Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #31

Fossil vs. fossil.  Announced by the U.S. EPA at the COP28 United Nations Climate Summit in Dubai: “On day one, President Biden restored America’s critical role as the global leader confronting climate change, and today we’ve backed up that commitment with strong action, significantly slashing methane emissions and other air pollutants that endanger communities.”  Cutting through the methane haze, this is specifically a further administration pronouncement and action aimed at handcuffing America’s oil & gas industry.  It’s the continuing destructive effort to shut down the world’s best and cleanest fossil fuel resources (natural gas & oil) with the ludicrous belief that American industry and homes can exist solely on the electricity produced by wind and solar, penalizing our citizens and harming our economy.  For political purposes, if it’s got to be renewables, then the only sensible source is nuclear.

Sounding more like the dictator he seems to want to be, in order to get his way on everything, now of all options, Mr. Biden has actually used the nation’s Cold War-era “Defense Production Act” (1950), “to award an ‘historic’ $169-million for nine projects across 15 sites nationwide in an effort to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing (i.e., ‘green energy technologies’).  And as is always claimed when handing out mega-millions of taxpayer dollars, such an ‘investment’ “will create thousands of high-quality, good-paying manufacturing jobs.”  Whatever the ‘investment,’ inevitably, the government says there will be ‘good paying’ jobs created, while never mentioning the likelihood that for all those new jobs, existing manufacturing jobs will be lost within non-green industries (in this case, that would be natural gas-powered appliance producers!).  Said the White House: “Today’s Defense Production Act funds for heat pump manufacturing shows that President Biden is treating climate change as the crisis it is.”  Well, no it isn’t. That’s just the political excuse for spending another huge wad of America’s money for something that isn’t necessary.  A totally inappropriate use of an Act meant strictly for the projected wartime protection of America and our security. Stepping over this line reminds us of Mr. Biden’s earlier decision to drain down to about half lever our national petroleum reserves (meant strictly for major national emergencies) to supposedly lower gas prices at the pump during the pandemic.  That self-inflating act made hardly a dent in pump prices, and worse yet, those nation-critical petroleum reserves have never yet been refilled (and now at higher fuel prices!). Makes you wonder who’s really driving this train and shudder to discover the actual long-term, liberal politics-gone-wild, goal.  Tell you what, it’s not electric heat pumps!  Most certainly, it’s all about ultimate power over the citizens he was elected to serve, not control!

Climbing on to the alleged ‘climate control’ bandwagon (horse-drawn only, of course) at the UN climate summit, U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry “having already pledged to close down all U.S. coal power plants, has committed to slashing the nation’s emissions from cooling-related products in the battle against man-made global warming.”  Believe it or not, by ‘cooling-related products,” he actually means home air conditioners and refrigerators! So now, your always-in-our-best-interest federal government is talking about forcing all home-owners to toss out their current natural gas powered, or just simply older/inefficient household appliances, as determined by government experts, and have Americans buy new all-electric replacements, at higher prices, those replacements, mind you, manufactured by using the only reliable power sources available: fossil fuels!

And while we’re seemingly talking about eventual forced expenditures with your money, either directly, or via the federal government on your behalf (your tax money), at that same Dubai climate summit, the Biden administration has just committed an additional $3-billion of your dollars to the UN’s Green Climate Fund “to help developing countries fight climate change.”  This is in addition to Mr. Biden’s recent past “signature climate law,” the Inflation Reduction Act (grossly misnamed, by the way) from which $370-billion taxpayer dollars “went toward Biden’s green energy initiatives aimed at curbing climate change.”  You’ll notice that all of these exorbitant ‘green’ expenditures aimed at solving the climate change ‘crisis,” both in the U.S. and apparently throughout the world, make the assumption that there really is some kind of urgent climate change emergency.  Some nations around the world have doubts about this, but sadly not ours.  The alleged climate crisis will be looked at more closely in a future posting.

But for now, on that note, long-time climate ‘Town Crier’ Al Gore maintains that there is now “a global mental health crisis because young people (realize) that we are not yet solving the climate crisis.”  Well, that settles it.  If we would just get off our billion-dollar butts and solve the climate control issue, the mental health crisis among our younger citizens would be resolved. And they could then live happily ever after, predicts our Dr. Gore.  One assumes, then, that, sadly, for our middle age & older Americans with mental problems, they would apparently be out of the cure bubble and left on their own to cope.

Do remember that there is always a huge amount of money to be made by activists and advocates who lead the charge for climate control expenditures and end-of-our-world talk, with or without solutions.

And as you might expect, with all of the federal government spending, last year and this, America’s national budget has been battered.  “As a share of the economy, last year’s $2-trillion in overspending (fiscal ’22 – ’23) was the highest in U.S. history – ever – outside times of war, national emergency or recession, per the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.” So called Bidenomics “played a major role, since its reckless spending deepened the budget hole and supercharged inflation.” Our national debt is now $33-trillion, meaning that “the feds must spend $659-billion annually on interest alone, up 39% from the year before.”  One of our long-time Treasury bond purchasers, a key source of additional funding beyond taxes, China, can’t help us as much now, since that nation’s economy is currently facing its own challenges. Easy to say, but seemingly impossible to do with this administration, sooner rather than later, our national expenditures must be cut…. by a lot.

And next, a series of nonsense happenings……….  For instance, our Department of Homeland Security has issued a directive requiring our great Border Patrol agents to use ‘preferred pronouns’ and gender-neutral language for all persons they encounter, presumably to include illegal migrants. We have tens of thousands of illegals from all over the world invading America daily, and the DHS concern is for our agents to use proper pronouns!  One level-headed group posted this follow-up text: “We just obtained CBP documents directing personnel to only use woke language when encountering individual invading the United States.”  Lunacy reins.

Believe it or not, on this past Thanksgiving, many low-income residents of housing facilities run by the New York City Housing Authority failed to receive their promised free Thanksgiving dinner.  And the ridiculous reason why: Well, it seems hundreds of illegal aliens were in line ahead of our low-income citizens causing many of the latter to fail to receive their promised dinner.  In line with seeming administration policy, illegals before our own citizens.  As with the apparent administration dislike for America, a very uncomforting thought, along with way too many of our ungrateful college student/graduates, also having seeming preference for the rest of the world.  Except, of course, when that outer world preference stops with our only true ally in the Middle East: Israel.

Apparently needing more sleep, new glasses, or a CT scan, a former NSA and CIA chief recently chose to bad-mouth conservatives in a big way by claiming that Americans who own firearms are “no different” from Hamas terrorists.  He had other things to say, but he is so off-base when it comes to reality, any more of his thoughts are not worth your time or mine.

And on the sore subject of excessive (wasteful) administration expenditures, two years ago, extreme EV advocate, Mr. Biden, got (i.e., forced) Congress to spend $7.5-billion to construct a nationwide network of EV charging stations along our major interstate highways.  You’ll be delighted to know that. To date, not a single charging station has been built under that outrageous expenditure. Meanwhile, automobile manufacturers, noting the lack of buyer interest, are cutting back on their EV production.  Right now, buyers are showing purchase preference for hybrids!

You’ll most certainly be excited to know that over 90% of female students majoring in Gender Studies at Yale received A grades in recent semesters.  By comparison, mathematics students receiving A grades were somewhat more in line with reality at 55.18%, although still high, likely in line with the sky-high tuition required by Ivy League schools. A reason cited for the Gender Studies flood of A’s was the “COVID effect,” considered to have still been an inhibiting factor, now two years after the peak!  And this will make you feel even better, “as of 2021, there were over 180,000 cultural and gender studies majors in the U.S.”  That’s pretty darn scary considering the employment market for such “scholars.” Although it won’t happen, all “Studies” majors should be abolished. They are misleading naïve students seeking an easy and unneeded course of study with an extremely limited, lower-paying, employment reality.

Last and no doubt least for this edition of Four-B’s, a woman in Wisconsin was about to undergo an MRI exam, when she ended up with a “single gunshot wound to the buttocks.” No, not from an impatient medical technician.  It seems she failed to admit to, and then forgot to remove from her clothing, the gun she had lied about having.  Hard to believe perhaps, but the weapon apparently got close enough to the MRI, allowing the machine’s strong magnet to apparently, and unbelievably, actually pull the trigger.  Don’t know how her MRI turned out, if they even let her do it, but you’ll want to know that the outcome was a “small and superficial” entry and exit wound to her butt.  Result:  One very dumb woman, and shocked MRI technicians who now had one heck of a story to tell when they arrived home.  How was your day, Honey?


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