Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #33

Leading off the Quad-B Hall of Wonder for this edition, it’s Mr. Biden implying  what the wise and non-bleary-eyed among us have long concluded.  The reason why this administration and its close advisors haven’t blinked when, now 6-million+ illegal migrants have invaded our nation, is because they had a definitely anti-America and a purposely destabilizing futures national election voting plan all along: To grant blanket amnesty, followed closely by U.S. citizenship, to each and every one of the voting-age invading illegals, so that, by always voting for Democrats, which they will, they could cause the ultra-liberal, Progressive Democrats to remain in national power and control indefinitely.

And that mob will, in fact, vote for the Democrats in return for all the free stuff this government has given them from Day One forward, along with anointing them as “Americans” in name only. This invasion of uninvited foreigners, however, would be expected to eventually vote for their “sponsoring” political party.

This is so different from the invited, legal, international persons who have come to America, and soon assimilated, learned English, learned about our country, eventually have taken a citizenship exam, and then were sworn in by a judge as new, legitimate Americans.

And so, again, that’s why our southern border has been left wide open and has stayed so since the very beginning of Mr. Biden’s term in office.  It could eventually give the ultra-liberals continuing power and control through the ballot box.  Thus, it is incumbent on our legitimate American citizens, and concerned federal legislators, to actively work to stop the move to grant amnesty and citizenship to these uninvited millions of illegals.  That is absolutely essential to saving our traditional America…a long-blessed land based on the rule of law and individual freedoms, and not one of collective central control.  A “pathway to citizenship,” as Mr. Biden calls it, rather than what it really is: A pathway to central control for potentially a very long period into our newly restrictive, likely dictated, future.

This week, Mr. Biden, under pressure for seeming failures of memory during recent speeches and press conferences, responding to a Special Counsel report which referred to him as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” assured America that his memory is “fine.” And, unable to leave it at that, stepped into it big time when he announced that he is “the most qualified person in this country to be president.”  And “I put this country back on its feet.”  Well, as those voters on the Right and the Center of the political spectrum, as well as certainly many on the Left, would quickly conclude: Those two assertions aren’t even close to being accurate. And are scarry given the degree to which they are untrue, as the American public has repeatedly witnessed over the passing months.

Taking the spotlight off Mr. Biden for now, and turning to Squad member, Representative Ayanna Pressley, who, responding to the news that Walgreens was closing a store in her Massachusetts District, referred to that particular closing as “racist.” Racist, said she, because the closing is “a disruptive, life-threatening act of racial and economic discrimination.”  Despite being located in a low-income area, this closing appears to have very little, if anything, to do with racism. That particular store is closing, along with several other retail outlets there and elsewhere, due to the persistent problem of out-of-control theft, a situation plaguing several major cities, and retail chains, around the nation.  No longer able to absorb the loss and cost of stolen merchandise, along with concerns for the safety of store personnel, and customers, Walgreens made the hard decision to finally close its store at that location.  It was purely an issue of continuing criminal loss of merchandise, with apparently no lasting solution in sight, rather than anything involving racism. Solve the retail theft issue, Representative Pressley, before other chains follow Walgreens, by solving the problem with their feet.

During an MSNBC appearance and interview this week, guest Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) stated that the Democratic strategy for the last three decades has “failed to deliver for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country.”  Quite a startling admission!  The Democrats, says he, seemingly care more about “the undocumented Americans” now here, instead of those they should really, deeply, and honestly be caring more about: Actual American citizens!!  There is no such category as “undocumented Americans.” That may be the Senator’s wish and a prayer, but there is no such thing.  But it does clearly illustrate what the Democrats apparently believe about the invading illegals from around the world.  And it clearly shows the “pathway” they believe those same illegals will be on, as soon as Republicans get out of the way of migrant “justice.”

Commented a former senior Trump advisor on immigration: “This is what they call giving away the entire game. This is why Democrats angrily oppose every enforcement measure. This is why Democrats bitterly oppose detention and deportation.  This is why Joe Biden eradicated the border and orchestrated the invasion.”  And another opposing comment, this from conservative commentator Andrew Klavan: “Points for clarity and honesty. Points off for wicked anti-American dirtbaggery.”

So then, the ultra-liberal rabbit is now out of the hat. The question is whether or not Republicans in Congress have enough votes to stop this “undocumented Americans” drive to anoint the millions of illegals now here as, believe it or not, actual American citizens, a mass happening that would defy laws, established procedures, and would cheapen the earned U.S. citizenship bestowed upon legal immigrants who patiently followed traditional, well-established procedures. Pretty sure this Democrat scheme has been developed and planned during or soon after the Obama presidency.  All that remains is to execute it.  An attempt that will possibly be made prior to the November election, after which the Democrats will, hopefully, lose the presidency and both Houses of Congress.  All that can stop it, if in fact it materializes, is enough Congressional votes in both Houses to keep the measure from ever reaching Mr. Biden’s desk!  Keep watching and hoping.

Rounding out this edition, the University of Wisconsin Law School now has a mandatory mid-year “racial refresher” for all first-year students. It apparently goes over racism theories and actualities, including the obligatory ‘white privilege’ assumption.  “One section (of the workshop) reminded white students that they benefit from racial oppression regardless of their correctional efforts – and that there are no exceptional white people.”  Another example of modern-day lack of knowledge or interest, perhaps purposely, in actual American history. Some exceptional names on the white scale come immediately to mind: George Washington (and select other Founding Fathers), Abraham Lincoln, FDR (leading the nation thru WW II), General Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan, to name a few.  And a great American who would disagree with the premise there have never been exceptional white people is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  It would certainly be nice if we could work harder toward citizen unity, rather than continuing to pound the “reasons” for the differences among we Americans. Sessions like the description of this one just continue to hammer away at our alleged dis-unity.  Ever, it seems, moving backward rather than, as Reverand King would remind us, to concentrate on character, rather than skin color.  We could use a continuing dose of his togetherness wisdom, if only he was still among us. The reality is that a great many talented Black Americans have made it across the alleged racial divide, moving continually up the ranks of their chosen corporate, academic, or political careers. They are excelling by virtue of their innate drive, intelligence, and abilities, regardless of the, by now, worn-thin ‘white privilege’ assumption.


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