Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #20

Typically, there would be more time between the Quad-B’s postings, but the administration and others have been so busy blundering, in the holiday spirit, that the stack was getting higher than Santa’s derriere. So here we go…….

The on-going damaging invasion of illegal migrants in our country has grown by the day, and will soon grow menacingly higher when Title 42 ends. But despite the continuing rampage of illegals, a Center for Immigration Studies report indicates that, under the Biden administration, deportations of illegals convicted or, or arrested for, crimes have decreased by 71% over previous administration totals.  This means that not only are overall illegal migrant entries surging beyond belief (and beyond our realistic ability to effectively deal with them), but that this see-no-evil Biden team is apparently knowingly allowing more arrested or suspected criminals to enter (or remain) in our nation.  This is dangerous beyond belief and a major disservice to our citizens who, reasonably and understandably, seek safety and security in their lives.

This ties in with the end date for Title 42, which seems to be our only current effective means of turning illegals back to Mexico or other country of origin.  As discussed at length in my previous post on Title 42, this administration is neither doing anything (in court) to get this key provision extended nor indicating a firm plan to in some way replace it with something broader and effective in dealing with our legal right to protect our southern border from improper migrant entry. And there’s a reason for the inaction and lack of any publicized plan: the Biden administration has no intention to try to stop the increasing flow of migrants.  Because this is exactly what the administration wants to happen.  This is totally purposeful. They want America flooded with non-citizens, bereft of needed skills, our national language, and our culture, coming here totally dependent on the marvelous, taxpayer-provided Land of Free Stuff.

UPDATEOn Monday, December 19th, the Supreme Court has issued a “stay” keeping Title 42 temporarily active and in place.  It was previously scheduled to fully terminate on Wednesday, December 21st.

The Biden team, and those behind the curtain pulling his strings, should be ashamed of what they’re doing to our economy and our nation, with these now millions upon millions of financially dependent men, women and children, with the last two groups, at least, very likely to remain unemployed, at least for the near future.  This administration continues to show that it could care less about the cost of taking in these multiple-millions, along with the safety/security of our people and nation.  It certainly appears that they don’t see our America in their forward gaze, but rather one consisting more and more of, by dictate, future asylam-ites by the millions, who then can become future citizens, leading finally to that huge mega-wad of grateful and still-dependent Democrat voters.

It seems obvious, given our domestic problems of border/energy/crime/education/inflation etc., that the Biden group certainly appears not to really care at all about our America, now or in the future. For them, the Democrat-Progressive-Socialists, our America of today is headed for something totally different tomorrow.  Something different that doesn’t involve our great Constitution, our system of laws, our religions, our freedoms, our unlimited opportunities, and our personal & national independence, as we trade our precious sovereignty to potentially become just another dominated, take-a-number nation, ruled over by the hoped-for coming globalist elites. The Biden administration has clearly demonstrated, from Day One, that it does not see or value the rights or needs of America FIRST (e.g., southern border; dominant, war-ready, non-woke military; energy independence; current green insanity; Afghanistan’s disastrous, respect & reputation-killing withdrawal, etc.).  For this assembled group of, by their continuing actions, apparent non-U.S. patriots, it is always their own, self-centered destructive, rogue, party politic desires that come first, and then what’s best for America falling someplace down the line after that.

For loyal, caring, and patriotic, traditional Americans, we’re being forced to witness (and experience) this collective and personal, continually unraveling and revealing, freedom & security tragedy of epic proportions, that only future elections can possibly correct.  Right now, we Americans are living within a damaged, diminished, and increasingly repressive, elite-ruled nation, being dictated by personal political whim, and not for the welfare and benefit of all U.S. citizens.

How in the world did we end up with a national leader who chooses to do nothing meaningful to stop illegal migrant entries (estimated 5-million+ illegals have entered in these last two years), and to stop the flow of fentanyl, especially, smuggled in through our southern border (killing many thousands of young Americans annually).  Well, I think we more and more may have our suspicions as to how that could have happened to us, as more thought and investigative work surfaces. And it could turn out that the word for the cause of this damaging leadership selection might just be a five-letter word beginning with the letter F and ending with D.

And now, on to the principal cause of our nation’s inflationary turmoil, the White House spend-a-thon, with Congressional assist, which intends to spend even more of our taxpayer, and freshly printed, U.S. dollars, digging our national debt ever deeper. Pertaining to the previous subject, our effectively open border, the administration now wants $3-billion to hire more Border and ICE agents.  This is far too little, too late.  By court order, the Title 42 provision terminates on December 21st!  There is no way to beef up the border security that quickly, as any sane person knows.  The only stop-gap measure would be one by rapid Congressional action or a deadline “stay” from a court.

Then, Mr. Biden proposes to send $8-billion in newly printed or taxpayer dollars to South Africa as incentive to shut down that nation’s coal mines.  Here we go with the anti-fossil fuel “green” nonsense again, only this time planning to send money to another nation within whose national borders and business we do not belong. A Sky News reporter referred to this funding proposal as “Weapons-grade lunacy… As if South Africans Haven’t suffered enough with unreliable energy.” And isn’t Congress the branch that authorizes expenditures vs. Executive edict?

Oh, and now, on the subject of the entire continent of Africa, at a recent conference of African leaders, Mr. Biden pledged $55-billion “in investment to the continent.”  This as he apologized for the “unimaginable cruelty of slavery,” which he called America’s “original sin.”  So, then, unconscionable slavery, which was, of course wrong, and which we fought a Civil War to end, was somehow solely America’s fault, forgetting where those to-be-indentured men and women originally came from, and that slavery still exists within some nations, yet today.

Despite all of the past and proposed spending by this White House (Congressional assist in some cases), with inflation now near a 40-year high, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen found it convenient to blame it, in part, not on the government’s two-year spend-a-thon, but rather on we Americans.  Yellen stated, (paraphrasing) that the Biden administration “managed the COVID-19 pandemic so well that consumers felt comfortable ‘splurging’ on goods.” Search, if you will, for some factual truth and logic in that explanation.  Who, by the way, invoked the “thunder run” high-speed development of our first COVID vaccines in unbelievably record time?  Oh, let’s see.  Perhaps the former national leader who was never credited for that miracle by this administration.

Oh, and by the way, not to be confused with the far more expensive issue of student loan “forgiveness,” with Mr. Biden now ordering another extension of freedom from student loan repayments until June 2023, this is estimated to be costing the government loaners about $5-billion each month that the repayment extension remains in place (and he could extend it again next year). Said a spokesman for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “Every time we extend this, it’s going to worsen the inflation outlook.” Think back to the incentive to “splurge” on goods. Wrapping up this focus on the Biden administration, commentator Stephen Moore offered the following assessment: “Joe Biden has become America’s ‘it’s not my fault’ president. Whether it’s the inflation, the border, the crime issue, the gas prices, the Afghanistan exit fiasco, or the stock market (falling), Biden has become an expert at pointing the finger at someone else.”

This next figure will quite likely not surprise you. According to a recent study, of the 30 U.S. cities with the highest murder rates,  27 of them (90%) are under Democrat leadership!  Wrote the study’s authors: “It is not hard to understand why reforms such as ending cash bail, defunding the police, refusing to prosecute entire categories of crimes, letting thousands of convicted felons out of prison early, significantly cutting the prison population, and other progressive ideas have led to massive spikes in crime –particularly violent crime, including murder – in the communities where those on the Left have implemented them.”

On the subject of going wobbly on murderers, out-going Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown announced this past week that she is commuting the sentences of her state’s 17 inmates currently on death row, changing the sentence for each from death to life without the possibility of parole.  Said the Governor from her vantage point on the Left: “I have long believed that justice is not advanced by taking a life, and the state should not be in the business of executing people – even if a terrible crime placed them in prison.”  Well, nor should thugs on our streets be in the business of “executing” innocent citizens.  Individuals convicted of the brutal, often premeditated, murder of one or more innocent persons should indeed pay for that extreme crime with their own life. Instead of, that is, being confined for endless years at taxpayer expense. And executions should be carried out within a reasonable time following sentence, not in the 15-20-years later, as witnessed in too many cases. By the way, reportedly, no one in ultra-liberal Oregon has been executed in the past 25-years.

Following the mid-term election, two new very Progressive Democrat Representatives will join their House-mates, bringing with them the belief that our prisons should be abolished. Said one of them, Rep.-elect Summer Lee (D-PA…you remember the bright-light lib voters of Pennsylvania) is said to have called for “the investments we need and deserve (to) redistribute wealth, end police violence, abolish the carceral (wokie term for prisons) state, commit to building Black-directed political power…and reparations.” Well, let’s see is there anything else our self-serving Progressives would like to eliminate so as to turn society into complete and deadly chaos?  Some of the clan prefer both a prison AND a police-free society. This type of thinking (being kind to call it thinking) is asinine, totally irresponsible, and obviously dangerous beyond civil belief.  Oh, and let’s add “reparations” to the list, for the sins of 200-300-years ago.  When are we going to grow up and stop judging often-accepted actions of centuries ago on the basis of the people, practices, policies, and laws of today?  And for employed taxpayers: Wealth redistribution, instead of working, anyone?

Finally for this edition, a practice you may not be aware of, and one that seems to be increasingly in use amidst the populace of our northern neighbor, Canada. That practice is termed “medical assistance in dying.” In plainer language, ending one’s life with government permission. Canadian army veteran and Paralympian, Christine Gautier, a gold medal winner, is confined to a wheelchair.  With health service in Canada controlled by the government, she has been trying for five years to get them to provide a chairlift for her home.  At one point, reportedly, a Canadian official wrote to her suggesting that if her life was so difficult, and if she was so desperate, “the government would help her to kill herself.” It appears that in Canada there is now a legal government euthanasia option for those suffering with severe mental illness or debilitating and painful physical infirmities. Last year, over 10,000 people are said to have chosen that option, with Canadian government approval.

Meanwhile, here in America, ten states and the District of Columbia now allow doctor-assisted suicide: California, Colorado, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Washington (state), New Mexico, and Montana. In extreme cases, this could possibly be a humanitarian ‘out’ for persons suffering acutely. Clearly, this is complicated decision-making for both patient and family. But this is another reason, admittedly a rare one, for the continuation in our country of largely privately-practiced health care, although government oversight and regulatory control will no doubt remain and grow, as the scourge of medical (and overall) Socialism here continues with its elite backers desire, in some quarters, to spread, even further with its intrusion into our freedom-loving, capitalism-supporting, insurance-assisting, private-medical-care-desiring  private lives.


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