Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #8

The Biden administration will no longer support Israel’s natural gas pipeline project designed to deliver fuel to Europe in an effort to ease Europe’s dependence on Russia.  You’ll recall that Mr. Biden deep-sixed the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office, one regrettable step (among others) in hampering America’s need for, and dependence on, fossil fuels.  Speaking of fuel dependance, several Western European nations are at the mercy of Russia for natural gas supply.  In fact, Russia’s 760-mile Nord Stream 2 pipeline is nearing completion. “More than 40% of gas exported to European Union countries comes from Russia.”  Shutting off support for Israel’s pipeline-of-hope for those nations would seem to signal two things: (1) Administration support for Russia, and (2) Departure from our previous strong administrative support for Israel, our best and strongest ally in the Middle East.  Perhaps worth it, for now, if this support switch would somehow prevent Russia from moving militarily on Ukraine.  Like so much lately, suspect this effort is way too little, and likely way too late.

A question much of America has been asking:  How did that armed Dallas, TX synagogue terrorist (aka: the “Islamic jihadi from Britain”) get into our country?  By great fortune, thankfully, his three hostages made it our alive, while he was eventually killed by responding law enforcement.  Wrote esteemed Islamic researcher Robert Spencer: “If anything shows how broken our immigration system is under the regime of Biden’s handlers, it is this entire episode.” Allegedly, this individual had a long criminal record in Britain.  Hard to believe he was able to allude scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic.  No clarification on just how this terrorist made it into our country, and we’re pretty sure there will be none, with the national media quickly moving on (nothing to see here).  Beyond this incident, thankfully with no U.S. citizens killed, there is the constant concern about how many potential terrorists are streaming into America, now from countries well beyond central and south America, through our administration-approved, unconscionably and illegally, wide-open southern border.

And so then, how did that crazed 2020-21 “de-fund the police” movement in large Democrat-controlled cities turn out for their citizens?  Not well.  Chicago took top national “honors” for homicides in 2021, with a total of 739 murders (likely finishing with a higher number, as these figures were recorded with three-weeks to go in the year!).  Philadelphia had 521 homicides (as of December 6th), more even than America’s two largest cities, New York and Los Angeles.  “Several factors likely have contributed to the rise in serious crime around the country:  A decrease in police presence due to the “defund” movement, the COVID pandemic, and vaccine mandates have helped create an environment conducive to major crime.”  Retired New York City chief of detectives adds another key crime culprit: “Nobody’s getting arrested anymore.  People are getting picked up for gun possession and they’re just let out over and over again.”  Thanks to our seemingly civic-chaos-minded, perpetrator-supporting Progressives for their help with crime elevation, which now seems to be getting even worse.

Well, the Michigan Democrat Party stepped in some fresh stuff on the sidewalk with both feet recently.  Having to do with the classroom and the role of parents, it’s reported that the steely-eyed Dems posted the following on FB: “The purpose of public education in a public school is not to teach only what patents want them to be taught.  It is to teach them what society needs them to know.”  And here it comes: “The client of the public schools is not the parent, but the entire community.” The old ‘It takes a village,’ as you really should know and accept by now!  In other words, parents: Butt-out!  And, if by chance you’re not happy with this, “parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense, if this is what they desire.”  That overboard, take-a-hike message to parents in Michigan was deemed too snarky by more level-headed Michigan Dems, who then soon dumped it from FB with a bit of an apology, not significant enough to quote here.  Wrote Tim Meads, reporting on the verbal carnage: “It’s likely the party realized they had been too honest and transparent about their intentions for children and parental rights.  It isn’t a great tactic to tell working-class parents to take a hike to the private school while trying to court their votes.”  Correct beyond words.  Sorry Dems, it doesn’t take a ‘village.’  It takes caring parents to raise and help educate their children.  Bravo to parents around the nation who have begun to take an active role in doing just that, as regards proper, traditional instruction for their children.

Speaking of education at a ‘higher’ level, the University of Memphis (TN) is reportedly offering its professors up to a $3,000 bonus if they will include in their classroom courses (apparently regardless of subject matter!), you guessed it, instruction on “diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.”  Welcome to WOKE U !  On that note, congratulations and thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has made a very appropriate edit to the Progressively-popular ‘DEI’ mantra.  The Governor calls it, instead: “Diversity, OPPORTUNITY, and Inclusion.”  Equality = Equality Opportunity.  Equity = Equal Outcomes.  The latter is simply not possible without lowering or eliminating traditional evaluation standards.

And on the subject of ever-expanding government control during the COVID scourge, the editorial board of the Salt Lake City Tribune newspaper came out with a surprising stand.  Here to assist the suggested COVID heavy-hand of that state’s government, the editorial stated: “Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to (here it comes) deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”  In other words, use the state’s National Guard soldiers to force every unvaccinated citizen of the state to remain in their home.  Worse yet, nationally, a Rasmussen Reports survey found that 59% of Democrats agreed that the unvaccinated should be required to stay at home “at all times,” except for emergencies.  Wow.  Does that now seem to have a totalitarianism ring to it?

And on the subject of unpopular ideas couldn’t get worse, and back to the education of our young students, the Moline-Coal Valley School District in Illinois, under its non-discrimination policy for after-school groups, has approved (you are definitely not ready for this one) the “After School Satan Club.”  Apparently, the District felt it had no choice, when it comes to fairness, since it had previously approved the “Good News Club” which is stated as being “an after-school evangelism program for kids.”  Oh, but you can relax and feel better about the Satan Club.  That’s because it’s to be taught by “volunteer teachers who have passed criminal background checks.”

And finally, as you all know, we depend on actors and entertainers for meaningful thought and sage opinions to help direct us and make our great country ever stronger.  One such came recently from actor Leonardo DiCaprio who does us a huge favor by revealing to Americans that planet Earth has just “nine-years left” on its “ticking (survival) clock” and that we should no longer have any elected leaders who “don’t listen to the science.”  The reason for our coming demise is, of course, the assumption of “climate change.” Given his unquestioned predictive intellectual credibility, if we’re just nine-years to certain doom, might suggest that you no longer worry about your investments, your health, cemetery burial plots (buried suddenly in your home), trading for a new vehicle, presser washing anything, SAT exams, prom dresses, flossing, or Satan Clubs.  Thanks for the cheer-up, Leonardo.  As he said, our earthly clock is “ticking.” But is anything actually ticking above his eyebrows. And why, oh, why nine-years?  Where on earth, or more likely from outer space, did that come from?  Enjoy these next few years, but you might want to get your burial suit altered (not that it matters) once we get into year #8 !


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