Bonkers, Blather, & Blunders #3

It’s amazing, or today, perhaps predictable, that the stack of Triple-B entries builds up faster than either Reassuring News or Smart Talk.  And too much of it starts or ends with D.C.

Speaking of D.C., an activist speaking at a “Jail Killer Cops” rally at “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in Washington, reportedly said the following at that event: “We’ve been protesting for a really long time.  How much longer can we protest and march in the streets before we are ready, really ready, to get blood on their hands because one of these days, it’s going to have to come to that.  Referring to the need for change, the speaker continued: “Bringing about that change in not going to always be pretty, and it’s not going to be peaceful.  I don’t condemn (those) who loot, I support them for looting.  I support people who take matters in their own hands.  If you want to set something on fire, go do that.”  He then went on with this support of lawlessness, but you get the drift and intent.  With big-tech social site political blockages in mind, along with public speech to be reported on by media, seems the First Amendment doesn’t really apply to both sides of the ideology equation, even to the point of sometimes seemingly approving, or at least providing a platform for, the voices from the pro-violence side.

And while we’re on the anti-police / pro-violent disruption side, another activist tweeted her non-civil action thoughts at some point during the George Floyd trial: “I’m definitely in the camp of defending rioting and looting as a legitimate, politically-informed response to state (i.e., police) violence. Far from making the argument people think it does, the hand-wringing over property damage and looting in situations like this only highlights how this society treats Black people as less than human. The police are simultaneously damaging property during a riot they incited, but that is deemed acceptable.”  That last line’s a beauty.  The riot “they incited.” And, shame on those law enforcement officers for trying to enforce the law, by protecting people and property during a “riot,” at the very real risk to their own lives and safety.  And by the way, show us the property being “damaged” by police out on their own.  Oh, and “this society treats Black people as less than human”?  That would mean being treated like animals.  Happens in other areas of the world every day, regrettably, but not here in America.  Sadly, there may always be isolated incidents carried out by deranged individual(s), but not as a societal standard, as seems to be claimed.  Simply more totally misguided speech (“defending rioting”) from those thinking we could get along just fine without the police!

Since we’re on the false America is “racist” roll, shucks, let’s hear some more. This one is a bit beyond belief.  More about this woman after you read just the first paragraph of her “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman.”  She writes: “Dear God, Please help me to hate White people.  Or at least to want to hate them.  At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively.  I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.”  OK, I’ll spare you the rest.  But, as promised, you need to know that this lady has the letters Ph.D. after her name.  And she is a college professor.  In fact, she is an associate professor of practical theology.  One must presume that her academic specialty is as opposed to impractical theology. And one would have to feel sorry for any white students in her classes, unless this was all merely poetic, and she actually doesn’t mean a word of it in the real world.  But if we assume she was quite serious about her prose, can there be any question that racism, as we know, goes both ways?  Quite sad, really.  If she feels this strongly about hatred for white people, should she really be teaching and influencing college students?  And doing it in, of all disciplines, a theology program!

We’ll continue with this edition of Evil & Hate-Filled America with, of all things, the words reportedly spoken by Mrs. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the recently-confirmed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations who, on a recent CBS “Face The Nation” telecast, is said to have stated the following: “Racism does exist in this country.  I think if we are going to be a voice around the globe for raising the issue of human rights, we cannot whitewash our own issues in our own country.”  Then, at a live conference appearance, she reportedly continued with her line of thinking: “I have personally experienced one of America’s greatest imperfections.  I have seen myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”  This is the person who now represents America to the UN world body, unloading the wagon on her personal perception of ‘racism’ in our nation.  And up again comes the misnomer of ‘white supremacy,’ which is becoming as over-used and generic, with as little real meaning any more as the term ‘racism.’

The Wall Street Journal editorial board responded to her statements, in part, that she seemed to be ignoring: “American progress on race since the founding, such as the Civil War that ended slavery or the civil-rights movement.  Ms. Thomas-Greenfield seems to believe her job is to bring critical race theory to the world, with special focus on criticizing her own country.”  Former U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, reportedly referred to her remarks as “reprehensible.” Said he: “America is a noble place. I heard our ambassador to the United Nations…talk about our founding as fundamentally corrupt and flawed and not noble and good.  I couldn’t disagree more.”

Switching from perceived racism, at long last, to perceived lack of at least one element of basic patriotism, the University of Virginia Student Council rejected a proposal from one of its members to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings.  Rather, as it was reported, “The Student council begins each meeting with an acknowledgement that the university sits on the native land of (the) Monacan Nation and that many of UVA’s first buildings were built by slaves,” and then goes on to “acknowledge” past injustices.  Yep, let’s just continue to dredge-up elements and admitted wrongs from um-teen decades & centuries back, emphasizing only negatives, like occupying land (which white folks and others did from coast-to-coast, for the record) and slavery, of course, rather than focusing on today’s potential for good, for possibilities to achieve, in the finest, most successful, freest-for-all nation the world has ever known.  It’s just so much easier, and fulfilling, for the non-patriots, the non-grateful, the ‘victims’ in their own minds, to focus on evil whites and our nation as an awful place to be, with apparently their collegiate-implanted vision of Socialism-Marxist as the only’ just’ system, the gnawing incessant wail of the woefully naïve and uniformed.  May their distorted dreams never become our reality.  And notice, as much as some complain about what an awful place America is, none ever leave…despite our wishes that they would.

And on a completely different education story, the founder of a charter school network and former education adviser to Mr. Obama’s administration, has been arrested and charged with allegedly embezzling over $200,000 from that same charter school network in order to get, it’s been reported, a lower interest rate on a home loan.  The individual charged is a white male.  Likely he’ll either end up in prison, on lengthy probation with an order to pay-back the money, or perhaps he’ll just get him one of them ‘white supremacy’ get-and-stay-out-of-jail-free cards.

In late April, going against the favorable trend of several states tightening-up their voting policies and procedures, the Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, reportedly vetoed two of her legislature’s election integrity bills, claiming that they were “designed to disenfranchise Kansas voters; it’s a solution,” said she, “to a problem that doesn’t exist in Kansas” (i.e., vote fraud).  Yes, and Santa really does bring presents down chimneys throughout America. This will not shock you as she parrots her party’s prescribed talking points on this issue: the Governor is a…wait for it…Democrat.

By the way, on the subject of one of the improvements states are attempting to make in the voting system, that is, requiring a valid photo ID in order to vote, a very recent Fox News Poll shows the sentiment among legal voters out there is quote clear.  Among Republican voters, the support is 95%.  It’s now 60% among Democrats, and 76% for Independent voters.

We’ll finish this #3 edition of B, B, & B with a quote that will make you feel even more comfortable about the nation’s choice for chief executive. In a recent and rare session in front of live news reporters, after talking about mask-wearing and vaccinations, and apparently taking just a couple of “shouted” reporter questions, he suddenly said: “I’m sorry. This is the last question I’ll take. I’m really gonna be in trouble.”  As a reminder, he’s the president.  In trouble with whom?  For what?  Out after curfew?  The answer, of course, is that he doesn’t always do well in an unscripted setting.  Misstatements have been known to occur when he (rarely) speaks off the cuff. Enough said.


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