Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #34

When citizen parents move to a new city or state, whether at the church/synagogue the family chooses to join, and/or the new school for their children, whatever the circumstance, they are welcomed by thought or word as “newcomers.”  It is a heartfelt term meant to provide comfort and immediate acceptance within new surroundings.  However, for the Biden administration to perhaps begin referring to the continuing surge of illegal ‘migrants’ (invaders), now said to be approaching ten-million in number, is a gross misapplication of the friendly, welcoming term.  Newcomers are typically welcomed.  Illegal migrants are not, except of course, by those profiting from their existence, and by the nation’s chief executive, who personally opened the southern border door and effectively shouted ya’ll come, very soon after his original ‘election.’  For the vast majority of legitimate U.S. citizens, however, these millions of illegal transients are anything but welcome (cost, culture, crime, etc.).

And speaking of illegal admissions, apparently realizing that a clear majority of Americans are not overjoyed to have this non-stop southern border grate-crashing going on, and despite liberal-leaning print and electronic media providing cover, it has now been revealed that, hoping to blunt some of the mounting criticism over the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants entering, the Biden administration has reportedly actually flown in close to 320,000 unvetted illegals from foreign airports to undisclosed airfields in the U.S., under a “secret” plan aimed at blunting the actual number of illegals being admitted at the border. The administration sneaking in even more illegals on the sly, which feels a bit like a double violation of U.S. immigration laws from on high.  Bad enough the swarm of illegals at the border (now North and South), but then adding to the total with secret administration-authorized fly-ins!

Speaking to those secretive “Sneak Air” flights, Elon Musk has reacted to this news as follows, saying that the administration is “importing voters and creating a national security threat.”  “It is highly probable,” continued Musk, “that the groundwork is being laid for something far worse that 9/11.  Just a matter of time.”  Citizens of eight Latin American countries, plus Cuba, were eligible for these flights, which included added benefits, unknown to the regular illegals who had trekked many miles, far from air transport and accommodation!

And when it comes to protecting our border(s) from illegal intruders, whether gaining entry by land or “air,” this quote from Mr. Biden makes the American public look like fools and dolts, drooling and pointing at that big distant ‘fire’ in the daytime sky (the sun).  If you’re ready for the statement that is anything but the truth, buckle up.   Reportedly, our current national chief executive has actually stated, with regard to stopping the on-going surge of illegals rampaging daily across our southern border: “I’ve done all I can do.”  Mr. Biden has reportedly actually said that.

The reality, as you well know, is that he has done absolutely nothing to slow or stop those border violators, by undoing everything Mr. Trump had put in place, including that unfinished border Wall.  And the reason he has done nothing to deal with the invasion of our border(s) is because that flood of illegals is desired by the Democrat Party, regardless of the enormous, frankly unthinkable local/state/national annual expense, destined to grow even more, not to mention the added possibility and consequence of diluted culture and added crime.  Desired because the Democrats see those millions of illegals as eventual voters, possibly helping turn our nation into a one-party system and rule in perpetuity.  Clearly, Republicans must win, broadly and big, this November. Failure in that vital turning-point election may very well lead to the end of our Constitutional Republic (i.e., our democracy).

Switching, now, from one very real crisis for America (e.g., the surge-entry of millions of illegals), to one that may very well not be nearly as real, if at all.  There are those, principally, it seems, societal elites, liberal media types, and  federal government employees, taught, or strongly ‘encouraged,’ to believe that the former “global warming,” politically-changed several years ago to the umbrella version, “climate change,” is the ever-so-real challenge to the very future existence of our planet. Thus, it must be taken seriously, and definitely requires that enormous amounts of federal funding must be ‘invested’ in organizations and ventures of,  in at least some cases,  seemingly questionable values and outcomes. Millions of dollars spent from a seriously weakened (and over-spent) federal vault, to save the nation and citizens of America, in addition to the rest of the world. Oh, and purely politically, we must sooner rather than later abandon all use of the atmosphere-fouling fossil fuels, in our homes, businesses, and lives, regardless of impracticality, so that, in the view of the government, we can go on living rather than eventually becoming two-legged charred fritters.

The administration, it seems, does not take kindly to those of our citizens who fail to believe there is actually a climate change ‘crisis.’  Case in point, at a recent carefully staged visit to our southern border, swept antiseptically clear of any approaching illegals clamoring to be free (totally unlike the simultaneous migrant-heavy scene at Mr. Trump’s chosen Texas border sector), amidst the obvious need to say something about the border mess, in his comments to the assembled media, Mr. Biden managed to shift topics, from the current Texas wildfires to climate change.  Commented Mr. Biden: “The idea there’s no such thing as climate change. I love that man.  I love some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there’s no climate change.”

Well, there you have it.  Those American citizens who dispute the present and future of climate change, are no better mentally than those from many centuries past who lived in caves and drew pictures on the walls.  Our thanks for thinking so highly of those in the electorate who may disagree with superior politicalized thought, so as to debase the knowledge and understanding of common folk.  By the way, pretty sure it was the Neanderthals, or those like them, who may have discovered fire for both cooking, and certainly for heating those drafty caves in the Winter (seasonal example of climate change). Historically, then, today, in even the harshest of climates, if you vigorously rubbed two supremely indoctrinated, progressive-democrats together, no matter how long or hard you tried, quite certain that you would never get a spark. Neanderthal reality.

And this final thought (for now) on climate change.  As the terminology has thus far failed to sufficiently arouse today’s cave dwelling public, we’ve had to rachet-up the alarm level from that original fear-of-old, concept, global warming, to climate change, then on to climate crisis, and today to even a climate emergency.  And if that’s not working sufficiently, former White House climate envoy, John Kerry, is reportedly now suggesting that the latest terminology hot-button, if you will, should be “climate breakdown.”    We have to wonder, now, which will actually arrive first: Ever-increasingly, seemingly unending, harsh, descriptive, citizen-terrorizing climate danger language,  OR the actual end of the earth!


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