Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #12

Apparently distracted while concentrating his focus on our northern border to make darn sure none of them pesky Canadians try to sneak into our country, meanwhile to his surprise, reportedly over 750,000+ illegal aliens have come across that other border, the southern one (who knew?), and have been released into America, just since Mr. Biden has taken office (the count is probably higher, and doesn’t even include the thousands who snuck in, not “encountered” by our Border Patrol). That represents a foreign population larger than that of many of our nation’s cities. This is a direct result of abandoning the successful Trump “Remain in Mexico” plan in favor of this administration’s “Catch and Release.”   Catch and release directly into, and throughout, these United States, that is.

The anti-America, plan, prepared by DHS, we’re told, should Title 42 end, will “create ‘broadscale release mechanisms’ that transform the southern border into a mere checkpoint for foreign nationals, before they are released into American communities.”  If that translates to meaning far broader asylum granting right at the border, the grant of valued American citizenship likely won’t be far behind, as they seem to be taking away the traditional orders to report back for a hearing with a stay-or-deport decision-making judge.  Recall that ‘economic hardship’ is not grounds, or at least never has been, for granting asylum.  There is, reportedly, an unending surge of illegals now headed here in numbers that will turn the present crisis into a catastrophe.  The only explanation is that this administration is doing so purposely for self-centered partisan reasons (versus what’s best for our nation) to ‘pack the park’ with future Democrat voters.  Everyone knows it.  It’s just impossible to believe that there is no rational way to stop this rampant disregard for the value of genuine, meaningful, and duly earned, U.S. citizenship.

Purporting to invoke some of our nation’s core values, a ‘strategist’ on one of those two main Progressive-favoring cable networks actually recently proclaimed the following: “We’ve seen this party (Republican) become radicalized.  We’ve seen this party become completely unfit for the mainstream and untethered from democracy.  And as you turn control of this government over to the Republicans, you are turning over the democracy.”  A Quad-4 Hall of Fame statement, reflecting the usual Progressive nonsense, while attempting, and failing, to scare the voters.  Ironically, just change the party labels and finally the truth emerges, as we are witnessing every day (the southern border mayhem, for example).  Said correctly, then, it goes like this: Republicans must win to save democracy from “radical, extreme, authoritarian” Democrats!  Now the claim accurately reflects what is really going on, as our nation continues to slide downhill under virtually total Progressive-Democrat rule.

And speaking of giving a future gut-punch (yet another one) to American’s taxpayers, this anti-rational, toe-touching, feelings-over-facts, administration, after postponing individual student-loan debt payments yet again, it now admits that canceling all student debt is “still on the table.”  It’s important to realize that canceling all of that debt would dump an estimated $1.6-trillion into the laps of hard working taxpayers, while further deepening our already totally out of control national debt load, which continues to leap upward during this destructive administration’s free-wheeling spending orgy.  So then, millions of young men and women, who while in college as students, chose an expensive, prestigious school with sky-high tuition & fees, while picking a fringe, feel-good, easy major (Note: Avoid all majors that end in the word “studies”!) with limited employment and earnings prospects, will now, unceremoniously, potentially, have their burden of repayment shifted to responsible adult Americans to absorb the high cost of their bad choices.  And there’s one other impact negative, which is the emotional/financial one to be absorbed by those responsible students who have, since graduation, found gainful employment, and worked very hard to save and pay off those loans! They now look foolish for being responsible, while the real fools are the fluffy, irresponsible ones whose re-payments have been delayed since this administration took office. Congratulations to those who got after it, stepped up, and made their payments & pay-off commitment.  Traditional pro-capitalist Americans, not socialist government dependents!!

Back to the border issue.  Wrote Victor Davis Hanson: “The once secure border of 2020 vanished. Millions more (illegals) are on their way here. The Biden Administration unilaterally and simply destroyed existing immigration law.”  More to the ultimate point, the administration is well on its way to destroying traditional America, and, for this and other reasons, doing so on purpose.  As you know by now, a courageous Texas National Guardsman lost his life when he went into the border waters in an effort to save two illegal migrants.  They lived.  He drowned.  The administration spokesperson was asked if the administration bore any responsibility for his death.  Well, of course not, implied she.  He was a Texas Guard soldier, so it’s that state’s responsibility.  Typical White House bravo sierra.  Of course it’s the administrations responsibility and fault.  Because the administration has repeatedly been flashing green lights at the open border and well beyond, that soldier’s death is definitely the fault of the White House anti-American border policies. Texas has Guard soldiers stationed at the border, because D.C. has abdicated it’s protective responsibility.  Said the W.H. spokesperson: “We’ve long stated that our immigration system is broken (that is, broken by this administration!). There needs to be more done to have a more effective asylum processing system.”  No, there’s needs to be much more done about closing off that border and significantly reducing, by making tougher, the “asylum processing system.” Reinstituting “Remain in Mexico” would be a solid start.

One last, for now, disturbing reality regarding our porous southern border. Reportedly, four times more fentanyl is coming across the U.S.-Mexico border than was the case under President Trump.  Border Patrol’s Mark Dunbar: “Fentanyl is primarily flown into Mexico from China (after which) the Mexican drug cartels then traffic large qualities across the southern border. Only a fraction of the fentanyl trafficked across is seized by the Department of Homeland Security.”  So, among other very serious impacts, that porous border is leading to the death of far too many younger Americans.

And speaking of not lifting a finger or a pen to solve America’s near-term energy crisis (specifically, gas at the pump), the Biden administration, via the Bureau of Land Management has just taken off the table millions of acres for potential energy exploration leasing in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge, stalling (ending?) “a drilling project that would have produced 100,000 barrels of oil per day, generated $10-billion in government revenue, and created 2,000 construction jobs.”  That, of course, is after canceling the Keystone XL pipeline project, already under construction!  No question, this politically self-centered, radically-emersed administration desires both ruinous open borders and ruinous restrictions on fossil fuels production, in order to butt-hug the fantasy-minded Progressives who increasing are driving the ruling Democrat regime.

Finally for this edition of Quad-B, the American Federation of Teachers has recently stated that the parental rights bills, specifically the one passed in Florida to keep parents better informed about school curriculum content for younger students, is, she claims: “the way in which wars start.”  Well, actually, that’s not correct, ma’am. Wars are started by ego-maniacal tyrant dictators who wish to control land and people under a repressive fascist/communist regime.  Rarely, if ever, do wars start as the result of legally passed & signed legislation, created by representatives of the people in a free society.  Grievances here are solvable at the ballot box. Hate to nit-wit-pick, dear lady, but as Florida’s Governor has correctly stated with regard to the schooling of our young students, we seek “education, not indoctrination.”


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