Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #23

Several media outlets have reported that someone recently said publicly that “white supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.”  What an utterly foolish statement. It sounds like something that a child would repeat aloud after a fresh round of indoctrination from elders, teachers or otherwise.  But, alas, the source of that ridiculous comment is even far worse.  The speaker, in an address a few days ago at Howard University in Washington, D.C., was embarrassingly for America the current president of our nation. The same individual who has ordered that our southern border be essentially left wide-open permitting the entry of many thousands of presumably accounted-for illegal migrants each day, not including the additional migrant “Got-Aways” who sneak in with their numbers totally unrecorded daily.

The “most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland” is most likely hidden among those coming across our southern border, undetected until a major attack is unleashed on us later.  A potential threat made possible by the very person who has sworn to protect us from such danger, foreign or domestic.  Jon Miltimore (Foundation for Economic Education) responded to the Biden claim: “The Democratic Party spend most of the 19th century and much of the 20th using overt racism to win elections.  They are doing it again in the 21st century. The racism just looks a lot different than the 19th century version.”

And speaking of “terror” threats, from violent to retail theft, crime is out of control within many Democrat-run-and-dominated large American cities.  “1% of Democrat counties have 21% of the population, and make up 42% of America’s murders,” quoting from a Crime Prevention Research Center study.  In sum, to call “white supremacy,” if it even actually exists, is deemed to be some kind of a national threat, in fact “the most dangerous (internal!) terrorist threat to our homeland,” is ludicrous, insulting, and besmirches the dignity of the highest office in our land.  The current occupant of that office should be ashamed, but assuredly won’t be, having been instructed by handlers to firmly believe whatever he says.

And on the apparently present-day disturbing reality of being ‘white,’ the New York City teachers’ union intends to sponsor “a virtual workshop on fighting back against the “harmful effects of whiteness in our lives.” And beyond the obvious questioning of the need for a one race biased session to begin with, do note the following pupil ethnicity statistic for their school enrollment: Just 14.7% of the overall school population is WHITE !  So, again, why the need to subject teachers to such, when the remaining 85.3% of the students, consisting of several races, when the white students are a definite minority!  One concerned parent stated: “My kids have a white mom and a Latino dad. This training says there is something wrong with mom.” The union had the hubris to refer to this seminar, along with all of their others, as “professional development”!  More appropriately, it would seem: hatred development.

So, here’s the refreshing, and frankly startling, good news. In a rare salute, perhaps even concession, to sanity, so very seldomly experienced these days, the “Harmful Effects of Whiteness in our Lives” seminar was “postponed” just two days after it was announced. Why?  Not because it was simply wrong and insulting to begin with. Nope, postponement came “because its host was inundated with hate messages and disparaging comments, from both online commentators and politicians.” Gosh, that’s a shame. Because “participants (would have left) the workshop with a better understanding of how to center ourselves as a form of resistance against the harmful effects of whiteness in our lives.”  Resistance against whiteness and its harmful effects.  What a load of steaming hot biological bull-dropping.

Reportedly more than half of the teachers in the NYC school system are white, and as indicated earlier, the vast majority of the students there are non-white, with “72% of them economically disadvantaged.” And that economic status is no doubt the result, some Progressives might claim, of “white superiority’s” disabling downward pressure in their lives, as opposed to a host of other far-more-valid and rational reasons. Speaking out on behalf of racial sanity, local city council Republican lawmakers criticized the proposed workshop decision to “label one racial group as inherently harmful.”  An editorial from the New York Post Editorial Board pointed out that parents and others could actually exert power and objections in the face of school programs they find unsuitable, writing: “It proves that parents, students and teachers, those not on board the woke wagon, don’t have to sit back in fear as ravening ideologues dismantle our educational system.”  Congratulations to all for stopping, at least for now, this shameful effort to further insult and demean all white Americans due solely, as Dr. King has said, to “the color of their skin.”

New York State will be lowering its minimum student scores (grades 3 thru 8) for proficiency in math and English, the low scores issue thought to have been caused by the Covid epidemic.  One of the most compelling reasons occurred in Schenectady, New York, where not even one eighth grade student there was considered to be “proficient in math.”  Criticism regarding lowering the standards centered around “not only does shifting the goalposts by lowering thresholds reduce the credibility of the test, it also perpetuates inequalities between children and traps certain kids in underperforming schools.”  It sounds like equality vs. equity again, with equity (equal outcomes) winning out by lowering the standards, which does nothing to make underperforming kids become smarter. Tutoring and better instruction does that, not lowering acceptable proficiency levels. That’s done so that the school system(s) can simply save face going forward, by heaping total blame for learning deficiencies on Covid.

And last month, the new NASA director chose to take her swearing-in oath with her hand on astronomer Carl Sagan’s book, Pale Blue Dot, rather than on the Bible.  The Sagan book “emphasizes the importance of exploring our universe and understanding our home planet,” was the reported justification.  And she is, after all, now the head of NASA.  However, that breaks a long public tradition and illustrates another disturbing trend in America. It really seems to illustrate two things: (1) The regrettable main-streaming in government, and most everywhere else, of pompous and insidious ‘wokisms,’ and (2) The eroding of formal religion, with the reduced belief in a God on high, throughout much of the nation. Both the smothering demands of the elitist-progressive wokies, and the worrisome decline in church/synagogue attendance are negative developments impacting the traditions and cultural fabric of our America.


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