Capitol Crime

Yet another unthinkable event, in a past year of unthinkables.  First the virus, that caused untold pain and suffering, crippled our economy, and crippled as well President Trump’s once easy road to a second term.  Then the unrelenting, out of control anarchist riots that plagued way too many of our major cities, Portland in particular.  Even in some cases resulting in so-called “autonomous zones” where anti-civil instigators actually were allowed to block off sections of town, while their Democrat leaders let such go on and on, with little or no objection and no real punishment, that we ever heard of.

And then, now, this past Wednesday, the unfortunate breaching of the Halls of Congress, worse yet, while both bodies were in collective session!  What a few out of control types (all pro-Trumpers??) did was illegal, criminal, abhorrent, unconscionable, indefensible, you name it.  Quite rightly, those apprehended and responsible for the temporary “occupation” of portions of the building will face judgment, and likely punishment for most.   How totally different this form of justice will be from all of those leftist thugs who persisted in burning and looting portions of downtown areas, in too many cases destroying not only property, but the livelihoods of individuals.  Not to mention injuries and even deaths from those anarchist actions.

And way too many of those responsible for the metropolitan damage and chaos were given no bail or released without formal charges.  At least, that is, our left-hugging media certainly never reported on any meaningful punishments! Sadly, the invasion of the U.S. Capitol also resulted in injuries and deaths, all seemingly unnecessary and preventable if a sizeable force of police and military defenders had been pre-established, given such clear and obvious warnings, demonstrated by the sheer numbers, the tens of thousands of pro-Trump supporters who had arrived for that massive rally.

So why did the Capitol breach happen?  And again, it shouldn’t have.  Lack of sufficient defensive force to stop it was a factor.  Regardless, no real excuse for civilized persons to act in that matter.  And again, the number of those who entered the Capitol Building illegally were but a tiny percentage of the mega-thousands who were gathered and peacefully protesting outside.  So, then why?  The answer, in a word, frustration.  The frustration felt by half of the nation’s voters over a stolen election.  Over the theft of President Trump’s richly deserved second term, due to obvious, and most certainly inevitably provable, vote fraud, which was carried out collectively in several key states. When votes are tabulated, the numbers naturally continue to climb or stay the same.  They never decrease (and go to the opponent), as technical analysis has shown happened to the President within that handful of key states.  Remember when the vote counting suddenly stopped in the early morning hours in Pennsylvania and other states, in what appeared to be a coordinated fashion, while Republican observers were told to leave?  This scenario gave every indication of attempted corruption.  It’s a tragedy, for us today, and for our history, that this illegal election result was able and allowed to stand, in the face of so many legitimate challenges, observers, and technical analyses.

President Trump has every reason to be frustrated, along with every right to be resentful, which has likely led to some of his unfortunate actions of late.  Did he cause the recent Senate election loss in Georgia?  Doubtful, but we’ll never really know.  Did he cause that breach of the Capitol?  No, of course not !!  Was his pre-breach rhetoric a trigger for those few destined to create mayhem?  Possibly.  Again, we’ll probably never know.  But it is totally unfair to blame the chaos on him, or on any other Republican member of either House.  The blame goes solely to those few (out of tens of thousands assembled) who were foolish enough to pursue that illegal act. Said one of our brilliant Founders, Benjamin Franklin, centuries ago: “We’re all born ignorant. It takes work to remain stupid.”  Seems obvious, then, that those Capitol intruders shouldn’t have worked so hard!

We hope now that President Trump will be allowed to finish his term and depart in peace.  And without the revengeful efforts being talked about of pursuing legal changes against him, either for his time in office or something about his personal business dealings.  He was a great President for us, and with his second term stolen, a true loss for the nation, both for his America-first leadership and for our lost confidence in the nation’s voting system.  He richly deserves to pursue whatever future dreams he may have, without being foolishly pursued by conjured up legal challenges (about as legitimate has his “impeachment” charges, no doubt), just to satisfy the selfish lust of his opponents.  A lust of opposition (and media) hatred that dogged him from day one in office, on until now, and hopefully not beyond, if there’s any decency left in D.C.

American patriots now must turn our attention to the 2022 election and our sincere hope that we can take back the Senate and the House, as well (came darn close this time).  With cleaned up, legitimate elections back in place, and that absolutely must happen, no matter what it may take, winning control of those two Houses is about the most positive pay-back we can achieve for the frustration we all understandably share today.