Bonkers, Blather, & Blunders

When Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi recently lifted state-wide mask requirements (optional for individual jurisdictions, however), Mr. Biden referred to those moves as “Neanderthal thinking,” referring one must assume to those two governors as having the mental capacity of cavemen.  Be careful when you step on the claw end of a rake. Texas Governor Greg Abbott was quick to remind the current president that: (1) Texas infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from the virus continued to be comparatively well under control, and (2) on the subject of Neanderthal thinking, it was the Biden administration that was freeing illegal migrants into his state and others, without specific court dates to appear for legal admission, and, critically as well, sending untested migrants into America without uniform Covid testing, the latter pure, careless, death-dealing Neanderthal, make that, irresponsible, thinking on the part of an administration that doesn’t seem to care a wit about the catastrophe its foolish, anti-America policies have created at our southern border.

Some San Diego Unified School District teachers have “volunteered” to instruct illegal migrant children in-person, while the district’s regular students continue to study on-line only, as they have at home for many months. Interesting in that some teacher’s unions have resisted returning to in-person instruction because of the danger they saw from potential Covid infection.  So now these volunteer teachers in San Diego are initiating face-to-face instruction with migrant children, housed in crowded conditions, who likely have not been tested at the border and thus may or may not be infected. Sending very mixed signals at the very least, in addition to being incredibly unfair to the district’s regular residential students.  Supposedly, the San Diego district will resume instruction for their students sometime in early April, but with a hybrid schedule of both in-person and continued on-line teaching.  In other words, part-time classroom instruction.

The Rhode Island State Senate has just instituted some dress-code guidelines found to be objectionable, make that “oppressive,” or more to the point, white-biased, by at least one State Senator.  Said he, reportedly: “Folks use expressions like professional, presentable, appropriate, when what they mean is white-collar, white western (culture) dress.”  OK, here is the wording that at least this one gentleman found to be unacceptable. “While in the Senate Chamber, members and staff shall be required to dress in proper and appropriate attire, such as blouses, dress slacks and collared shirts with accompanying jacket.”  Sorry, but for their position of authority and responsibility, while doing the public’s business, that requirement sounds very appropriate and reasonable.

A University of Georgia professor banned his class students from using Fox News as a resource for completing their assignments!  You see, said he in response to questions: “It will be much easier to complete the assignment in a reasonable amount of time if students start with the reliable news organizations that I suggested (e.g., CNN, New York Times), which have run countless articles that are scientifically factually correct.”  Said he, when contacted for comment: “This has absolutely nothing to do with ‘conservative media outlets,’ and I am at as complete loss as to why you are jumping to that conclusion.”  Probably jumping to that conclusion, professor, because your statements are so obvious in that regard. CNN and the New York Times are “reliable news organizations,” while Fox News is not, say you.  Liberal media = good.  Conservative media = bad.  Class dismissed.

And while we’re strolling on campus, this from Tufts University.  Referring to the effort to make the school an Anti-Racist Institution, University President Tony Monaco has reportedly said that the university will spend many millions of dollars to “advance equity, inclusion, healing, and justice in its community and alumni networks.”  The initiative plans to “find and eradicate any structural racism at Tufts and to take the steps necessary to become what every member of our community would view as an antiracist institution.”  Clearly an honorable statement of position.  Interesting that a part of this plan calls for removing from the walls of the Coolidge Room (‘Tufts’ oldest and most ceremonial space’) “eleven portraits of the school’s former presidents (all whites), replacing with exhibitions about underrepresented communities.”  At this time, there was no announced plan for relocating the former presidents’ portraits.  Culture cancellation move, perhaps?

A bill in the California legislature would eliminate separate boys and girls sections within major department stores. With items of clothing or toys, this would “prohibit the use of any signage with respect to the item that indicates that it is either for girls or boys.”  Here comes the gender-neutral fairy, folks.

Meanwhile in Australia, reportedly, during a school assembly, young teen boys in one school were required to “apologize to girls at the school on behalf of their gender.”  This was in response to “accusations of sexual harassment and assault” apparently at the school.  Boys instructed to apologize to girls at the school on behalf of all boys, for something they themselves had not done!  As you might guess, parents of boy students were not at all happy. The school’s principal did later admit that “in retrospect, while well-intended, we recognize that this part of the assembly was inappropriate.”   Incredibly so.

Regarding that vehicular intrusion near the entrance to the U.S. Capitol Building grounds this past week, resulting in the tragic death of one Capitol Police Officer, and the car’s driver, who was subsequently killed by police, MSNBC reportedly had initially identified that driver as a ‘white male.”  In reality, he was reportedly a black male and allegedly an admirer of the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.  Reminder, again, that all whites are evil, so MSNBC’s initial false race identification was perfectly understandable.  Not!

And to wrap up this edition of Triple B, respected NBC News anchor Lester Holt reportedly explained to an audience upon receiving an award: “I think it’s become clear that fairness is overrated.”  In today’s liberal-biased major media environment, you might want to let that statement sink in.  Holt then continued: “The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.  Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda, in fact, just the opposite. The duty of reporters is to be fair to the truth.”  Speaking of hearing from both sides, Cornell University Law School professor William A. Jacobson responded: “In a better world in which the mainstream major media had a history of fairness and non-partisanship, Holt’s point that journalism inherently involves filtering information might make sense.  This is not such a better world, this is a world in which the mainstream major media wears its partisanship on its sleeve, manipulating the news cycle to the advantage of Democrats.  In the real world, Holt’s advice simply justifies media political bias.”  Our thanks to Professor Jacobson for leveling the media playing field and restoring truth to, and about, a seemingly very liberal-slanted American media world.


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