Bozo Had Nothing On This Clown

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) is long a member of the Hate Trump Club, a clan that thoroughly dislikes our duly-elected President, based on no rational reason, but only on the irrational, politically-dictated, mentally-delusional, blinding self-torture of hate.  You know, just like kids who haven’t been taught to think yet.

Hoping for fawning attention from his destructive party’s ever-on-call, media love bunnies, last week, the Congressman reportedly said the following: “What he (President Trump) has done to the Constitution and the rule of law is as bad as that fire did to Notre Dame.”  And speaking of irrational! With that ludicrous statement, you can almost smell the dark-cloud of desperation this U.S. Representative let-fly then from his hind-parts.

You see, it’s now the obligation of the Democrats, especially the really cool ones, to blame President Trump when anything goes wrong, either here or wherever else in the world, and, heck, even in outer space, just to cover all of their illegitimate bases.  And, now, you’ve likely noticed, that the President is being blamed for the Sri Lanka bombings, which he, of course, finally did have the free-time to set-off, now that the Russian collusion thing has been flushed down the Democrat wishing well.

Congressman Blame-The-President took his credibility-lacking Notre Dame and Constitution-diminishing cheap-shots on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with fellow Trump hater, Mr. Matthews, another charter member of the Bubba-Love Media Fellowship.  The Congressman reportedly then went on to say: “He’s (President Trump) torching the entire structure of government and the people’s respect for it.  And the Congress needs to act.”

Well, yes, if the Congress would actually do something useful, like control the southern invasion of Democrat free-hand-out-seeking voters, rather than cease doing anything worthwhile, anything, that is, for the good of the country, rather than spinning around and around with this groundless impeachment thing, based solely on hate.

The President has done nothing to trample on the provisions of our founding framework, our great Constitution, while the House majority sits in a circle with the lights out, practicing the soothing tenderness of self-love.  And, meanwhile, the liberal federal courts, usually the Ninth Circuit, continue to rule against the President’s efforts, thanks to a Congress absent-without-leave, to stop the invasion of (too many infected) migrants, and the importing of possible terrorist-wanna-be’s, all with the best interests of America’s safety, security, and sovereignty at heart (unlike the opposition party, true to its name, opposed to anything sensible).

And speaking of “the people’s respect for (government),” have you taken a look at the polling numbers for Americans’ Congressional respect?  They’re in the sub-basement and rightly so.  These people, especially on the left, are drawing handsome salaries, working part-time, and then doing absolutely nothing but coming up with schemes for taking down President Trump, all while the nation faces serious challenges to its future survival.

So then, for the truth-record, President Trump had nothing to do with the Paris Notre Dame Cathedral fire, nor was he the architect of the Sri Lankan terrorism, the latter now reportedly responsible for close to 300 deaths (and counting).  About time to cut off the House majority members’ pay, made possible by the nation’s tax-payers who deserve better for their investment, until those members decide to actually do some positive work, other than the groundless efforts to impeach America’s President.  And Tennessee district voters, you might want to strongly consider finding an articulate, effective, America-first candidate to challenge and defeat Mr. Cohen next year, so that he can retire to home, collect his handsome salary for life, and continue to do, as at present, nothing useful for the nation.  The vast percentage of Americans, who actually respect and love our country, will dearly thank you.

(Congressman Cohen statements via, William Davis, 4-16-19)