Bonfire of the Lefties

The leftwing chorus, along with their national media soulmates, are fanning the flames of the fire they’ve purposely set regarding the practice, prescribed by Congressional law, that now-illegal children are to be separated from their now-illegal parent(s) when they have entered our country illegally and the adult(s) are being held for prosecution. This situation has so many elements to it that it’s tough to know where to start.

So let’s start with the left-wing’s preference for referring to illegals as simply “immigrants.” That’s a semantic game, meant to woo those Americans not yet committed to the left’s philosophical encampment. If you enter the United States without Federal documentation granting that right, you have broken Federal law and, as such, you are an illegal immigrant. America has always welcomed immigrants who have entered through our “front door.” That is, who have come here the proper way, by applying for entry, receiving the necessary documentation to stay, and with the usual intention of eventually becoming a United States citizen. Those individuals are legally permitted immigrants. Those who enter without such are illegal ones, whether liberals like the term or not.

The Trump Administration is being hammered, unfairly, for upholding Congressional law, that dictates separating children from their illegal entrant parent(s) who have been arrested at the border and have been designated for Federal prosecution for their violation of U.S. law. Separating children from their parent(s) at the border, under prosecutable circumstances for the adult(s), has been the law since President George W. Bush signed it. Former President Obama imposed the legally-prescribed practice as well. But President Trump has made no exceptions to the law, adopting “zero tolerance” unlike his predecessor (“Catch & Release”), and for that reason, he is being verbally pounded by the usual liberals in Hollywood, transmitted nationally and internationally by the liberal’s media bunkmates more than happy to spread the rants.

And lest we forget, when U.S. citizens are arrested and detained, if they are parent(s), they too are separated from their children, who are either sent to relatives if available, or placed under the care of child protective services. So child separation is not some new, viewed as purposely cruel, action. It happens here, daily, whenever a parent(s) is arrested and detained for judicial review.

Child separation resulting from illegal border crossing is, no question, a thorny problem, and one that invokes understandable sympathy from caring Americans. But in this current case and uproar, you must understand, the President is simply applying the law as Congress has established it. A nation with laws that are not followed or enforced is no longer a nation, or certainly no longer a free one.

And complications do arise from the hard, tabulated fact that there are actually many children detained at the border who were actually sent here alone! What parent in their right mind sends a child alone into a foreign country? Would an American parent send a child into Mexico or Canada alone, and without that government’s permission, to then be stopped and detained? Highly unlikely.  However, in this current, and seemingly on-going practice, the stay-behind parent’s end goal would seem to be a variation of the “anchor baby” concept, whereby, via “chain migration,” the parent(s) of said child would ultimately be permitted to come to the U.S. and, wrongly for both child and adult, allowed to stay.

Another identified problem is with an adult(s), crossing illegally, claiming to be to be a child’s parent, but in reality, may not be, hoping then to be “reunited,” and permitted to stay. The suggestion is being made now that DNA tests be administered to determine legitimate parentage. The scientific results of that process takes time, so that is not an effective short-term solution to identifying fake parents.

Fanned by the left, while failing to admit that the situation is, indeed, resulting from a no-exceptions application of the law, and the fact that President Obama also separated children from parent(s) after border detention, all conveniently overlooked by the left fawning national media, the child separation situation is, right now, a mess. A legally prescribed one, but, regardless, a mess.

Congress will likely move quickly to impose legal corrections to their law, if that’s even possible, with a Democrat side eager to let the President swing in the breeze, backed by their attached-at-the-hip media cheerleaders, with a Fall election approaching. The whole uproar is a ploy to generate more Democratic votes, through widening sympathy for the plight of the separated children among non-committed voters, and mothers especially.

Much of the push for the mass publicizing of this separation issue, ridiculously likening the treatment of the separated children to a “concentration camp” environment, is coming from the Open Borders crowd. Cease to have borders, and you cease to have a nation, or at least a free one, which is of course what the One World types say they want. Those who seriously believe that a “ya’ll come” no borders policy is the best course for America, first of all, do not love or even care about our nation, its history, rights, traditions, and freedoms, and secondly, to be polite, they are absolute imbeciles, with no earthly idea that what they are proposing would ruin our cherished democratic republic. One only needs to look at what has become of Germany, and other West European countries to see what unlimited migration does to crime, to lost national character, and to the eventually bankrupting of those pro-socialist welfare states.

But the bottom line is this: The fault here is not President Trump’s Administration. They are simply enforcing Congressional law (a fact that the media purposely ignore, blaming, instead, voluntary Presidential actions). The sole blame, here, goes to the parent(s) or other adults, who cross our southern border illegally, putting young children into a separation circumstance, when the illegal adults are detained for Federal law violation prosecution. This is the point the media will not make. And all the more reason to build a structurally-sound wall along much of our Southern border. Regardless of method, something substantial must be done to stop the flow of illegals into this country.

Note: As of this writing, President Trump is preparing, and has now issued, executive orders aimed at easing or solving the child separation issue, while maintaining strict control over undocumented entry to our country, as current Congressional law dictates.  It appears that his Orders will allow children to remain in detention facilities WITH their parent(s).  Money will be allocated to provide suitable family facilities. While Congressional action to back up the Presidential order is preferred, regrettably it appears that Democrat leadership in the Senate has decided not to provide the necessary votes for corrective action.

As it now turns out, give them a problem-solving inch and they demand a mile. It seems that Senate Democrats are not the least bit satisfied with President Trump’s humane executive orders. They persist in wanting no detention at all for illegal immigrants, but rather open borders. These Democrats have gone hard left, apparently preferring ruination of our country by an unceasing flow of low-skilled, non-English-speaking migrants, who will bankrupt our already pressured welfare system, in order to secure more Democratic voters for the future (by proclaiming them at some point vote-eligible?). What kind of a country will be left for that future?