Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #11

Time, already, for another edition of Quad-B, courtesy, in good part, of the administration working overtime to be featured.

In the previous 12-months through February, the Fed’s inflation gauge hit 6.4%, said to be the highest level in forty years.  The primary fault… not Putin, not COVID, not the supply chain, not the oil companies, regardless of the approved administration script… No, it is Government Spending, in the trillions of dollars, concluded a thorough study by the Federal Reserve in San Francisco.  So, we can at last stop the finger-pointing doesy-doe. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but with the exorbitant, continuing, America-bankrupting federal spending, brought to us by the Biden administration and a sadly-supportive Congress.

And so, what do we get in response?  Why of course, a $5.8-trillion Biden budget proposal, reportedly the highest in history, crammed full of climate control hocus-pocus, including funding for the FDR-wanna-be Civilian Climate Corps, which is totally unnecessary, other than, with all of it, for expanding the size and cost of federal bureaucracy.  Among the other executive flatulence within: $10-billion for “election administration” (interference??), “including making ballots postage free.”  That, among everything else, is worrisome.  In 2020, mail-in ballot use was wide-spread, due, we were told, to the pandemic.  And such use led to multiple questions about ballot legitimacy, and proper, legal counting.  With COVID, thankfully, now under wraps, there should be far, far less mail-in balloting permitted and, thus, no need for billions in “administrated” free postage!!

Continuing with the administration, rather than doing the logical, realistic thing about erupting gas prices, here in the land that, pre-Biden, was energy independent, which would, of course, be taking the regulatory handcuffs off America’s oil and gas producers and let them produce our way out of this price bind.  Heavens no, say the Progressive nation-stoppers.  While also talking to anti-freedom nations about buying their oil, the administration has announced, instead, that it will siphon off one-million-barrels of oil per day from America’s federal reserves.  Once again (recall Afghanistan), replacing sound, reality-based judgment with pure political expediency.  Those oil reserves are to protect the nation from unexpected national emergencies, not as a convenient, spineless means of trying to solve a political problem such as the mid-terms!

Those oil reserves are to protect the nation from unexpected national emergencies, like war!  Not as a convenient, spineless means of trying to solve a political problem, like for instance, the mid-terms!  And exactly when will that “borrowed” oil be replaced, and at what quite likely elevated price to taxpayers? And since America’s fuel producers are being stomped on by Washington’s predominant ultra-libs, if that soon-to-be-depleted national emergency oil reserve is, in fact, ever replaced by this anti-America administration, will it be with foreign oil from an enemy nation?  A reasonable assumption would be that our emergency reserve will remain depleted, leaving it for the next President to replace using his/her budget, in hopes that dire circumstances don’t demand the need for it in the meantime.

Oh, and not happy with your gender?  Your federal government is here to help.  The President “signed an executive order yesterday giving sweeping rights to men and women who want to live as the opposite biological sex,” to include a new “X” gender marker for passports and just about everything else.  Along with that, administration orders are now “encouraging gender-reassignment surgery and hormone treatments for minors.”

This administration and, as you’ve now read, the “goofy” Disney leadership, have swallowed, but not yet passed, too many Woke biscuits, causing serious mental and other cramps. Both entities have apparently lost sight of the fact that they are both way, way out of step with the vast majority of Americans who want to protect their young children, do not want them exposed to sex and gender subjects in pre- and elementary school, and, among so many other connected things, want to preserve the integrity of women’s sports. Congratulations to Florida for its common sense passage into law of the “Parental Rights in Education” effort.

By the way, should you be wondering, in a recent survey, respondents were asked what percentage of the U.S. population is transgender.  The resulting estimate was 21%.  However…the real percentage is just 1% !!  That shows you how, on this and so many other subjects, we have been so thoroughly snowed-under by the continuing barrage of administration-sympathetic media propaganda.  Disney and the administration have opted to risk public opinion, and certainly revenue, while purposely opting to make their stand, in wokie quicksand.

Said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently regarding the mid-terms: “It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win. I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel.”  Honestly, Mrs. Pelosi:  The majority of Americans “fear for our democracy” everyday that you and your Progressive Congressional/Administrative colleagues remain in office.  Please find another country to impose your punitive transition into a restrictive legal and cultural system that only you and your clan want. We much prefer all that, by God’s grace, we already have: our personal liberty, our security, our economic system, our Constitution, our rule of law, our spiritual lives, our culture and history, and our families maintaining the right and the freedom to bring up their own young children the best way they can, and with the gender given them at birth!


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