Bonkers, Blather, Blunders and Buffoons #28

According to a recent Pew Poll, “trust in the federal government is near a 70-year low, with Americans saying they’re exhausted by the division and disgusted with both major political parties.”  Within this poll, 65% of our citizens say that “they are always or often feel exhausted when thinking about politics; 55% say they feel angry.”  When thinking about national politics today, the two most common words this poll revealed that come to mind are “divisive and corrupt.”  Younger Americans (18-29) are not exceptionally fond of either party, with almost 40% not keen on both parties, which compares to just 16% of our older voters, aged 65+, who responded being unhappy with both parties. Additionally, “more than 8 in 10 Americans agreed that Republicans and Democrats are more focused on fighting each other than on solving problems.”

This is far from a positive or heartening national feeling about those elected and serving within our current political system. Thus is a reflection on too many of the 4B’s (title of this post) “acting” on our behalf currently.  But, beyond the House and Senate membership, it also reflects a basic dislike and distrust of the current ultra-liberal administration, that is leading (and spending) us down the negative road to despair and deep concern about the health of our near-term future as a free and independent nation. In that regard, it is critical for Republicans to win both the White House and the Senate in November 2024. Meanwhile, can we safely and sanely exist until then?

A small Texas town, Eagle Pass, saw its population swamped in just one day, as close to 4,000 migrants, and counting, illegally enter America via their town.  This was characterized by a journalist on the scene as a “massive” group, entering both by land and via water. Most in this group were apparently from Venezuela, which creates yet another problem for us, since most in this newly arriving group were single males, which in terms of anticipated behavior, not for all but certainly for some, this is not a positive. Texted the reporting journalist observing this particular group of seemingly non-stop arrivals: “More are still crossing right now. Never ending line coming in. No fear of consequences for crossing illegally.  They expect to be released into the U.S. after processing.”  Yes siree, let’s just keep releasing those probable, at-best, service-industry-job qualified, non-English-speaking, totally long-term financially and care-dependent, mostly single men, into our country so they can continually tap into our Federal Treasury for basic support.  This is the absurd nation-tarnishing, anti-America, illegality and absurdity of Mr. Biden’s incomprehensible open border travesty. This is the “basic transformation of America idea” proposed by Mr. Obama to cure our nation, we now realize, of its too many “whites” disease.  And so, thank you for that, to both gentlemen, for their ultra-liberal beliefs, striving for an eventual interconnected world order, controlled by Socialist elites, leaving our sacred democracy and freedom to be damned.

The State of Pennsylvania has joined 23 other states (mostly “blue”) by instituting automatic voter registration. This means that when a resident, hopefully a citizen, applies for, or renews, a PA driver’s license, they are automatically registered to vote in that state. That’s fine, within those 24 states, just as long as people applying for a driver’s license are, in fact, U.S. citizens.  And that’s the key issue.  With states now allowing non-citizens (mostly, now, illegal migrants) to obtain driver’s licenses, generally for work, where is the control over who, then, actually votes?  The fear is that non-citizens, with driver’s licenses and photo ID’s, will be able to slide through the ultimate on-site (or worse, drop boxes or mail-in balloting) voting centers.  And any non-American who is allowed to vote effectively dilutes the vote of a legitimate American. Not surprisingly, California (pretty certain) was the first state to tie vote registration to obtaining a driver’s license. Many of the now-highly-questionable voting shenanigans got their inventive start in California, as most of us have long known. Handing out the right to vote in U.S. federal elections, along with a state driver’s license, demands heightened scrutiny on election day, and well before.  The question, and deep concern, then becomes whether legitimate U.S. citizens are, in fact, the only ones actually voting in our federal elections?

The Biden administration has announced a 50-year ban on mining and drilling for oil within over 4,000 acres of land in New Mexico.  This U.S. Bureau of Land Management dictate was designed, say they: “to protect, preserve, and promote the scenic integrity, cultural important recreational values, and wildlife habitat connectivity within the region.”  All perhaps very laudable on the surface, except that the real reason for the banning of mining and drilling there is simply a part of the continued move and desire on the part of this administration to eventually eliminate fossil fuel availability in America.

But there actually is some good news with regard to oil and gas drilling, this time in the Gulf of Mexico. The administration was taken to task over what had appeared to the court to be “weaponizing wildlife protection laws in order to block drilling.”  A federal court just “struck down the administration’s last-minute restrictions on an upcoming offshore oil and gas lease sale.” Judge James Cain (Western District of Louisiana) granted a temporary injunction.  These lease sales impacting millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico were imminent, so the injunction was very timely.  Hopefully more such court interventions will take place to hamper, or preferably end, the administration’s dream of completely eliminating the oil and gas industry in America.

The U.S. Justice Department has filed suit against Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. “The lawsuit alleges that SpaceX has routinely discouraged asylum seekers and refugees from applying and refused to consider them, because of their citizenship status, in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”  Well, folks, SpaceX is a highly technical and no doubt highly classified enterprise, as for instance: “rockets are advanced weapons technology”. Frankly, most conservatives (and hopefully others) would agree with Musk’s stand on hiring only qualified American citizens (or lawful permanent residents known as ‘green card holders’).  It is not his job to offer employment to individuals entering our country illegally, if that’s at the heart of the administration’s issue here. For highly qualified legal immigrants, however, there may be other issues here impacting the intent of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  It is well known that Mr. Biden does not like Mr. Musk, which is no doubt a compelling factor in this anti-Musk government lawsuit.  As it stands, bravo to Elon Musk for holding the line on justifiably hiring at SpaceX only highly qualified U.S. citizens or legitimate ‘green card holders.’ Security for America is a fundamental, vitally import factor, both in this instance and forever! Personal administration grips have no standing or merit whatsoever when it comes to the basics of protecting our nation.

And, finally, this note about the unsettling citizen personal safety status in Oakland, California.  The situation there has apparently gotten so bad that “police have advised resident to use air horns to alert neighbors to intruders and to add security bars to their door and windows.”  Don’t bother calling the severely challenged, post-“defund-movement” police.  Instead, simply sound an air horn!!  A challenging police-response situation that has, not surprisingly, had an expected negative effect on many long-time residents. Said one life-long Oakland resident forced now to move to another area or state due to serious personal safety concerns: “I love Oakland…I can’t take it anymore. I got to the point (where) I was too scared to leave my house. A serious lesson from this, and no doubt other, liberal-led communities who thought it a really good idea to “defund” their police, losing many now badly needed officers as a result.  For those remaining Oakland residents this advice. If concerned, then, about your safety at home, simply sound an Air Horn to alert your neighbors about actual or possible intruders in the area.  There, that should do it. Problem solved!  Sadly, as we all know, Oakland isn’t the only liberal-led city now being overrun by serious crime.


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