Bonkers Blather,& Blunders: Illegal Immigration Edition (How Bad Is it ?)

The Biden administration merits a feature slot in this “illegals” edition, due primarily to the absolute illegal migrant catastrophe, which they have created, at the southern border. Created not by the restrictive and effective rules of President Trump, despite such bogus claims to the contrary, but by the unrestrictive, look-the-other-way, take-no-questions, seemingly unstoppable and destructive open-border illegal migrant measures imposed on America by the Biden administration’s distorted, anti-nation, power-lust policies and intent.

In a recent TV interview, House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member, Michael McCaul (R-TX) remarked that: “I’ve been down to the border many times…it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it. And for the traffickers, all they care about is making money, $15 million a day, half a billion a month, bringing those kids up, diverting Border Patrol from their real mission while they bring drugs and bad actors in through another part of the border. It is a crisis like I’ve never seen.”

So bad, in fact, that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just officially declared the border crisis there to be a bona fide ‘disaster,’ which then allows additional state dollars to be used to assist law enforcement agencies in the added protection of the residents of his state.  Said the Governor: “President Biden’s open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities.”  “Meanwhile,” said he, “landowners along the border are seeing their property damaged and vandalized on a daily basis, while the Biden Administration does nothing to protect them.”

Fentanyl has become a major, deadly problem, both for our nation as a whole, and for Texas, in particular.  Through just the first four-months of 2021, the Texas Department of Public Safety has intercepted almost 95-pounds of the drug, enough, it’s estimated, with that seizure alone, to provide over 20-million lethal doses!  The opioid, Fentanyl, by the way, is reportedly somewhere between 50 and 100 times more potent than morphine, which is also used to treat pain.

The former director of America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE), Thomas Homan, referred to the border situation as “the most inhumane policy I’ve seen in my 35-years.”  Asked by a Fox News interviewer if we’re approaching a national security risk at the border, Homan responded: “We’re (already) there, and that’s why I think Governor Abbott has declared a national emergency.  His troopers have seized a record amount of fentanyl and fentanyl spreads all over this country. The criminal cartels control the Mexican-U.S. border and the Joe Biden administration handed it to them.”

Zeroing in, again, on the Fentanyl crisis alone, Governor Abbott has said that just the amount of Fentanyl actually stopped at the border has gone up 800% in the past year.  On up the west coast in San Francisco, drug overdoses reportedly killed over 700 residents there last year, while the COVID virus is said to have killed fewer than 300!  Fentanyl is often manufactured, perhaps not surprisingly these days, in China, and a primary entry point, now, is our southern border.  Again, Governor Abbott: “It takes just two milligrams (of Fentanyl) to kill somebody.  It’s going to be a deadly situation across the country.  Deaths that are caused by Biden’s open-border administration. At the higher levels in the administration, they are completely tone deaf and non-responsive to this deadly situation.”

Beyond the deadly impact of illegal drugs lies the crisis of unaccompanied children, with more than 20-thousand currently in U.S. custody, with the number rising by the week.  Along with Representative McCaul and others, Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) observed the situation and wrote: “Ten percent of the children were COVID-positive.  Everywhere we looked, we saw children who were, quite simply put, traumatized. Customs and Border Protection agents informed us that they were overworked, underfunded, and demoralized.  They are being distracted by human traffickers and drug cartels who exploit these children and their families.”

And what is the root cause of the overwhelming and disastrous surge at the border?  Biden administration policies and their obvious desire to keep the border open for untold thousands (millions?) of illegals to enter our country to stay. Driven not by humanitarian desires, with that by itself, as noted above, a disaster alone.  But driven rather by the politics of power, control, and selfish desire.  Regardless of the social, medical, and economic damage this unending flow of illegals imposes on America, the bottom line for Democrats is the lust for future voters.  Nation be damned.  Unending national control is their ultimate, anti-America, illegitimate goal. The key Biden moves that opened our southern gate were: (1) His assertions during the campaign that directly or indirectly implied that migrants would be welcomes by his administration, and (2) His cancelling of President Trump’s very effective “Remain in Mexico” policy for those migrants desiring admission and asylum.  This successful policy had effectively “pushed back against traffickers and removed incentives for illegal immigration.”  That policy “kept 70,000 migrants in camps below the U.S.-Mexico border, while they waited for an immigration judge to adjudicate their asylum claims.”  It kept migrants in Mexico, rather then, now, due to the uncontrollable surge, simply permitting them to disappear into the U.S. interior with or without a notice to appear for an asylum hearing, that few, if any, historically do anyway. Worse, now we don’t really know where all these illegals are!  Oh, and stopping the border wall construction, purely out of Democrat political spite, has added to the chaos, as well as adding an even further burden to our Border Patrol agents.

Along with, and in addition to, an unofficial (but, realistically, official) open-border policy, Mr. Biden has also effectively handcuffed our ICE agents when it comes to detaining and deporting dangerous illegal migrants (their increased presence encouraged by the open border).  While he hasn’t dumped ICE altogether, for now at least, ignoring the frantic cry of the hard-left Progressives to do so, “he’s placed deportation officers on a leash so tight that some say their work is being functionally abolished.”  Reported the New York Post Editorial Board, “ICE deported fewer than 3,000 people last month, an all-time low for the agency’s 6,000 officers, despite a caseload of 3.2-million and a 20-year high in border crossings.” Continuing: “America needs ICE and Border Patrol agents to stop drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists …sending a clear message that those who manage to get in illegally will be deported quickly.  That’s a basic requirement for sovereignty – and public safety.”

So, then, how bad is the border situation, if you haven’t already guessed?  In the Del Rio (Texas) Sector alone, two weeks ago, a single-day migrant capture record was set when agents apprehended over 1,000 illegals.  Apprehensions in just one day in just one border sector, not including those who likely alluded agents that day.  In that sector alone, since October of last year, agents there have confronted over 90-thousand migrants attempting to illegally entire our country.

Also at Del Rio, agents there have witnessed an over 3,000% increase (over 2020) in the arrest of convicted sex offenders, with 10 such picked up there in just one week.  Said the Sector’s Chief Patrol Agent: “The majority of these criminals were apprehended in our sector’s most remote areas, attempting to avoid detection by crossing far from populated areas.”  Recall that Mr. Biden ended the Trump policy of “Remain in Mexico” in favor of the ridiculous-for-public-safety “catch and release” plan that allows illegals to simply enter the U.S., which in most cases, means never returning for their official legal admittance hearing.  Recall also that President Trump made border security a primary focus during the 2016 campaign. Said he, back in 2015: “When Mexico sends us people, they’re not sending their best.  They’re not sending you.  They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing these problems to us.  They’re bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”  All of that is now becoming true thanks to the current administration’s effectively open-border, look-the-other-way, policy.

And speaking again of drugs, in the Yuma, Arizona Border Patrol Sector, agents arrested four groups (“mules”) attempting to smuggle over 500 pounds of methamphetamine, valued at almost $1-million, within just a couple of days.  They even found one group hiding under a tree within the grounds of Luke Air Force Base…having already somehow advanced onto a U.S. military installation!  “Drug Cartels control the Mexican side of the border so tightly that nobody gets illegally across without paying them.  This is not in any shape, way, or form a humanitarian mission that the cartels are undertaking.  This is about dollars, and they don’t care about the value of a human life.  They care about making money and they do it through the most brutal authoritarian means possible,” wrote Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) after visits to the border.

Now, we find, believe it or not, that bold human smugglers have actually begun openly advertising their services and prices on Facebook, posting “offers to facilitate illegal border crossings.”  It appears that many or most such ads may be paid, indicating that FB could well be making money off of such.  Said FB in response: “We prohibit content that offers or assists with human smuggling and remove it from our platform whenever we find it.”

And, by the way, our illegal “visitors” (make that, likely permanent residents) are no longer coming from just Mexico and other Central American countries.  “In April 2019, only 7.5-percent of migrants encountered at the border came from countries other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.  But in April 2021, 30-percent came from other countries.  In recent months, the Border Patrol has apprehended people from 160 countries!!”  For instance, and hard to believe, over 2,000 Romanian migrants have been stopped by our Border Patrol agents so far in 2021. For instance, Romanian migrants are said to fly from Paris to Mexico City as “tourists” in order to enter the U.S.  However, “since European countries are largely safe and have expansive social safety nets and economic opportunities, it makes zero sense for them (Romanians) to be granted asylum here.”  Whether questionable “tourists,” or coming as migrants, current border policy unfortunately permits entry to our country!

No question, the southern border needs to be shut tight and shut right now. And it could be done quickly and effectively, even if it takes adding Guard or other military troops to assist our border agents. We simply must stop permitting illegals to enter our nation, with or without notices to appear for asylum hearings.  Which, as discussed, for the most part, are simply ignored, as these tens of thousands of folks settle where they wish, immediately impacting our social welfare dollars, our medical facilities, our schools, and, yes, our law enforcement.  Note also that in California, illegals can obtain drivers licenses, which, there, automatically registers them to vote !!

The open southern border, and subsequent permission to enter our country at will, is an outrage and would never have been permitted by the former president.  This current chief executive chooses to bulk up on future voters and the perpetual power they may represent, over what’s best for America in the long-term.  The open border, load up on migrant tactic is solely pro-Progressive and very definitely anti-America.  We simply must correct this perversion of our Founders, our Constitution and our sacred democracy.  If not immediately, which is what should happen, certainly in 2022, when we have the opportunity to send home as many of the Progressive anti-America types as possible, with, hopefully, the rest sent packing in 2024, assuming we can withstand the illegal immigrant social/economic/medical/criminal damage and destruction until then.

ADDENDUM:  CPB reported more than 180,000 migrants were ‘encountered’ attempting to illegally enter the U.S. in May 2021 alone.  The number was about 100,000 in February.  It continues to climb.


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