Border Outrage

And that’s the cruel reality.  There is no border outrage from the administration and Congressional elite, despite our federal laws being purposely ignored every time an illegal migrant steps across our southern border, and despite the fact that oaths to protect our nation, taken by those same power-seekers elected or appointed, are being broken with nary a concern.  The only citizens who are actually outraged, and not nearly enough, are the mega-millions across our wondrous land who treasure our great nation and who do not want to see it destroyed by this non-stop flood of language, culture, skill, health, and education-challenged posse of permanent ‘visitors’ whose asylum claims are rarely accepted, since seeking a better economic life has never been legal grounds for such.  But will they every be forced to leave?  If they can be found!

To bring you up to date on the ugly numbers, over one-million illegal migrants have been released into our nation since Mr. Biden assumed the office of the presidency.  Add to that total more upsetting news: an additional 900,000 “got-aways” (i.e., eluded capture) and unaccompanied minors (with their numbers ever-increasing) brings the total of uninvited and, frankly, undesired benefit-seeking-and-dependent migrants, now coming here from all over the world, to almost 2-million border trespassers/law breakers. “That’s a larger population than the 38th largest U.S. state, Nebraska.  And it’s more people than live in 13 states and the District of Columbia.” Wrote Andrew Arthur: “You should be prepared for longer commutes, larger class sizes, more extended waits in your local emergency room, higher state and local taxes, and even more inflated housing costs.  President Biden is not going to change his border policies, unless and until the courts or the electorate force him to.”

Mr. Biden is not going to change his blind-eye approach to the southern border because he is under the spell of powerful Progressive Socialists.  And, as such, the effectively wide-open border is being encouraged by their anti-America intent.  Like so much of the domestic mayhem we’re currently experiencing (inflation, gas, crime, even baby food, etc.) is being done on purpose or, to be kind (for no good reason), by pure negligence.  The plan is to make American less white, by importing millions from around the world who aren’t pale, and who by life circumstance, are ready and willing accepters of government dependence, making these new-comers, once vote-eligible (it’s coming), life-long supporters of those in power, the continuing dream of the ultra-lib Progressives.  In other words, ensuring a permanent national Democrat-Progressive-Socialist rule.  That’s the goal.  And that’s why nothing will be done about it until 2023, with the possibility of a change in House/Senate leadership, we fervently hope!

The obvious question, given the alarming increase in numbers, is who is supplying the food, water, sanitation, accommodations, transportation, fresh clothing, and medical care along the way?  These individuals have traveled many miles, yet in news photos, they appear to be rested, well fed, and happy.  Which international, anti-America humanitarian organizations (or cartels?) are funding the migrant “caravans”?  It is physically impossible to make that journey without significant help along the way.  But our self-satisfying liberal national media have either rarely looked behind the curtain to answer the support question, or their stories are dumped by politically-skittish editors.

Once inside our nation, the distribution of illegals is apparently now going beyond just our over-flowing and impacted border states & cities.  Cities like Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas are now said to also be recipients. DHS Secretary Mayorkas (making a mockery of the title “Homeland Security”), writes Neil Munro, “is a Cuban-born immigrant who is a pro-migration zealot. He is already using tax dollars to fund a series of progressive shelters and rest stops that provided rest, food, and transport to (illegal) migrants as they try to reach the targeted workplaces and housing markets needed by Americans.”  Did you catch that last part: “…workplaces and housing markets needed by Americans”! Said the New York Times: “As the Biden administration sees about 8,200 border crossers a day, it is counting on small nonprofit organizations to manage the influx into border cities and towns, helping to stave off politically explosive images of chaos and disorder ahead of the November midterms.  The administration’s pipeline plan is intended to keep the population transfer out of the public’s eye.”  And writes Neil Munro: “The U.S. shelter network is a northern mirror of the cartels’ southern network of camps, bus stations, and housing created to transport migrants up through Mexico to the U.S. border.”

There is encouraging word that Mexico may now be working with the U.S. to “break-up” this latest massive caravan heading through their nation toward our southern border. Hopefully this effort to slow down the illegal migrant surge proves successful, although this will displease the money-making human-trafficking cartels who apparently put a great deal of effort and money into pushing the illegals through Mexico and on to our border.

Another issue with illegals is the apparent lack of comprehensive vetting by overwhelmed CBP agents at our border crossings.  Human and fentanyl smugglers, criminals, gang members, and potential terrorists are certain to be among those throngs swamping border agents’ ability to sort them out and effectively stop their entry in our nation, as inevitably, once inside, far too many simply disappear within. Recently, for example, a human smuggler was finally tracked down and arrested in Texas, about 160-miles north of our border! Columnist Bob Price wrote in early June: “Border Patrol agents along the southwest border with Mexico arrested multiple criminal aliens and gang members during the past week. Those arrested after illegally crossing the border include sex offenders, child sex offenders, an accused murderer from Mexico and dangerous gang members.” Worse yet, by example, a suspected terrorist was finally arrested two weeks after entering the U.S., when Border Patrol agents matched his identity to their terror watch list.  He was finally apprehended in Florida!!  And, again, how many of these illegals with possible anti-U.S. intent have been able to enter our country amidst the swarm?  This is darn serious business. Let’s just hope any such terror intent never materializes.

Going back to the lib-popular, but bogus “white supremacy” claim, and the supposed open border solution, just as the Progressives in power foolishly desire to “transform” America from a fossil-fuel-dependent nation, so they intend to transform our nation from its historic northern European white majority, because those of the pale-face tribe, and now America in general, are considered undesirable, even evil, by those within the wokie brain-drained post-campus clan.  Meanwhile, the billions of federal dollars increasingly paid out for illegal migrant welfare benefits (i.e., more federal spending) only aggravates the already very severe and unsustainable inflation problem. With all of this in mind, how long is it exactly until November?


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