Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #20

This first Quad B entry was a standout and the most appropriate to earn the pole position for this twentieth edition.  Long-time leftist activist (recall her apparent North Vietnam enchantment), Jane Fonda reportedly proclaimed last week on NBC’s “Kelly Clarkson Show” that:  “There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism.”  Shazam!  Now we’ve all been told, countless times, the false assertion that every issue in current U.S. society is due to racism.  And racism, by the way is not unique to the white race, as it has unfortunately been repeatedly demonstrated to be a multi-racial reality, not only within American society, but in others as well.

However, dear Jane has now added an interesting outer-space stretch to the term.  And that’s on top of the already existing stretch that man is directly responsible for assumed changes in climate. Changes that aren’t in reality God-directed and earth-cycle-related, and are most often simply referred to as the “weather”!  Racist driven climate change!  Miss Fonda went on with this explanation:  “Well, you know,” said she, “you can take anything – sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever, the war, and if you really get into it, and study it, and learn about it, and the history of it and – everything’s connected.  There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism.”  She went on to elaborate, but I will spare you, as it made even less sense.  As she seemed to indicate earlier, even war is “connected” to racism.  End racism = end wars.  Perhaps it is as a sub-set, but war is principally about delusional tyrants and the irresistible ego-driven lure of territorial conquest.

Oh, dear Jane.  When you can catch a ride back to earth thru the Milky Way (“white supremacy” racism?), please be sure to let us know, so that we can stay aware of your latest leftist fanciful concerns.  You know, on second thought, please don’t!  The climate, that is, our weather, will continue along as it must without your “connections.”

Then there’s 35-year-old Brittany Marie Reynolds who decided to go inside a comforting, long-time neighborhood Fargo, North Dakota Catholic Church one recent afternoon and while there, pulled down a statue of Jesus and smashed it.  Then she was spotted running from the church without a “shirt, bra, or shoes.”  Do remember that its winter in Fargo, and that, even clothed, Miss Reynolds’ vote counts the same as yours!.  Subsequent court documents indicated the likelihood that she was “under the influence of drugs.” There is a woman in desperate need of treatment, both for how to act and dress in church, and for her other apparent addiction/mental issues.  Damage to the Christ statue was estimated to be $11,000, not insignificant for a neighborhood church. That church, by the way, kept a door unlocked so that homeless persons could step inside to warm up, a gesture of literal warmth for those in need.

Meanwhile, in mid-December, students at the private (= expensive) New York City college, The New School, decided to occupy a campus building with the simple, and let’s face it for them, reasonable wokie demand that, here it comes, “every student receive a final course grade of A” and that “attendance shall have no bearing on that course grade.”  Oh, what an irresponsible web we have woven.  But there’s more.  Students also want the resignation of the school’s three top administrators, disbandment of the Board of Trustees, and that the president’s house should become ‘communal property.’ It does raise the musical question of just who, exactly, is running The New School. The school did respond to all of this bizarreness, in politically correct, now wokie, fashion:  “The university supports peaceful free expression by our students, and we are listening closely to all of our student’s concerns.”  Wonder how that all students must be ‘given’ a final grade of A, regardless, “listening” session is going? Will the graduating valedictorian be the entire class?

Turning to the international scene, apparently having paused to eat their Wheaties before this pronouncement, the U.N. General Assembly voted on a resolution in early December, by an “overwhelming majority,” calling for Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons and submit to on-going inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Talk about seriously over-stepping a nation’s sovereignty! So, then, can we rightly assume that similar resolutions were imposed on Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and others possessing nukes?  Well, no, only on Israel, the well-known nuclear menace threatening the free and not-so-free nations of the world. This is all connected with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty business, and Mr. Biden’s apparent insistence that the U.S. join up again in an agreement with Iran, a bad and foolish goal with no lasting benefit for America (or any nation but Iran).  But the real issue with the U.N.’s demand for Israel, is that there has yet to be a similar demand placed on Iran, the current well-armed bully nation of the Middle East.  And, by the way, shame on this U.S. administration for seemingly siding with the Progressive Democrats in their current wave of anti-Israel attitudes and assertions.  Lest we forget, Israel has been our longest, and most trusted ally in that volatile part of the world.

Back to America, here’s another rip-snortin’ terrific idea.  Let’s begin allowing LEGAL immigrants to vote. Apparently, we worry way too much about that whole citizenship thing.  The idea was expressed by a Boston Democratic councilwoman that would “enrich the concept of citizenship,” said she.  “Immigrants with legal status live here, pay taxes, are members of this body politic, and should be able to exercise their right to vote.” Well for starters, legal immigrants do not have a “right to vote” to exercise! That has always, and continues to require actual, earned American citizenship.  Time would be better spent, and we’d encourage, working toward the honor of U.S. citizenship rather than trying to cut corners of electoral convenience.  Legal immigrants are today the least of our worries when it comes to legally permitted voting in our country.

No doubt of far greater concern are the plans, motives, and efforts to finagle ballots for very illegal voting by very illegal immigrants, violating and dangerously pouring into our nation at the seemingly now fantasy southern border (now beginning to be an issue along the Canadian/U.S. border as well!). The obvious Progressive-Socialist plan is to eventually force all of the millions of illegals already here to have voting rights, with or without citizenship, perhaps as their key ploy for attempting to dominate the 2024 national election. The administration, as you well know, certainly isn’t welcoming and burdening our citizens, economically and otherwise, with multi-millions of illegal migrants for humanitarian purposes.  It’s ALL about politics, and 2024 would be an ideal time for them to let the illegal rabbit out of the anti-America box.  May our Republicans in the House, and responsible Constitutional moderates on the Left, prevent anything like this from ever happening.  America does not now, or ever, need permanent overall federal control left in the hands of anti-nation Progressives, thereby giving birth to a one-party Socialist States of America.

And then, Quad-4 wouldn’t be complete without some reference to boys who want to be girls.  The whole transgender insanity being literally pushed on youngsters toward either direction transition.  We are absolutely in a crazed, harmful era with one of the most controversial and damaging aspects of the ‘Wokie-Dumb’ movement is socially encouraging young or old Bob to pretend to become Brenda. When it comes to gender-pure student athletics, several states get it:  biological girls compete separate from biological boys who pretend to be girls.  Other states remain stuck on stupid when it comes to this issue.  Sometimes, however, even the courts get it wrong in terms of whose traditional rights are being denied or infringed upon.  The U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, has ruled in favor of two biological males who’ve competed in girls’ sports.

“The Court got it wrong,” responded the Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel. Said she: “Our clients, like female athletes all across the country, deserve fair competition, and that just doesn’t happen when you allow males to come in and dominate girls’ sports.” And here’s a specific example: “Connecticut’s Chelsea Mitchell, one of the plaintiffs in the case, was crowned the fastest girl in the state until she was beaten four times by the male athletes during the state championships.” Hopefully future courts will “get it right” and our girls can be guaranteed of competing, head-to-head, only against genuine, God-created, biological girls, not make-believe ones, as it always was, and should always be!


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