Border Ignorer

Does Mr. Biden not realize what’s happening at our southern border? How this now multi-million-person hoard of migrant invaders is harming (threatening?) our great nation now, and certainly for many years to come?  The price to be paid by our economy, culture, language, rule of law, and certainly by our civic safety and security?  Well, yes, of course he does!  But clearly, he doesn’t care.  At all.

By now, through his complete lack of any corrective action, he has shown clearly that he has no concern whatsoever for the short-term or even longer-term negative impacts to our nation of this continuing, non-stop, massive invasion of America by thousands upon thousands of unknown, unvaccinated persons every month, pouring in like an open fire hydrant, illegal migrants coming from Central & South America, and now from nations (and worrisome motives) literally from all around the world.  Said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton about the administration ignoring the illegal immigrants streaming in, and then shipping them around the country (more on that later): “The Biden administration is not only ignoring federal law, but now they’re ignoring all court orders, and they’re doing whatever they want. They clearly don’t want people to know what they’re doing.”

The Biden administration’s concern is not about our United States.  Their purely politically driven self-centered concern, and ambition, is solely about recruiting (and, in all likelihood, long-term financially supporting) future Democratic voters with hopes of cementing their party’s national (and state) power and control for years to come, just as they attempted to do with their recent fraudulently intended, unconstitutional “voting rights” act, that thankfully was defeated by the pro-filibuster, provision-sustaining actions, of two courageous pro-America Democrat Senators.  Baring total mental and visual blindness, their obvious goal simply must be perpetual, Progressive control, regardless of the present and future penalties these illegal entries may impose on the future of our free, prosperous, and hopefully freely & fairly elected federal government in America.

With that, and the motive, in mind, let’s take a closer look at the current and recent past illegal immigration situation at our southern border.  Let’s start with the numbers.  Former CBP commissioner Mark Morgan estimates the number of illegal migrant CBP “encounters” (agent apprehensions) along our southwest border, for all of 2021, at over two-million(!), “a shocking and historic number.”  And that sky-high total does not include the estimated 600,000 illegals who were not encountered by CBP officers, sneaking thru out of sight, known as “got-aways.” Said Morgan: “This is not only the worst border crisis in American history – it’s the worst 12-months for any president when it comes to border security.” In December 2021, one month alone, there were reportedly almost 180,000 illegal migrants apprehended.  As this mass number of entrants continues unabated, “border patrol agents have been overwhelmed by the numbers.” Worse yet is some of the “quality” of apprehensions vs. pure quantity.  In both the Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley Sectors, so far in 2022, illegal migrants (about 50, perhaps more) have been apprehended from “special interest” nations, meaning countries like Syria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Russia, among others.  How many “got-aways,” however?  If the word terrorism doesn’t come immediately to mind, it should.  Especially now that special U.S. forces have seen to the death of the current head of ISIS…in Syria.

And where, now, are all of these illegal entrants?  That is a huge issue, especially for the thousands known to be “got-aways.”  And, with that, some non-encouraging news from DHS. The Department of Homeland Security admitted recently that “it is unsure of the court locations for more than 40,000 illegal immigrants who have received notices to appear.” That’s after the first step, which apparently is a Notice to Report, in theory, the supposed on-going accountability of illegals prior to their Notice to Appear in a specified U.S. immigration court for possible longer term U.S. admission.

Worse, we now know that the administration has been flying (or busing) illegal migrants all over the U.S., under the cover of darkness, landing at small airports, which offer little or no accountability or media attention, which is the objective!  The illegal infiltration of America during the night, with zero accountability, and all of the transportation, etc. at tax-payer expense.  Reportedly, many or most of these nighttime migrant deposits are composed of single men, a certain recipe for too many bad (criminal) outcomes, as thousands of non-English-speaking, unemployed men seek shelter, food, clothing, money, and, ultimately, companionship!   “We are abandoning every single security norm we learned after 9/11 just to move illegal aliens throughout the country.  Single adults constituted 63.75-percent of 2021’s encounters(!).  The administration is turning the United States into a sanctuary country.”

Along with the mass of single migrant men deposited who-knows-where, 169,000 children (under 18 years of age) were apprehended by CBP agents during all of 2021.  “Unaccompanied children have been found traveling alone or with complete strangers, with many having no idea where their parents are”!  And yet another potential sticky issue (along with trafficking):  Among “child” migrants entering the nation of Belgium, after undergoing age-testing, up to 70% of them turn out to be adults!!  How much of that could be going on here amidst our tens of thousands of entering “child” illegals?

And then there’s the money angle.  First, for the smugglers.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has warned that “the Mexican drug cartels are gaining strength,” and according to the Border Patrol, “they earn an average of $8,000 for every person they smuggle across our border.”  Not including what’s made from all of the illegal drugs getting in and ultimately causing American deaths from overdoses.  And now, just the financial (not human) cost to America for allowing this multi-million-person flood of migrants to enter, and then inhabit, our nation illegally.  It’s now estimated that the cost of handling/caring for this massive release of illegal aliens into America could cost tax-payers at least $6.6-billion annually.  Included in that figure, for starters, the administration reportedly spent $212-million (9 months/2021) providing medical care for border crossers, as well as for those illegals being held in federal custody. Oh, and the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is said to be spending $60-million each week “to house (+feed/care for) the current volume of minors, the vast majority of whom are 15-to-17 years of age.”  All of that administration-imposed “Welcome to America” largesse is adding to our already crippling national debt.

Said Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently: “Americans are angry that the president is deploying people, risking their lives, and spending millions, if not billions of American tax-payer dollars, to secure the borders of other countries that probably will never have any effect on Texas or the United States of America.  But yet the president will not deploy the resources needed to secure our own border here in the United States.”  This followed a briefing by the president to governors indicating that “we must fix foreign countries first to help secure our borders.”  Pardon me, but Bravo Sierra!  That’s just the old “got to find the root cause” rouse, which is simply a poorly hidden excuse for not doing anything meaningful about our southern border crisis. Our designated “root cause” expert, VP Harris, has said that “we can’t just flip a switch and make it better,” when pressed on the border situation.  Perhaps not a switch, but if we truly wanted to solve this thing, which they don’t, we could shut down that border, with continued wall building, more effective help from Mexico, and ample, widespread notification to the world that America is now closed!  And then adding however many additional personnel it would take to turn a wide-open migrant fire hydrant down to a slender dripping garden hose.

Said Republican Representative Chip Roy: “The American people are being betrayed” by the administration’s purposely-induced-and-imposed border crisis. Wrote the New York Post Editorial Board: “This seems to be Biden’s real answer to the flood of more than 2-million migrants who’ve entered illegally in his first year: Publicize the few you send back, while spreading the rest out, including single men with criminal records such as assault and drug possession.  Fresh video from San Antonio, Texas shows young men streaming in with the feds’ aid.  Word gets back (to other nations and migrants).  American will now let you stay.  No wonder the tide is set to continue.”

By federal court order, President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which was effective, but side-stepped, by the current administration, was ordered to be re-instated.  Regardless of the court order, reportedly it’s still being used very little,  largely ignored, and the administration has actually asked the Supreme Court to rule against that policy.  Said former acting commissioner of CBP, Mark Morgan, with regard to the border crisis: “This is not a surge. This is an invasion, I mean, this is a catastrophic amount of illegal aliens trying to break into our country.”  And said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) late last fall: “The disaster at the southern border is not an accident.  It’s by design.  They are intending this catastrophe to unfold. And the only explanation as to why is that they believe as a matter of crass partisan politics that if you let millions and millions of illegal aliens in that many of them in future years will vote Democrat.”  And that is what we know to be the true rational for this nationally-ruinous policy, one that could be stopped, but the Democrats don’t want to because it’s politically sell-enriching at huge expense to America, financially, culturally, and security-wise.

And here’s the capper, reportedly admitted privately, by the DHS Secretary himself (Mayorkas) that during Mr. Biden’s first year in office, illegal immigration is “worse now than ever” (at any time in American history).  From a lead horse’s mouth regarding the current migrant stampede to hamper, harm, and very likely threaten our future.  Self-aggrandizing political power and control, rather than policies for the protection of America’s traditional culture, language, economy, and security.  Personal self-rapture vs. enhancing and defending our nation for current and future Americans.  In but one descriptive:  Deplorable.


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