2021’s deep-dive into never-never-land began with a Democrat Congressman’s opening new House session prayer, which he chose to end with “Amen and Awoman.”  In a bizarre apparent attempt at gender pandering, he unintentionally, we’re sure, looked foolish.  For the record, “Amen” has absolutely nothing to do with gender in this new Progressive gender-centric era, as regular practitioners of religion well know.  The traditional solemn prayer conclusion, Amen, derives from the ancient world and means “so be it” or “it is so.”  And from that decade-opening stunt, perhaps well meaning, but a stunt nonetheless, our nothing-ever-satisfies-them Progressives have continued their non-stop demolition efforts against what’s best for America, by repeatedly diving off the high board into the shallow end of our nation’s treasured freedom-and-independence pool.

A Progressive-engulfed, enflamed, and embittered (redundant) columnist for USA Today wrote a piece recently in which he suggested that all 500,000+ Americans, now reported to have perished from COVID-19, should be buried at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, as some sort of alleged pay-back for his “shameless failure” to protect our citizens from the epidemic, by instead doing “all he could to turn his followers against science, their fellow Americans, and their own health.”  In other words, the reason that half-a-million American residents, to date, have died from the virus is due to President Trump’s failures.  Yep, it was all the President’s fault.  Not China’s. Trump’s. Absolutely ridiculous to assign such blame, in whole or in part.

And by the way, from the love-is-our-middle-name Progressives, their columnist went on to write that “Trump’s crimes against his country are devious, and continue, as he remains dedicated to undermining our democracy,” and referred also to “his monstrous approach to the pandemic.”  Two points:  Which party’s actions since the first of the year actually seem to be “dedicated to undermining our democracy?”  And doesn’t this sound like “hate speech” coming from the left, when they proclaim that the right has the “hate” monopoly?  President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” produced preventative vaccines in historic record time.  It was his leadership that brough us those life-saving vaccines and new treatments.  History will (or certainly should) credit him with saving millions of lives, not ending them.

Was there confusion in the communications coming from D.C. along the way. Yes, there was.  Understandable, in that it’s been quite a while since we’ve dealt with a nationwide/worldwide pandemic!  Does anyone actually think that today’s Democrats could have done any better?  More likely, much worse, particularly regarding the high-speed vaccine development. Their solution was to lock down the nation and short-circuit the President’s across-the-board roaring economy (assuring his re-election!), punishing their own states, and eliminating untold numbers of livelihoods. President Trump stood firmly on the firing line during this crisis, taking the slings and arrows alone.  All while Progressive democrats sat second-guessing and whining from the bleachers. High board, shallow end.

So, then, can it get worse from the Progressives than a mean-spirited suggestion that COVID dead be rightfully buried in President Trump’s front year?  Why, yes, yes it can.  Although, this time, dealing, instead, with the nation’s treasury financial morbidity. Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) tweeted last week her effort toward achieving: “A reliable job.  A living wage. A federal job guarantee lays the foundation for economic justice and freedom.” Her House resolution would reduce “racial and gender inequities.”  Note again the key and subtle Progressive verbal transition from inequalities to inequities, the latter which ironically, yet purposefully, is in opposition to equality!  The Congresswoman goes on to point out that “by ensuring everyone has access to a good job with dignified wages, safe working conditions, health care and other benefits — including full worker rights and union protections – a federal job guarantee would address the current jobs crisis while laying the foundation for an equitable economic recovery.” The jobs she is referring to are “public” ones.  The federal government would then work with “communities” to provide “public jobs for all adults seeking employment.”

This has a definite FDR depression-era “make-work” feel to it.  Just create the jobs, whether actually needed or not.  And who pays for these expanded jobs doing whatever?  Why, the Federal Government, of course.  Oh, but wait.  It has no money. That’s America’s tax-payers.  We are the federal government’s Bank of Americans!  Jobs for the many.  Higher taxes for the few.  Why not stop eliminating the Trump instilled reductions in red-tape workplace regulations, and reduce taxes, all of which led to one of the greatest economic successes in our history, to include record employment for minorities and women.  Just get government out of the way, rather than increasing its most-often suffocating presence. Oh, but we forgot for a moment. Government always knows and does best.  Sorry.  We were thinking freedom, which is a word that one might guess is now a form of “hate speech”…along with everything else that might come out of the mouths or keyboards of conservatives.  In terms of walking-the-plank, this jobs for all agenda item, surely to continue surfacing, is nothing more than another pandering plank toward the ultimate Progressive goal of total Public Dependence on Government. Just another mandatory finalizing step in solidifying permanent Marxism in America.

And the final, perhaps for now, an even more objectionable Progressive gambit and bonkers-bit comes from Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).  The Congresswoman is now suggesting that both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be abolished!!  Assume that suggestion makes you feel extra snug and secure.  She also wants to admit to our country a new category of migrant: “climate refugees.”  Remind us again.  How long exactly is it until November 2022?

What apparently set her and others off on this totally ridiculous DHS/ICE abolishment course was the Biden Administration’s decision to re-open previous unaccompanied-migrant-youth (13-17) facilities that President Trump took grief over, that were reportedly actually previous Obama/Biden structures.  You remember: cages!  This has all come about, that is, the pressure for migrants to stampede in once again, due to Mr. Biden’s encouragement that the goal of entry for illegals was once again possible, now that the demon protect-the-nation President is no longer in power. Case in point:  Last month (January), it’s been reported that perhaps as many as 6-thousand unaccompanied ‘children’ crossed our southern border, considered to be a “high watermark in recent years.”  The issue here is not only the alone children (and these, again, are not infants) to be cared for, but the obvious loss-leader effect of migrant parents desiring, in the interest of humanity, to eventually be allowed to be reunited with their off-spring, now on our side of the border.

Back to this new “climate refugee” concept.  Another smoke-screen for end-running and admitting large quantities of illegals based on the fact that it’s too hot or perhaps even too cold/rainy, snowy where they live.  And the Progressive’s driving humanitarian (certainly not for potential future voters) desire to provide sanctuary to all who are in any way oppressed (or as we now say in America: ‘offended.’)  Clearly, we literally cannot afford to support untold numbers of non-English-speaking, low-or-no-skill migrants, as genuinely sorry as we may be about their homeland conditions.  But, to date, most of that oppression has been political or economic.  Fleeing to our border door because of climate back home will be a slippery set of  criteria to get our political/fiscal hands around.  How do you accurately measure climate as a reason to allow ‘emergency’ entry to America, and perhaps in front of those already long-standing in our legal immigration line?  But we’d best figure it out soon.  That’s because our anointed climate wizard John Kerry say we only have nine-years left until we die, unless we real quick like transition to renewables, drive plug-in cars, walk everywhere, along with killing off oil, gas, and coal, to hasten the ruination of our economy, security, and freedom.

As for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ suggestion that we do away with two critical federal agencies, both vital for our safety and security?  Absolutely absurd for nation-loving Americans.  But now, with this predictably unpredictable administration, heaven help us. From “Awoman,” to blaming President Trump for our COVID deaths, to guaranteed public jobs for all, to dumping HHS and ICE, ‘tis apparently now the season to be bonkers.  In all these cases, and no doubt more yet to come, it’s year-round ‘Adult-Swim’ for Progressives: High board / Shallow end.


(COVID dead/Mar-a-Lago quotes via, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 2-23-21; Pressley jobs guarantee quotes via, Hannah Bleau, 2-23-21; Ocasio-Cortez stats/quotes via, Katelyn Caralle & Nikki Schwab,  2-24-21).