The Blowhards Blow Harder (Part 2)

Do anything right and proper for the good of our nation, and President Trump gets dumped on, as always.  The President approved the killing of Iraq’s mastermind, murderous terrorist, Soleimani, and, yet again, the progressive-socialist-adoring blowhards, added by their media cuddle-buddies, let it rip.  And since they can’t approve of anything the President does, even though all that he has done, to date,  has always been for the good of the nation, they find themselves seemingly, foolishly, supporting our lethal enemy, Iran.  Even to the point where the Democrats in the House actually voting down a resolution that “would have condemned the Government of Iran for killing 1,500 Iranian citizens who were protesting their government, as well as condemning the Government of Iran for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 people.”  Showing their anti-Trump / anti-America true colors, down to defeat went that purely symbolic effort. The repetitive lesson for the President: Protect Americans, get hammered.

Understandably upset over the aircraft shoot-down, with a sizeable number of Canadians on board, Prime Minister Trudeau implied that the loss was, at least in part, America’s fault, due to the very recent U.S. drone vaporization of Soleimani. Said Trudeau: “I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families.”

Could the President get us into a war with Iran?  “Yes, obviously he could.  I mean he almost did!” stated John Kerry, who went on to proclaim that “we are in a dangerous place, and I think people know that.” So the former secretary of state, who was certainly aware of the gifting of billions of America’s dollars to Iran, in hopes that the Mullahs would play nice with their ever-threatening nuclear plans, was now unhappy because the President took-out Iran’s terror king, stirring the hornet’s nest, while saving untold numbers of terror-vulnerable lives.

And from academia, where, sadly, progressivism is abundantly alive and well, and, all too often, will not tolerate any opposing thought, just like most such regimes, now, emerges a Big Ten university professor, who states that “we have a mad bomber in the White House…and one who has had Iran under the severest economic blockade in modern history.”  Yes, a President who, for once, actually cares about defending and saving American military lives, and those of others (compared, for instance, with Benghazi), authorizes the “bombing” of an international terrorist-in-chief and several associates, with zero collateral civilian casualties.  Oh, the horror of his good judgment! And then for this professor (tenured, no doubt) to take up for Iran regarding the President’s penalizing sanctions, which most rational Americans would much prefer to a shooting war.  Class dismissed.

Then, of course, our lib-til-we-die entertainers, and their west and east coast chorus of apologists, who are among the most petulant of Trump haters.  Case in point, savvy political observer, Cher Bono, who recently declared via Twitter that President Trump is “a traitor to America like no other in history.”  This presumes that she has, of course, scoured the pages of truthful, factual American history to reach her conclusion that the President is, without question, the worst traitor, and while we’re at it, let’s make that, the worst human being our proud nation has ever known.  Our thanks to Professor Cher for her non-emotional, fact-based analysis, drawn, we’re certain, from her abundant research into America’s traitors.

Continuing with entertainers, cable commentator Joy Reid, was quoted as saying: “You look at the polling on what Donald Trump has done, and rather than make people feel more comfortable, it’s made people more anxious.  Do people feel safer after the strike on Iran?  They feel less safe.  Everything he does makes people feel worse.”  For starters, do note the purposeful use of “Donald,” as if he’s her neighbor, rather than the more proper “President” identifier, which, no doubt, I because he’s not our actual, legitimate, President. Oh, and by the way, the President’s authorized “strike” was in Iraq, not “on Iran.” And done at a time and location where collateral damage would be avoided.  And what was the liberals’ apparent friend, Soleimani, doing in Iraq?  Perhaps he was there to use up his accumulated Holiday Inn Express reward points?  Oh, and the bit about everything he does “makes people feel worse.”  You must be referring to how badly our people are feeling about massive employment gains across all races, rising wage rates, and the greatly reduced number of illegals transiting our southern border.  Yep, all of those positives really have thankful Americans feeling terrible!

And fellow cable entertainer, Lawrence O’Donnell, who was asked whether one has to lie to defend the President, was quoted as saying: “Yes, absolutely you do.  How else do you defend a liar, a pathological liar, who lies about everything.  You have to lie.” The reassuring thing for all of us is that America’s entertainers and liberal entertainment networks do not ever lie when it comes to the President, his actions, or most anything.  Scouts honor.

Returning to the west coast, our trusted font of truthfulness, entertainer Alec Baldwin decided to go a step beyond the President and lump in all of his voters as the cause of our problems. Mr. Baldwin is quoted as saying: “The desecration of (America’s) ideals and the near moral collapse of this country, falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters. It is Trump’s voters, particularly those who would re-elect him, who bear the blame…for the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans.”  So, then, the “moral collapse” of our country is not due to the excesses of liberal entertainers and politicians (honest-injin,’church-going, straight-shooters all), but rather to the vast majority of sane, nation-loving citizens, who work hard, take care of their families, and truly care about the future freedom and independence of our great country.  And then that overstated bit about the “colossal destruction of everything that matters”?  Presume he means the destruction that the President and his heinous voters have done to our economy, to historic employment gains for minority Americans, to the incredible increase in the stock market, to foreign trade break throughs, etc.  Kinda makes one sad thinking about all that destruction.

Back for a moment to liberal political types, James Carville was recently quoted as saying that President Trump was “the greatest threat this country has faced since the fall of Communism.”  Hate to nit-pick, but pretty sure “the fall of communism” was far from a threat to America, but rather a huge relief, after so many prior years of the genuine, ongoing “threat” of Soviet hostilities during the Cold War. Oh, and here we’ve been told over and over again that “climate change” was the greatest threat America was facing.  Apparently not. So, then, with the threat of both Communism and climate change now out of the way, looks like it’s finally clear sailing for America!

And then comes prominent Democrat politician, Senator Charles Schumer.  Like all of his very liberal colleagues in D.C. and elsewhere, pretty obvious that Mr. Schumer neither respects nor likes President Trump. Sorry to shock you with that, without warning. Said he on liberal national television recently: “The greatest thing America has is its honor and its values. That’s what the Founding Fathers focused on. And no person, no person, has done more to destroy the honor and values of America than Donald Trump, and that’s why he’s got to go.”  Speaking, of course, of the current impeachment scam, and apparently forgetting that his bed-fellows in the House are the ones who’ve most recently slam-ducked “the honor and values” of America.  The nation-and-freedom-loving citizens of this magnificent country are mighty sick of the absurd and insulting anti-Constitution, anti-democracy antics of the leftists in Congress, and in the leftist media, to the point where that we can’t wait for the November election, where, hopefully, we can clean “House.”

And then there was a false implication, reportedly in Atlantic magazine, which echoed in various ways the thoughts of most arm-linked liberal media across the land. Wrote that author: “No American paid a price for President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Iran’s Qasem Soleimani.  But it looks like 176 other people did, including 63 Canadian citizens and many more Iranian nationals en route to Canada.”  Conveniently overlooked are the several hundred American military members known to have been killed by Soleimani-instructed IED’s, suicide-bombers, etc., from years past to present, which motivated America’s decision to avoid, as much as possible, even more deaths of Americans, and others, in the years ahead. Overlooking obvious reality, yet again, in order to make the erroneous liberal point of just how bad this President, and this country, continue to be.  Evil starts here say, or strongly imply, they.

And swinging back around to the bogus impeachment effort, time for some closing and inspiring thoughts from Congressman Jerry Nadler, whose House Judiciary Committee was among those central to suppressing Republican witnesses, Republican legal representation, and overall fairness on the (rail) road to the actual evidence-lacking impeachment charges.  Oh, no, said Mr. Nadler: “There is ample evidence, overwhelming evidence (so that) any jury would convict him in three minutes flat, that the president betrayed his country by breaking the law…”  He was referencing the very recent G.A.O. report stating that withholding aid to the Ukraine was against the law, even though no wrongdoing actually took place (the aid was soon released with no quid pro quo). Apparently, it was not against the law when the previous president did the same thing to Ukraine, only worse, it appears. Just more desperate grasping at straws, or their privates, to try to make those extremely weak, perhaps fabricated, charges stick, despite them not being at all in line with the specific criteria for impeachment found in that dusty, old, out of date, unhip-like-the-libs-sure-are, Constitution.

Now, at last, comes a learned and articulate summary regarding the continuing baseless attacks on the President, and specifically the foolishness of those invented charges in the House’s hoax articles of impeachment.  Wrote Andrea Widburg in American Thinker: “The past few weeks have disabused us of any notion that the American Congress is a solemn place, filled with statesmen-like, or at least decent, people working for the betterment of America and Americans. To those few who still clung to that outdated idea, the House Democrats’ behavior, when sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, shows that Congress is no longer a serious institution.”

Perhaps the very best conclusion to what the Democrats in Congress, in Hollywood, and in the media have, for the past three years (and likely for years yet to come), attempted to jam down the throats and into the minds of sensible, liberty-loving, and increasing-offended Americans, who reject slander, stupidity, and socialism/Marxism (one in the same with stupidity), comes from heroic World War Two American military General and past President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he prophetically stated many years ago: “ If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”  A crystal-clear portrayal of exactly what is going on today, some 64-years later, within the extremely left-leaning, power-hungry-at-any-cost, Democrat Party.  Thank you, General/President Eisenhower, for your exceptional duel military/civilian service to our world and nation, and, especially, now, for your very pertinent and perceptive wisdom.


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