Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #13

The Biden administration has reportedly stopped future off-shore drilling within over 1-million acres of northern Alaskan waters, along with canceling two drilling lease auctions for rights in the Gulf of Mexico.  Said Steve Milloy, a former EPA member: “In Alaska, the problem was that the ‘greens’ scared off virtually everyone.  It’s expensive to explore and drill, and the ‘greens’ made it pretty clear they were going to make it even more difficult.”  Yep, them delusional ‘greens’ and their wind(dependent)mills.  No problem. No need for more drilling. We’ve got plenty of gasoline at low prices. Oh, wait….

And then, the Biden administration has reportedly also moved to prevent mining work in Southwest Alaska.  Darn right, stop the coal.  Except this has nothing to do with coal.  The foolish irony is that by stopping this large Alaskan mining project, the administration is stopping efforts to provide some of the minerals needed for the ‘climate change’ efforts of those same Progressive ‘greens.’  So, as prominent members of this administration, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, would say: “Who’s on First?”

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing recently, an abortion rights spokeswoman was asked a direct question by Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC): “Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” The woman testifying responded: “Yes.”  Oh, bless her heart. We can make this really simple.  The correct answer is No.  Biological men cannot get pregnant, thus won’t be needing abortions.  Absurdities over.  Next witness….

Meanwhile, in one of our oft-noted west coast Progressive-Democrat-dominated states, Oregon, that state’s “Menstrual Dignity Act,” passed last year, and now being more fully implemented, mandates that feminine hygiene products must be available also in boys’ bathrooms! Two tickets for the craze ride, please. “The Oregon Department of Education doubled down on the controversial content by issuing a ‘Menstrual Dignity for Students’ toolkit in March, complete with instructions on how to use menstrual products, segments on faculty and staff training, classroom instruction, and tips on ‘menstruation-positive’ language for families.” Responded Republican candidate for governor, Bridget Barton: “Radical leftist woke policies are destroying Oregon from our streets to our businesses to our schools. Clearly, she (current governor) cares more about what’s going on in the bathrooms than what’s going on in the classrooms.”  Barton stated that Oregon students rank 46th nationally in reading and math. To that poor ranking, she added: “We’re at the bottom of the barrel and the career politicians spend our taxpayer money on tampons for little boys.”  Somehow, it seems clear that we’ve got to stop pushing this trans business on impressionable young children.

Speaking of which, and to make it even worse, in California, in the Oakland School District, it’s been discovered that at one high school there is actually a “trans closet” stocked with transgender clothes and accessories for students to change into once arriving at school, then change back upon leaving, helping them keep this urge away from their parents!  The teacher who runs the “closet” is also said to be transgender. Worse: “He has posted videos of himself in the classroom showing off the stilettos he wears to school.”  Thank heavens we’re not living in California, for so many reasons like this.  It’s no wonder that parents around the nation are working hard to stay closer to their children and demanding to be up to speed on what’s going on in their classrooms. This keeping secrets from parents, on any subject, whether by the school or by the children themselves, must stop.

A Democrat Congresswoman, in fact, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, reportedly blamed “white supremacy” for the shooting recently at a Dallas-area Korean hair salon.  There was only one small problem with her accusation and lack of research.  The suspect charged with the attack is Black.  Yep, whites are responsible for everything bad that happens in America, no matter who or what. Everyone else is a “victim.” At least, it appears, that’s what too many are being told in classrooms, from elementary school on up.

And in Wisconsin, a county supervisor has proposed eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance from future board meetings. Said he, reportedly: “It just doesn’t seem appropriate for us to be doing, when we want to be inclusive and representative. At the end of the day, I think its divisive.” So now it’s our nation’s revered Pledge that’s divisive, non-inclusive.  But no examples of either were offered to attempt to substantiate the radical claim.  Who, exactly, are we trying to protect, trying not to offend?  Possibly, the “under God” objection, yet again?  The same God that our Founders called upon for guidance throughout the brilliant founding of our nation. As you can see throughout the stories in this post, the crazies are among us, and they are loose.

Continuing with unnecessary and nonsensical ideas, at least one school district in Colorado has notified its parents that, in 2026, it will no longer acknowledge a valedictorian at its schools.  Why, you ask?  Said the district in its recent newsletter: “The practices of class rank and valedictorian status are outdated and inconsistent with what we know and believe of our students.  We believe all students can learn at high levels, and learning is not a competition.”  Well, that last bit turned the argument on its head.  They may feel that learning isn’t a competition (which it is until you eliminate all grading and GPA’s), but as those in the real world will quickly tell you, life in the work world is definitely about competition.  Competition to get a job, keep a job, and competition to advance in the work world.  This is a good example of how living within the Halls of Ivy can eventually cloud and suffocate sound judgement. Administrators and faculty may get to remain within the academic cocoon, but their students must mature, leave, and compete continually in the real world!!

In case you were wondering: “No, we are not vaccinating all illegal migrants before releasing them into the interior” of America!  We were allegedly told by the administration that all those coming in would be vaccinated but, as it now turns out, “it’s a scattershot (sorry!) process that depends on where and when the migrants are apprehended.”  It appears that we may well be exempting migrants from Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico.  Reasons not given.  Migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela “must only receive one dose of the vaccine before they are released into the U.S. interior.” You’ll recall we residents were effectively mandated to receive at least three vaccine doses! “But someone from Nicaragua, who was just dumped off in the Rio Grande by a coyote, can have a single shot (if that), receive a pat on the back, and be put on a bus to Boise.”

Just another clear indication that the administration really doesn’t care about the health status of the illegals coming in, make that, flooding in (with, at times, lacking enough personnel to administer the shots), nor about the impact on our resident population of sending these potential virus carriers (or other public health issues) around the nation with no warning about their vaccination status, etc.  The administration’s sloppy, careless, inept view of our southern border, and the handling of the continuing surge, destined to become an overwhelming stampede very soon, demonstrates beyond all reason that this is quite apparently their plan.  Freely admitting this migrant surge is all being allowed to happen on purpose.  Flood the nation with skills & language-challenged, benefits-requiring illegals, with the eventual plan to turn them into Democrat-dependent (and benefits-dependent) voters.  That’s what this anti-America insanity at the border, and now throughout our land, seems to really be all about.  Pure Progressive politics vs. what’s in the best interests of America.  Politically self-centered, absolutely disgusting, and seemingly criminal, at least by ignoring our immigration laws, and the prior sanctity of our border.

There’s always more, by definition, BBB&B hijinks emanating from Lib-dominated D.C., and from our Lib-dominated states, in fact, a virtual lava-flow, but we’ll stop now for this edition, because it’s getting me depressed, too !!  On the bright side, just 6-months until November !!  Wish it could be sooner……


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