Purposeful Distraction From Our Broken Southern Border

Between the mis-named “Inflation Reduction Act,” which has dominated news coverage for a full week+, and with more to come when the House votes to finalize it, along with the seemingly politically-motivated early morning FBI raid on former President Trump’s Florida residence, which his lawyers were prohibited from monitoring or viewing, the massive media coverage of both “acts,” and doubtless other events/political actions yet to come, have successfully removed the eyes, ears, and minds of Americans from the crisis, make that, the catastrophe, that continues to take place, and worsen, on our southern border.

From October 2021 to June 2022, there have been close to 2-million illegal migrant “encounters” by our Border Control agents at our southern border, with 207,000 apprehended in June alone, the highest total ever for that month!  And these staggering numbers don’t include the ‘Got-Aways,’ those who snuck in eluding our border agents (Got-Aways most likely to be human/drug smugglers, criminals, terrorists, etc.). With those numbers in mind, the border surge, make that, the border invasion, is going to get much worse and very soon.

Under former President Trump, America had a “Remain in Mexico” policy (Title 42) which required all migrants to, as the title indicates, stay in Mexico until called  for their official entry assessment.  As you likely know, the vast majority of illegals are ultimately denied U.S. asylum, because poverty is not an acceptable claim.  The current administration has gone back and forth in the courts trying to get that very effective Trump policy dismissed.  Just last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in support of the administration’s desire to end the policy, ruling that ending it does not violate our current immigration laws, thereby doing concerned American citizens a huge disservice.  What this means is that, while the border was open under Mr. Biden before, now its wide open with the gates blown clean off their hinges.

Future numbers of illegals admitted could well be, and likely will be, considerably higher than the present day regrettably large totals. Said National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd: “Once we process them under (the old pre-Trump statute), now everybody is going to be released…to await court dates (while somewhere in the U.S.) they often don’t show up for.”  DHS Secretary Mayorkas said that: “DHS has put in place a comprehensive, whole-government strategy to manage any potential increase in the number of migrants encountered sat the border.”  More than ‘potential’ increases, there will be swarms of migrants seeking, and now expecting entry at our border.  Said one Border Patrol agent in anticipation, well prior to the final S.C. ruling: “We are expecting to get wrecked!”

Now the entry way to our border has now become even more streamlined.  Wrote Todd Bensman: “Following months of Biden administration shuttle diplomacy, multi-national U.S.-bound (illegal) immigrants from more than 150 countries are now finding international routes to the southern border faster, easier, and less obstructed than ever before.”  Something called the “Darien Gap,” which previously was a laborious 60-mile trek through jungles, has been replace for many.  Now, vessels filled with migrants will be allowed to transport from Colombia to Panama, per these new international agreements, called the “opening of a true superhighway.” Oh, and Mexico used to have its National Guard hindering the process of migrants through Mexico.  That will no longer be the case.  All of which is just terrific news for we in America and “accelerates the illegal border invasion” (Bensman).

In addition to illegal migrants now seeking entry from over one hundred nations other than Central and South America, the administration, as you may have read, is also bringing into our country over 70-thousand citizens of Afghanistan.  Worse, perhaps, is the knowledge that many of these Afghans (perhaps as many as 300) were “flagged” as security concerns, but regardless were admitted to our country, however not fully vetted! A Defense Department report concluded that these specific persons were considered to be “significant security concerns,” and as you night have guessed, have apparently now gone missing…within America!

On top of the rapid increase in illegal immigrants seeking entry and, for the most part, getting it, the number of deportations has fallen by 70% to a 26-year low.  That all fits with a policy of let them all in and let them stay here.  Only 59-thousand were deported last year, which compares to over 300-thousand on average during the Obama & Trump years.  ICE reported that 49% of all arrests last year were of convicted criminals. Wrote John Solomon: “A ‘targeted intelligence-driven operation’ rounded up a total of 295 noncitizen sex offenders (compared to 194 in FY 2020) from 54 different countries.  Of particular note, 80% of those noncitizens had victimized children.”  As Solomon’s article title clearly stated: “Biden’s border recipe: Let illegals flood the country and drastically reduce deportations.”

The crisis at our southern border will now be made all the worse as illegal entries skyrocket, bringing with them criminals, potential terrorists, migrants with no money, thus total dependence, and drug smugglers, all made significantly worse and far more of a problem, due to the hundreds of thousands of Got-Aways who elude detection. Fentanyl poisoning has become a critical health problem, for younger Americans especially, with now over 100,000 deaths annually, and that killer drug is thought to be coming in mostly through Mexico.

With everything else threatening and unstable in the world (China, Russia, North Korean, Iran), we cannot afford to take our eyes and enforcement off our own southern border, but sadly that’s exactly what’s happening, and it appears to be by design, not accident.  Said former Trump Administration acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf: “We see what’s happening along the border, and we’re in the worst humanitarian security crisis that we have seen in anyone’s lifetime, and really, ever. And so you have to contend with everything that we’re seeing now, the failed catch and release policy, the hundreds of thousands of folks that are being flown into communities across the country late at night, all of this was by design.  And because they’re not changing it.  It’s been 12 months+ of this.  They’re not implementing new policies, new enforcement measures.”

In fact, “Biden officials are readily admitting that about half a million border crossers are expected to show up at the U.S.-Mexican border every month.”  Do the annual math on that expectation.  It’s nothing short of massive negligence.  Is this just about stockpiling future Democrat-dependent voters? Or is the true objective to outright ruin our nation?  Crime, health, security & safety, cost to taxpayers…all absurd, unreasonable burdens if any of this comes to pass.

And then there will be more and more buses and planes depositing migrants throughout our country.  With the significantly heightened pace of incoming illegals that is about to happen, thanks to the disposal of Title 42, we should readjust our thinking and attention to the catastrophe about to occur in even greater numbers at our border, and away, at least somewhat, from the purposeful camouflage of other current issues.  Again, may November get here quickly, and result in our favor, before even more boiling hot caldrons of confusion, destruction, and misery are unceremoniously dumped across our great nation. And, just for crisis consideration, what we in America most need right now is not 87,000 more IRS agents.  What we need instead, using all those taxpayer billions, is 87,000 more Border Patrol agents!!



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