California Schemin’

While the mid-terms produced some delayed-vote-count, head-scratching results around the nation (amazingly, usually favoring Democrat candidates), perhaps the most blatant example of questionable tallies resides in California.  Case in point Ms. Yung Kim, Orange County, CA, Republican candidate for Congress.  Election night, she held an impressive 14-point lead over her Democrat opponent.  She would be heading to Washington as the first Korean-American in Congress. Then, one week after the election, her substantial lead magically vaporized, and she ended up actually losing the race.  As did every other Republican candidate in the region.  Up, then down, and out.

The Democrat-dominated California legislature has passed enough election-related laws to purposely make it virtually certain that only Democrat candidates could win, becoming in theory, by intent, and now in actuality, a one-party state in perpetuity.

There are many pieces to this electoral puzzle. Here are the most prominent ones. Some communities in California have now actually granted illegal immigrants the right to vote in some elections, a direct challenge and slap in the face to the heretofore exclusive privilege granted to citizens-only. In addition, California now allows all prison/jail inmates to vote (except felons, but they’re working around that, as well), with actual inmate voter registration drives (certain to be Democrat voters, or they wouldn’t be doing this)!  Now, every Californian who has, or applies for, a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote, leading to the understandable concern about double registrations and registering ineligible residents (although, now, seemingly no one in CA is really ineligible, with the way the system has been turned on its head).  And, the state is now “pre-registering” 16 & 17 year-old teenagers, the incentive here being to influence them, early on, so they will eventually vote Democrat.

And still more. California voters who failed to register during the prescribed window for doing so, and who apparently aren’t already registered via their driver’s license, can now not only register, but also vote, on election day, by filing a “conditional” ballot (still more paper ballots to be validated).  Last but not least, (and here’s the final sword thrust, guaranteed to slay the charging Republican bull), now by California law, all state counties are allowed to mail an absentee ballot to every voter within each county!  No need to request one, because you honestly cannot be there election day.  Every voter gets one, requested or not.  Think that doesn’t leave the door wide open for fraudulent voting? The answer is  next.

Here comes the biggest potential scam of all, leading inevitably to vote fraud.  It’s a tactic known as “ballot harvesting.” By California law, an absentee ballot need not be submitted by the actual voter or by a verifiable family member. Believe it or not, absentee ballots can be collected in large numbers by party functionaries or other Democrat activists (with the opportunity, then, to ‘influence’ voting choices, among senior citizens, those not sufficiently fluent in English, and no doubt others).  And then those ballots are hand carried to election officials by these “third party” collectors. The opportunities for ballot fraud here, alone, are endless.  This “third party” collector practice in California is known as “ballot harvesting.” Like working the fields, you pick the fresh ballots, perhaps add in others you’ve ‘found,’ and off to the vote tally market you go with your ballot crop.  Speaking directly to this “harvesting” practice, clearly considered by him to have been a deciding factor in the recent elections, the Orange County Republican Chairman said: “The number of election day vote-by-mail (absentee ballot) drop-offs (third party) was unprecedented – over 250,000!  This is a direct result of ballot harvesting.  That directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two-weeks later.”

And all of that is why the election system and process in California is seriously tainted, and would, all or in part, be unlawful in most other states (one would hope in all other states).  To be bend-over-kind, their system is, at the least, flawed. House Speaker, Congressman Paul Ryan, noted the sweep of Republican House candidates in California, Orange County, in particular (candidate Young Kim and others), and shared his observations with reporters.  Said Ryan: “It defies logic to me. We had a lot of wins that night, and then weeks later, we lost basically every contested California race.”

There’s an old saying about ‘something being rotten in Denmark.’  If true (it isn’t), then Denmark is no longer alone.  Republican candidates prefer to win or lose in an election where the results are determined fair and square. One hopes that credible Democrat candidates would feel the same. Sadly, under present state laws, and as clearly demonstrated earlier this month, such seems to be no longer an option in California.


(California voter laws via, Shawn Steel, 11-29-18;  Congressman Ryan/Orange County Republican Chairman quotes via, Louis Casiano, 11-29-18)