Brainwashing Is Alive And Well

In the midst of a recent pro-illegals demonstration, brought on by the fact that illegal immigration is currently a front burner hot topic of Congressional wrangling, there stood a young lady holding a sign that read: “DREAMers Are Americans, Not Criminals.” Simply put, no they are not, to the first part, and yes they are to the second! Not criminals in the harshest sense associated with major crimes, but civil criminals, nonetheless, by entered our country without legal permission, and with the intent to stay, both actions in violation of our federal immigration laws.

But back, now, to the initial assertion: “DREAMers Are Americans.” A statement known by everyone to be blatantly false, except for many of those among the sadly-brainwashed tribe of young liberals. Being an American requires legal citizenship, conferred by birth here, or by the formal naturalization process. Entering from a foreign country, without proper federal documentation, and planting oneself on American soil, that is, simply being here, does not make you an American citizen. Any more than suspending yourself over your car, arms and legs outstretched, makes you a garage!  American citizenship is to be legally earned, not assumed. And the first priority for that coveted standing must always go to those who have entered our country properly, adhering fully to our laws in doing so. Those who have not, must never be allowed to cut in front of those who have patiently awaited their turn, and have subsequently come here openly and legally. Only eventual citizenship, then, confers the highly-valued and sought-after title: American. (1-28-2018)