Bravo South Dakota

The South Dakota Legislature has passed, and the Governor has signed, a new law mandating that all public schools across the state must post, in prominent places around the school, by the start of this coming school year, signs, plaques or paintings illustrating the words “In God We Trust.”  That, you may know is America’s national motto, made official, and signed into law, by President Eisenhower back in 1956, some 63-years ago.

You read that right.  Required posting of small signage (12 x 12 inch) reflecting Americans putting their trust in God, within all of the state’s public schools. What an amazing breath of fresh air and common sense.

Our Constitution guarantees that there must be no establishment of religion.  And this posting requirement does nothing of the sort.  The “establishment clause” was included in our founding rule of law document to prevent the formal establishment of one federal religion, as was the case with Anglicanism in England at the time.  Placing a sign about trust in God in no way “establishes” a religion, Judeo-Christian, or otherwise.  Any more than walking past a synagogue automatically makes one Jewish.  If either is troubling, then don’t look at it.  Neither the signs nor the house of worship will badger or follow anyone home.

Will this law be challenged? Of course.  Most everything just and desired by a majority of Americans ultimately ends up in court, when, typically, a person or two whines enough. But, thankfully, one of the “In God We Trust” law’s provisions mandated that the State would provide full funding for any and all legal challenges, so that the affected school district(s) would have no put-of-pocket expense.

The men and women of the state’s legislature drafted and passed this law with the hope that it might help encourage/increase a more robust sense of patriotism among the students.  Reminder again, “In God We Trust” is all of America’s official motto.

Bravo to the legislators, administrators, teachers, parents & students of South Dakota.  This is an outstanding step toward encouraging greater respect for God and Country.  May other U.S. states have the courage and common sense to do the same.

(Basic info via, Lexi Lonas, 7-26-2019)