Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #22

The Biden administration continues its humans-cause-climate-change fantasy with the announcement of new regulations on home air conditioning, including window units, destined “to help save on peoples’ energy bills and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint.”  And do watch where you step outdoors, as your shoes are apt to bring in some of that staining carbon footprint.  Be sure to let China know about the air conditioning menace, as well, since they are really, really concerned about climate change.  Not!  While we in America concentrate on altering the impact of future weather impact, China focuses on strengthening its massive military for potential future invasion desires.  So then, who among the two is the most short-sighted and stupid, especially given the depletion of our own military supplies by shipping billions worth of it to Ukraine, while their European neighbors largely do the minimum expected.  This is not to suggest that the U.S. should not assist Ukraine.  It’s a matter of how much. Given our own security requirements, and our other allies’ protection obligations, how deep into our own preparedness can we, literally, afford to go.

But that’s another story for another day, assuming that darned changing climate lets us live that long.  And by the way, back to the all-important future controls on air conditioning, this follows the central government’s invasion of our homes (and businesses) to attempt to ban gas stoves and require that washing machines are more aqua-efficient.  Let’s not worry so much about the worrisome trans-gendering of children, when the real concern is the water level in our washing machines.  Make way for the Feds in your basement.

Meanwhile, the United Nations continues its crusade against “global warming-related risks” which the UN calls “a survival guide for humanity”…  hoping to defuse a “climate time bomb.” Speaking of bombs, one wonders if anyone in Brussels has bothered to step outside to catch the latest news on Ukraine, Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran.  If you want real “global warming” to worry about, try thinking about the devastating impact of nuclear weapons use.  What, per chance, is the UN doing to slow down those developments and threats, and the increasing likelihood of the unthinkable use in future wars?  OK, we know.  None of that’s as threatening as wasting too much water cleansing clothing and by the daily flushing of toilets. Oh, the inhumanity.

And, on the subject of climate humor, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm commented recently that: “We can all learn from what China is doing (on the environment).” That said, during a recent House Subcommittee hearing, she was asked if she knew that China was the emitter into the atmosphere of about 30% of the entire world’s carbon dioxide.  She responded Yes! To that point, China reportedly  “emits more than the U.S., the entire European Union, and Japan combined, and that China continues to bring on-line two coal-fired power plants per week.” In response, Ms. Granholm said: “My praise for China was on what they are doing to invest in clean energy, even as they are the world’s largest emitter. They invest four times more than the United States.”  Something doesn’t ring true here.  How can China invest far more than we do in ‘clean energy,’ yet continue to build huge numbers of coal-fueled power plants each year?  Which is it?  Well, could it be that ‘clean (Green) energy’ isn’t supplying that massive nation’s true need, since it isn’t supplying any other nation’s true need either, including our own!

And finally, for now, on make-believe climate change. Louisville, Colorado is a town of about 21,000 residents and six gas stations. This Democrat-run (surprise) town’s council has recently decided to ban new gas stations from coming to their town. Even though, in their Democrat heart of hearts, they must know this won’t do squat to stop the assumed negative aspects of ‘climate change.’  Said one council member before the vote: “We should be taking whatever incremental steps to not create additional fossil fuel infrastructure.”  Yesiree, a couple more of them air-pollutin’ fossil-fuel-powered gas stations are bound to make life in Louisville (Colorado!) all the more worser. Now then, dear residents, let’s take a look at whether you really need your washing machines.

From the absurd to the really absurd, according to a small number of physicians employed at Travis Air Force Base in California, who feel strongly that children who “present with gender dysphoria symptoms,” should immediately move forward toward “gender-affirming health care, such as puberty suppression and affirming hormones.” These doctors then went on to this supporting claim, on the basis of “human rights: “Youths (age 7 and up) have an inherent ability and right to consent to gender-affirming therapy.”

Well, no, sorry folks.  It’s the parents or guardians of children, age 7 +, that have the right to approve or, more likely, disapprove of such treatments, which could well lead eventually to possible future transexual procedures, including surgery.  You’ll be relieved to know that, reportedly, “53% of military-affiliated physicians in the DoD health system indicated they would refuse to prescribe hormones, regardless.” This whole area of medical thought (by some), and misguided childhood behavior (by some) could be spinning off its axis.  It is a serious problem, as we’re now finding out, more and more, for youth who are allowed/encouraged to go the transgender route, at a young age, and especially those involving life-altering surgery. The mental and physical impacts are proving to be devastating, once youngsters grow to the point of understanding the true consequences of what they’ve done (or had done to them!). And we’re talking here about young children.  Adults are free to make their own physical gender-identity choices.

We’ll conclude this edition of Quad-Four with yet another absurd claim about alleged white racial superiority, this one located right next to the kitchen.  A marketing professor at Loyola University has coined the term “pantry porn.” Said this researcher: “Tidiness is intertwined with status, and person’s messiness often breeds assumptions about a person’s capacity to be responsible and respectable. What lies beneath the surface of this anti-messiness, pro-niceness stance is a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures.” As she continued: “Perhaps it’s not surprising that ‘pantry porn’ found its foothold during the COVID-19 pandemic, when shortages surged.  Keeping stuff on hand became a symbol of resilience for those with the money and space to do so.” Apparently, some “85% of large new homes built in America today have a walk-in pantry.” It has become a “modern-day status symbol.”

Now, granted, most large newer homes in our country at present, may well be inhabited by white families and have a walk-in pantry.  That doesn’t mean that successful families of other races cannot also have very nice homes with walk-in pantries! The assumption is being strongly suggested that, today, only whites can afford nice, large homes.  The reality is that there are an ever-increasing number of minorities in successful professional occupations, corporate leadership positions, and business ownership, thanks to the freedoms, opportunities, and advantages provided by our best-in-the-world capitalist economic system.  To claim that a walk-in pantry, and especially a well-organized one, is somehow “rooted” in racist stereotypes from the distant past, seems both ridiculous and a very thin, questionable assumption to even do research on, in this writer’s personal opinion. That is unless the old “publish or perish” gong was loudly clanging!


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