen how the forthcoming envelopes will look.

New Jersey elections board officials found over 1,600 uncounted primary election ballots in a ‘mislabeled’ bin, but claim they were, in fact, counted in the end.  Nice. And speaking of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, a long-time vote fraudster, an anonymous Democrat ‘operative,’ and his team confessed to a NYC reporter that they have been helping to rig elections for Democrats for years, by means of “paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots”!  One method used was to go “door-to-door asking voters to let them deliver their mail-in ballots for them.” Then they would hold the envelopes over boiling water to loosen the glue, take out the actual ballot, replace it with a fake one, then deposit the sealed fake ones in mailboxes in several neighboring towns to reduce any avoid suspicion.  And this, they say, had been going on for years!  Tough to take any comfort from this activity, as it might very well be going on across the country by “ballot harvesters,” a shyster practice initiated by California, now spread to others, where it is, of course, legal.

Then, in Georgia, the Secretary of State there announced that 1,000 residents had actually voted twice in that state’s June primary.  Send in an absentee ballot, then vote in-person. Happened across many GA counties, and the double votes weren’t detected in time to stop them from being double-counted!  Illegal and so easy to do.  Hopefully not too many people discover this fraudulent method.

Another huge vote fraud scheme will likely occur in those states that have permitted vote counting after November 3rd.  COVID-19 or not, counting ballots after Election Day is ridiculous and permitted only for the absolute purpose of allowing fraudulent returns. There is no reason whatsoever why legitimate domestic absentee voters cannot request, then receive ballots, and get them in the mail in plenty of time for normal counting prior to Election Day.  For an example of purposely planned fraud, in Michigan, a federal judge (you can guess her party) ruled that ballots in that state can be counted up to 14-days late, if they have a November 2nd or earlier postmark.  That’s two-weeks after the election! Unnecessary, ridiculous, and absurd, unless that judge and her party are purposely leaving the door open to fraudulently alter the election results in that important electoral state.  Oh, and there’s more. During the last four days of the campaign there, “a voter may select any third party (‘ballot harvesting’) of his or her choosing to render assistance in returning an absentee voter ballot.”  Thanks for opening that cheatin’ Democrat double-wide door, Judge, we Progressives are going to town.

It’s so very easy and obvious to be concerned about ballot fraud, made all the easier for the integrity-lackers, thanks to the Chinese-released virus.  Without it, there would be no excuse for the nationwide Progressive push for mail-in balloting, purely to protect voter health, you see. Regardless, and on the contrary it’s good to remember this truism: “If you can protest in-person, you can sure as heck vote in-person!”

Democrats care about the “integrity” of our elections.  Yes, and the moon will soon smack into Florida, giving us, finally, both an actual Moon over, and on, Miami!  And so, as but yet another example of their un-heartfelt concern, “Virginia will no longer require voters to show a photo ID” prior to voting. Responded leading conservative, Sebastion Gorka: “This is only one objective to make sure the Democrat Party can steal every single election in perpetuity and forever be in control of both houses and the White House. We must be cognizant of the fact that Democrats have no soul and will use this tragedy (virus) to try and bolster their position so that they are in power forever.” Yes, but, said Liz Harrington: “the liberal media keep telling you we have nothing to worry about, repeating over and over again that there is no evidence voting by mail leads to voter fraud.”  Except that the evidence of voter fraud continues to pile high and higher, regardless of the persistent phony claims from the disgraceful Progressive butt-kissing advocate (no longer factual news) national media.

Writing for one of the few respected conservative newspapers, the New York Post, respected columnist, Michael Goodwin said: “President Trump insists that the plans of some states, such as California and Colorado, to counter the pandemic by mailing a ballot to every registered voter is a formula for disaster.  It will, the president says, guarantee mayhem and cast doubts on the November results.” To illustrate his point, Goodwin points to two Congressional races in New York. A full five-weeks after the Democrat primaries, “no winners had been declared!” The major problem, says Goodwin, was the volume of mail-in ballots – more than 400,000 vs, 23,000 four years ago. “The Board of Elections, creaky, sloppy, and unreliable on the best of days, is swamped.”

And, again, on the subject of election integrity, from the narrow, self-serving  Progressive point of view, Georgia’s Stacy Abrams champions the view that the entire country should vote by mail. She railed against those “on the other side of the conversation who are crying fraud,” claiming that “voter fraud is nearly mythological. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than for there to be an incident of voting fraud.”  First of all, Ms. Abrams, we draw your attention to the recent 1,000 cases of double-voting in your state.  That’s fraud. And those were the only ones caught, and unfortunately too late.  Secondly, with your lightning reference, given the prevalence of voter fraud around the nation, recent and upcoming, you might want to avoid being out during thunderstorms.

The Progressives strive to do the following with regard to destroying election integrity: get rid of voter ID and signature requirements for absentee ballots; over-ride state deadlines for submission of absentee ballots; over-ride state laws forbidding ballot harvesting by ‘third parties;’ and stop ballot signature comparison!  And the Progressive treachery moves continue to be reported by conservative media so frequently, day after day, that it’s difficult to actually wrap-up this particular review, without leaving even more examples needing exposure.

Says Mrs. Pelosi in so many words, repeatedly: “Vote-by-mail is essential to protecting the future of our democracy as we confront the public health crisis.  There is no legitimate argument against enacting it.”  She refers, of course to a wished-for national mandate for mail-in voting only!  Reaction #1: She has no real interest in “protecting the future of our democracy.”  Her Progressive pals are all in favor of ending democracy in favor of citizen suppression and greatly increased federal government power and control in their hands alone, of course.  Reaction #2: The legitimate arguments against required mail-in voting fraud are many, and are all in favor of retaining vote integrity for the future of our freedom and of our existing form of citizen-directed government and economic system.  Reaction #3: Her concern about in-person voting being a “health issue” flat-out fails her politics-above-all smell test.  And speaking of smell test and pro-fraud, her pal, VP candidate Kamala Harris, is on record in favor of outright dropping voter ID requirements, making it then possible for anyone and everyone to vote (not her words, but certainly her unstated inference)!

On the subject of don’t sweat voter integrity, the Democrat Colorado Secretary of State reportedly recently sent postcards to persons in her state both eligible and ineligible to vote (e.g., non-citizens & deceased), encouraging registration to permit voting in November.  Responded the daughter of one such recipient: “Which sounds really nice except my mother has been dead four years and she hasn’t lived, voted, owned property, worked, or done anything other than visit Colorado since 1967.”  That in mind, an Atlanta, Georgia family recently received a voter registration form addressed to “Cody Tims.” Wouldn’t have been a problem except that “Cody” was the family’s cat who died 12-years ago! The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office chalked it up to “third-party groups all over the country are targeting Georgia to register individuals.  This makes you wonder what these out-of-town activists are really doing.  Make no mistake, this office is dedicated to investigating all types of fraud.”  By the way, the Tims Family did admit that “Cody” was a Democrat!  So close.  Only missed it by 12-years and the lack of being a human!

A watchdog group in North Carolina determined that thousands of voters (16,700) voted twice in one or both of the last two national elections, due to failure, as with the Colorado example above, to update voter rolls leading to voting in more than one precinct, or using someone else’s identity, etc. Just recently, 1,400 Virginia voters reportedly received two absentee ballots in the mail, which authorities there attributed to “a problem with the printer.” The old “problem with the printer” cop-out. Recipients were instructed to destroy the second ballot, which we’re certain that all Progressive voters will obediently do!  And the issues with mail-in ballots continue. South Carolina primary election ballots ended up in Maryland, after voting had already begun, apparently the fault of a Minnesota printer.  Yep, printer thrown under the bus, again.

California remains the usual ground-zero for ballot mischief (!) Illegals in California are permitted to obtain driver’s licenses.  And when they do, they are automatically registered to vote!!  “By 2018, the ‘motor voter’ program had added (at least) one million new voters.”  The governor has mandated that vote-by-mail ballots for the upcoming general election will be sent to all registered voters, to include, of course, all those illegals with driver’s licenses!  Talk about hammering vote integrity, by permitting non-citizen voting en-mass.  Worse yet, due to lack of updated and purged voter rolls, “some 23,000 dead registered voters in California could received mail-in ballots” for the November presidential election, per the governor’s order, plus ballots there will be counted that are “received within 17-days of that election”!  Open doors for still more vote fraud in that ever-irritating radical state, which we really should sell (or give) to North Korea.

And erupting within the last few days, two ballot harvesting scandals, this time not coming from the home state of lib-encrusted, private-security-protected, self-promoting ‘entertainers,” but rather from Texas and Minnesota!  First, then, in the Houston/Harris County, TX area, investigators say that a “Biden campaign operative” and cohorts “have been hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots, illegally filling them out for ‘voters’ “including dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents.”  It’s reported that this massive ‘harvesting’ operation could total as many as 700,000 ballots! Talk about the very real potential to fraudulently impact the 2020 election results from that metropolitan area, and not in the President’s favor!

And now this, reportedly taking place in the Minnesota District of current Democrat U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar: a “massive illegal vote-buying scheme.” Being called “one of the biggest voter fraud schemes in American history,” with incriminating evidence captured on tape by the team of Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe.  Operating within the Somali community there, Omar’s base, they help seniors register to vote absentee, allegedly paying them, then “assisting” them when the ballot arrives. The emphasis is on seniors who may also have English language issues. In one of the senior living residential towers, a ‘political worker’ “took every single ballot.” Again, reportedly, money in exchange for ballots. Every bit of the process illegal.

A rarity on the Progressive side, although to her credit, clearly still a regular Democrat, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii and a military veteran, has authored a bipartisan bill in the House (“Election Fraud Prevention Act”) aimed at banning ballot harvesting “so that no one can exploit our sacred right to vote.” Said she, wisely: “No one should get between a voter and the ballot box.”  A great effort on her part, but sadly far too late to drain the states’ portion of the swamp this time around. Credit to her for recognizing this seemingly rampant corruption issue and daring to swim upstream against the raging Progressive rapids.

Wrote President Trump regarding the vote-by-mail push by those crusading against voter integrity: “There is no way (zero!) that mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.  Mailboxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged and even illegally printed out, and fraudulently signed. The Governor of California is sending ballots to millions of people, anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one. That will be followed up with professionals telling all of these people, many of whom have never even thought of voting before, how, and for whom, to vote. This will be a rigged election.”

Most Americans agree with the mail-in likelihood of fraud.  To that point, and thankfully, nearly 60% intend to vote in person. If that intention holds, and perhaps even grows, that is good news for those who want to be sure their vote is fraud-free and is counted.  And on Monday (9/28), Republicans in Pennsylvania appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to block a state court decision that extended the Pennsylvania mail-in ballot deadline beyond Election Day. We’ll hope that appeal to the highest court in the land will bear positive fruit, and, in time.  Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a federal appeals court has placed a temporary halt on the Democrat’s intended six-day extension for absentee ballot counting.  Hopefully that after-election-day extension can be stomped.

In addition to court actions to reverse these last-minute political moves against existing state law, perhaps the best way to encourage in-person voting is to get those polls open extra early for voting well in advance of Election Day.  With masks, distancing, and sanitizer, we know that in-person voting is not only preferred, but safe, despite the hollow Progressive political hand-wringing over “health issues.”  For all of those who can get to the polls, it is the very best we can all do to de-escalate the very real nationwide likelihood of Progressive-engineered fraudulent efforts with absentee ballots.  And, while back in May, the CDC’s advice was to “encourage voters to use voting methods that minimize direct contact with other people and reduce crowd size at polling stations,” in other words, absentee ballots. On the flip side of that concern, at the same time, the CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project recommended that states do away with voting by mail, due to the “significant cost to the real and perceived integrity of the voting process.”  If only CalTech and MIT had been able to convince their own respective states of this logical, voter integrity stand!

Oh, and finally, on the subject of health concerns with in-person voting, during the Wisconsin primary in April (note the date early in the virus impact period), 52 out of 400,000 in-person voters (and poll workers) subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus, and officials there had no way of confirming whether the polling place was the cause.  And none of those 52 perished, according to the published report.  Early on in the nationwide outbreak and yet even minimal virus cases resulted (0.013%) among those voting in-person statewide.

Out of understandable concern amidst this, the most significant presidential vote in our lifetimes, President Trump has announced that he “plans to send law enforcement officers and U.S. attorneys to polling stations in November to prevent voter fraud.” Hopefully that will happen and even more so that it will be effective in preventing illegal activity with the vote.  The best antidote to vote fraud is for loyal Americans to do all in their power to get out and vote in-person. As Holman Jenkins, Jr. titled his opinion piece in the WSJ last week: “Patriots Vote in Person”!   May Almighty God be with all nation-loving American patriots as we pray for a violence-free Election Day and a clear, indisputable victory for American freedom’s great leader, President Trump !!


“If a political party does not have a foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party.  It is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”   President Dwight D. Eisenhower March 6, 1956 Speech


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