Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #14

Despite the anti-America crowd (i.e., Progressives; federal appointees; seemingly and shamefully sometimes even the president; any-government-and-economic-system-is-better-than-ours university types (indoctrination vs. education); their flock of woefully unprepared, restless, negative attitude ‘graduates’ with way too much free time (too many with probable limited meaningful employment prospects); most of the national print & electronic media (who can’t uncouple their lips from the butts of all of the above); Hollywood & entertainment types (with plenty of yet-unoccupied brain space); and other disgruntled mental drifters (civilian & government); all of whom have apparently limited-to-no knowledge of actual American history, honorable traditions, & achievements (military, social, medical, scientific, manufacturing, etc.,).

Despite those of the ragging, disgruntled, largely misguided, youthful herd of those who chose to elevate America’s ‘sins’ and issues above our nation’s endless positive accomplishments, since the very date of our 1783 independence from Britain (itself, an unlikely & painfully heroic accomplishment), those who do know and respect the true history of our incredible nation are thankful to again have the opportunity to praise the history of freedom and productivity in so many ways unique to the magnificence that is our America.  Happy and thankful July 4th independence anniversary.  Happy and thankful freedom.  Happy and thankful projected future for our nation (once freed from the shackles of the present administration regime).

And it must be said, fortunately for America and our future, that the majority of our twenties-to-forties-year old citizens (emphasis: citizens) are upstanding men and women who took their college (or apprenticeship) opportunity seriously, or who joined America’s military to serve in our vital defense, who desire to work and become successful, and are common sense individuals who respect their parents, are contributing to their own growth, as well as to that of their families, and strive to remain as honorable Americans dedicated to individual freedom and our continued success as a nation.  And who, by the way, fully understand that fossil fuels are essential to our future and will remain so for many generations to come.  On that critical note, as far as the eye can see, other than nuclear, there is simply no realistic alternative. Thanks be for these thinkers and positive contributors.

Now, onto those self-absorbed, foolish BBB&B’s who continually work so hard to blot-out our successes in favor of a false-envisioned, destructive socialist utopia that has never successfully existed….and will never.

First up, of course, and, as always these days, the Biden administration, who  made it absurdly clear last week, revealing at long last, from behind the freedom-dampening, self-imposed ultra-lib curtain that the American public will continue to be damned, because those high gas prices and all other inflation-driven punishments must remain subservient to the overriding wishes and will of the “Liberal World Order.”  Continued the ultra-liberal-infected spokesperson; “We have to stand firm… for as long as it takes” (meaning forget those sky-high gas prices, it’s the “LWO” that really matters). It now appears, suspected and put out in the open at last, that the malcontents and onerous world-order types will continue to hold the intentionally freedom-eroding reins of our nation’s federal government until such time as liberty-loving citizen voters can take back control of Congress in November…we all hope.

Then tweeted Mr. Biden: “This is a time of war and global peril.  Bring down the price you (gas station operators) are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you are paying for the product.  And do it now.”  To which an energy group posted on Twitter: “Have a Happy Fourth and please make sure the WH intern who posted that tweet registers for Econ 101 for fall semester.”  Bulls-eye!!  And by the way, reportedly, the average gas station profit margin in just about 1.4-percent.  Most of their profits come from convenience store sales.

The president has gone, now, to propose blocking all new Atlantic & Pacific Ocean drilling, as well has continuing to limit on-shore exploration/production of oil and gas on federal lands.  Oh, and Mr. Biden also continues to undo President Trump’s efforts to maintain and increase our fuel supply by now giving power back to the states and tribes to halt pipeline projects, claimed harmful to rivers and streams. Yep, let’s stop those dreadful, safer-than-trucks-and-trains pipelines that could do much to get us out of this eroding national supply of fossil fuels.  There can no longer be any question, whatsoever, that the Biden administration does NOT have the well-being of America first, on this critical issue and others, over the self-centered harmful bizarre desires of the Progressive politicians and their behind the curtain handlers.

To his citizen shame, Mr. Biden chose to slam America during his recent foreign trip, damning the Supreme Court from afar, for the world to hear, terming the Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade as “outrageous behavior.”  No, it was his irresistible desire to show off, shaming the Court from overseas, that was actually the ‘outrageous behavior.’  If you must, save it until you get home, sir.

Then two whoppers that would overwhelm even Burger King. Mr. Biden claimed that inflation in America is “actually higher in every other major industrial country in the world.”  Well, it didn’t take long for a brutal chart to emerge, from those who actually understand economics, showing that the U.S. currently has the highest inflation rate, higher than UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, and well higher than Japan and China!  And then Mr. Biden actually boldly stated that his administration had achieved the “most robust economic recovery in modern history.”  The appropriate word for this obvious-to-all false statement is delusion.  “Delusion” means “a false persistent belief maintained in spite of evidence to the contrary.”  On this statement of Biden-only-fact, along with so much else that he has uttered of late, the speaker seems to be suffering from very definite “delusion.”

This might be the appropriate time to mention that Mr. Biden’s approval rating (per CIVIQS polling average) is now down to 31%, with 57% disapproving (and 12% who apparently remain confused).  This is obviously neither good for America, as a nation, nor for America’s standing throughout our increasingly unsettled world.

And of all the things that would seem to be unneeded, or at least poorly timed given the inflationary spiral we are currently in, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has announced the launch of a proposed $1-billion (billion with a B) ‘pilot’ program “aimed at helping to reconnect cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by road projects,” in other words “build racial equity in roads.”  If we ever in fact needed this bizarre, erupting out of nowhere, questionably corrective procedure, in the face of big city crime, out-of-control illegal migration, threatened fossil fuel supply to power the nation, and out-of-control national inflation with NO realistic solution proposed, now is definitely not the time, if ever, to begin some mystical road and supplemental transportation program.  Perhaps not surprisingly, a portion of this magical initiative will be adding “rapid bus transit lines,” which along with trains, is the administration-touted solution to cutting gas prices by, of all things, simply curtailing vehicle use.

Limiting personal vehicle use is just another form of proposed federal power and control over individual choice, and thus freedom, for Americans.  If this really is a good and needed idea whose Progressive time has come, given the federal debt situation, and the ever-joyful ultra-lib constant borrowing, or more likely, printing of new money, clearly contributing to our inflationary bloat, how about starting with a $1-million “pilot” project first to see how that goes, and whether even needed, before jumping directly to the we-cannot-afford-it $1-billion jackpot level.  Apologies if starting short of the bonanza level seems to make some kind of sense.

And finally for this edition of 4B’s, a great truism from on-line freelance writer Adam Casalino.  After Mr. Biden drained 1/3 of our Strategic Oil Reserves to attempt a reduction in gas prices, which didn’t help reduce prices temporarily but perhaps a few cents, and then, with an equal and opposite reaction (!), caused the need to re-fill the Reserve at sky-high oil prices, Casalino wrote: “Biden promised to ‘work like the devil’ to fix the gas crisis.  I guess he meant it, because only the devil would make a bad problem worse.”


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