Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #3

There is so much of the above spewing out of D.C. and elsewhere lately, that’s it’s already time for another edition before the D.C. foolishness spoils in the heat and turns brown (opps, sorry, can’t say that…with apologies for the unintended slight….. rots and turns white).

Not only has ‘climate change’ managed to melt all of that bothersome ice in the Gulf of Mexico, but now there is way-premature and far-fetched conjecture possibly connecting it to the extremely tragic collapse of the condominium tower in Miami.  Believe it or not, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is actually reported to have stated that “we don’t know fully if climate change caused the collapse, …. but we do know that the seas are rising.”  With so many yet unknown reasons for that incredibly tragic and costly loss of American lives, it would not only seem premature, if not irresponsibly speculative to think that so-called ‘climate change,’ which is so much out of human control, could have been a contributing cause.  While we do know now, that ‘climate change’ is the indisputable cause of teen-age acne, and that it clearly causes it to snow in our northern states during this newly discovered phenomenon scientists call ‘winter,’ most American’s are getting tired of ascribing just about everything else that goes wrong to politicized ‘climate change’!

And speaking of the climate, which some in D.C. seemingly can’t stop acting like the sorcerer’s apprentice when it comes to this mystical, blame-it-for-everything subject, Representative Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and at least one other in the Senate, are now pushing a $70-billion “Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act” (note the obligatory Progressive/Marxist word: ‘justice’) which is a proposal to hire 1.5-million young Americans to “complete federally-funded projects that help communities respond to climate change and transition to a clean economy.”  This is nothing but a repeat of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps that was needed during for jobs during the Great Depression, but is in no way needed today, if the federal government would stop paying young Americans not to work!  There are millions of jobs going unclaimed right now, largely because of our government’s insistent, ever-growing cradle-to-grave handouts, intended solely, not to help, but to cement even greater federal control over our lives.

As the creators of this proposal go on to say, it is meant to deal with several “crises of the moment, like climate change, racial injustice and income equality.”  ‘Injustice and ‘inequality,’ forms  the real mission, of course, conveniently and purposely tucked beneath the ‘climate’ camouflage.  Let’s just add to the trillions of dollars in current debt, and proposed new spending, in order to instantly solve all of society’s Progressive-perceived ills.  But whatever you do, don’t ever actually solve anything.  Just throw some more money at it that we don’t have.  More hocus-pocus from the pompous we-know-what’s best-for-you brigade.


And speaking of canons with no shells, VP Harris made a momentary visit to our southern border last week.  Long overdue, and limited in duration and impact, it was termed by some in the conservative media (what remains of them) as little more than a “photo op.”  Her visit was to the El Paso, TX section, which is not where most of the illegal incursions happen, perhaps, as has been suggested, to distract the media (much of it, fawning) away from the real contentious areas.

Democrat Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar criticized her for visiting the border “8oo-miles from the crisis region.” Said he, reportedly: “I’m sure her planners told her that if you’re’ going to go down to the border, go to something that’s safer to go to; that is, politically safer.” Ironically, in choosing a ‘safer’ location to visit, she was just a short distance away from a young migrant facility at near-by Fort Bliss, described as a “tent city in the desert,” housing about 1,600 migrant youth, and a source of complaints and issues.  Her visit there would’ve been useful and instructive.  Even her hometown, liberal newspaper, the Los Angeles Times is now less than enamored with her role and influence to-date.  Reported staff writer Noah Bierman, in part, last week: “….her lack of any significant engagement in the Senate has not been a surprise.  She served only four years there, a good portion of that time running for president.”

Meanwhile, we still have a significant border crisis, make that, border catastrophe.  Or as Republican Senator Bill Hagerty termed it, now with the administration’s ‘accelerated processing,’ the border there has been turned into a virtual “turnstile.”  There were a reported 180,000 migrant ‘encounters’ in May alone, and that doesn’t include the illegals who managed to sneak into our country undetected, as a direct result of ‘overwhelmed agents.’

Adding to that is the reported 911% increase (over the same period last year) in the Del Rio (TX) Sector of illegal immigrants found hiding in trains!! Illegals hiding in trains or other storage areas (trucks, etc.) are now are even at higher health risks with the summer months high heat upon us.  And despite the overwhelming chaos, House Democrats are still determined to cut the Customs & Border Protection (CBP) border enforcement budget by $1-billion! An irresponsible insult to all actual Americans!

And, again, within the overwhelmed Del Rio Sector, 353 convicted sex offender illegals have been arrested there so far this year, and in a year now only half over.  In the same period last year, those sex offender arrests totaled 55.  And in spite of the total numbers admitted or arrested, whether ‘normal’ admission or convicted of prior crimes, America’s public doesn’t fully grasp the scope of the border problem.  “If the media don’t stress numbers over and over again, it’s not going to sink in,” said the Director of the Center for Immigration Studies.  And that is probably on purpose, so as not to further point fingers at the favored administration.  Recall that the number of known border crossings in May totaled 180,000.  A recent Harvard-Harris poll of registered voters asked:  “How many border crossings of illegal immigrants would you say are occurring every month in the United States right now?”  Twenty-one present of respondents estimated fewer than 10,000 per month!!!  Way, way off from the staggering reality.  In total, 71% of respondents “deeply underestimated the flow.”  Just 22% gave answers that roughly matched the correct current inflow.  This is a huge problem for national understanding of the scope of the border problem, and for its impact on all of America.

Then there is the justice warrior sibling of ‘climate change’ and ‘equity’ called ‘racism.’  Representative Lucy McBride (D-GA) feels very strongly about the latter.  Said she, reportedly, said: “Racism…the country was founded on racism.  Racism is in every fiber of our country.”  We must acknowledge “our history of racism, bigotry, and discrimination. I think that there are demographics of people in the country that are afraid.  They are afraid of the browning of America.”  Now, are there racists in America?.  Absolutely there are.  And they are white, black & brown, which, strangely, never gets mentioned.  Are we a racist nation, that is to say, ‘systematically racist,’ absolutely not!

Do we perhaps have more work to do?  Yes, we can always improve in all that we are and strive to do.  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution make no reference to the assertion that America was “founded on racism.”  (DECLARATION of INFDEPENDENCE: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal…”).  That ‘racism’ assertion is merely convenient rhetoric to arouse emotions among those committed to promoting both themselves and the politicized ‘victimization’ status for the wrong-of-the-week.  Do we have more work to do?  Yes.  Fundamental? No.  And before we forget, did this nation, erroneously labeled to have been ‘founded on racism,’ did we not actually elect a black American to not one, but two terms as President of the United States of America.?  If we are as rotten (i.e., racist) as claimed, how in the world did that happen.  Racist nations never do that!

And now some tax-payer-funded committee, called the National Archives “Task Force,” has actually concluded that its own Rotunda, where our founding documents are displayed, that building in itself is an example of ‘structural racism.’  So, finally, we have actually ascribed racism to decades-old bricks & mortar!  Sounds like asphalt paving should be put on notice.  The Task Force has actually suggested that “trigger warnings” should be posted for those who might suffer “physiological or psychological systems” resulting from the information and artwork they may see in the Rotunda.  So, then, hear ye, hear ye, that Rotunda is officially not a ‘safe space.”  It might simply be better for those who still fear, or are viscerally offended by, the thought of the late 18th century to avoid visiting the National Archives altogether.  Staff there may not be equipped to deal with the vapers.  This ridiculous concern is proof positive that we are all now being forced to live in outer space, where doing the ‘moon walk’ will no longer be optional.

Been saving this closer for the most appropriate time, and after the above, this definitely seems to be it!   A 31-year-old male in Nashville, Tennessee, actually attempted to sell his vehicle while the dead body of his girlfriend was hidden in the backseat.  The sale, however, was not consummated.  Before you ask, yes, the lady’s body was found the next day under a Nashville overpass.  This rookie ‘vehicle salesman’ was subsequently arrested and charged with criminal homicide.  Surprisingly(!), he was already in jail on unrelated charges.  The lesson here:  Best not to have a dead person in your car, regardless of whether or not, it is ‘time to trade.’


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