Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #17

Last month, an MSNBC contributor made some interesting, make that, foolish, comments about the Republican Party, when he stated that: “It’s not a political party. This is a cult. It’s a dime store front for a terrorist organization.”  Today, post-pandemic, we are concerned about the resultant falling performance scores of our school students.  Maybe its time to run similar assessments on some purported adults to see just how far behind reality too many of those folks may have drifted today.  We might start with this gentleman.  Now, if there’s any political cult operating at present, any political organization that, by its post-2020 election actions (or lack of same), strikes “terror” in normal hearts and minds, it would be the Progressive-controlled Democrat Party.  If we were actually to accept the fantasy that Republicans are a “cult,” then you can be darned sure that our cult is the most positive, rational, and beneficial one in all of recorded history!

During this past month, also, Mr. Biden was speaking to an Hispanic Heritage Month group, when he referred to the constant flow (surge!) of immigrants as making America “so much better.” If referring only to legal immigrants, that may well be the case.  If, however, he was also including the more than 2-million illegal migrants, his own initiative and mandate, who came across our open southern border during fiscal year 2022, then, no, its not making us “better,” but significantly more challenged in terms of cost, safety, security, and possibly health.  He went on to refer to the fact, paraphrasing, that “the U.S. foreign-born population has hit a record-breaking nearly 49-million, and that 26% of students in American schools speak Spanish rather than English.” Pandering to his specific audience aside, one hopes that the 26% Spanish-speaking students are learning English as rapidly as possible, within our now-bilingually-challenged schools, so as to “better” assimilate within America, where English is still the official national language, thank you.

Continuing with the Commander in Chief, speaking to reporters regarding the plight of (illegal) economic migrants, Mr. Biden responded that: “Fewer immigrants are coming from Central America and Mexico.  This is a totally different circumstance (from prior years). What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And the ability to send (those migrants) back to those states is not rational.” From current policy and procedure, it appears that he sees it as “not rational” to send very many of the illegal migrants back to their home countries, these or otherwise!  And those particular countries may well be just as pleased to see their departed citizens leave.

And speaking of the inflated price of gasoline at the pump, in order, so he thinks, to attempt to reduce that per-gallon price, the president has irresponsibly declared that he intends to drain still more millions of barrels of our secured oil out of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).  Irresponsible for two reasons: (1) The oil held in the SPR (created back in 1975, during a previous energy crisis) is specifically dedicated to energy needs arising from a natural disaster (major wide-spread floods, fires, storms, etc.), or from (heaven forbid) a human-caused one (terrorism).  It is there to protect the nation at a time of crisis, as an energy-producing emergency back-up.  It’s not to be used purely for political purposes, which in this case, is clearly meant to try to help Democrat candidates in the upcoming mid-terms (via the fantasy of suddenly lower pump prices).  Or, as one person put it, it’s the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, not the Strategic Political Reserve!  And then: (2) He and his advisors are kidding themselves if they think that, just days before the election, this effort can do anything to lower pump prices noticeably, if at all.  By the way, the last time the president chose to raid the SPR to supposedly lower gas prices, it was reported, from solid on-line sites, that some of those barrels taken were actually sold to China and possibly other nations!  That assertion was not knowingly refuted, but it died quickly.  And, also, by the way, America’s SPR will now have been drained to a 40-year low.  Replenishing those politically-drained barrels of oil, if the WH even chooses to do so, will now cost U.S. taxpayers considerably more, than the cost when President Trump was in office.  With the Progressives, it’s all political self-interest, all the time.  What’s best for America comes in, best case, second with this D.C. team.

We can file this next one under ‘Pie in the Sky.’  Last month, California Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) actual made the following suggestion on the House floor, regarding her concern about access to abortions in ‘red’ states for military service women.  Said she: “There’s a part of me that says we have 128 bases and installations in these red states, in these states that ban abortion.  Maybe we should just move these bases.” Reclaiming reality, she then followed up with: “Now, that’s highly unlikely because we’ve invested so much, but it just begs the question about what are we really all about if we’re going to treat these service women so poorly?”  In this hyper-critical era, service women seeking abortion care are very likely permitted leave time and travel for such, without the ridiculous thought, and very many years to achieve, at billions of dollars in cost, of moving installations solely for that reason!  As it is, money wise, DoD is preparing, not to move installations, but to spend many millions of tax-payer dollars to change the long-held names of several of them around the country, in order to bring past naming realities into political alignment with pressured current day thinking and desire.  The suggestion to actually move 128 military posts and bases for any reason is breath-taking, to be kind.

Wrapping up this edition of Quad-B, apparently Vermont, unfortunately like some other states, has quite liberal laws with regard to transgenders and sports team participation & bathroom/locker-room choice. The law there says that (paraphrasing) “students can play sports, and use the locker rooms, of whatever gender with which they identify.” Not surprising, the female volleyball players at one Vermont public school raised concerns about an “inappropriate remark” made in the women’s locker room by a transgender team member. They, of course, wanted the player in question to be moved elsewhere to change for practices, matches, etc. Seems like a very reasonable request.  Oh, but wait. State law is on the side of those who ‘identify’ with a certain gender. And so, unbelievably, because of their complaint, all of the girls on this team (about ten of them) must now change elsewhere in the building “in a single bathroom stall”!  These girls have effectively been barred from using their own locker room!  It’s state law, you see.  It’s liberal pressure.  And it’s ridiculous.


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