Big Mac(ron) Attack

In a speech during last Sunday’s official World War I Armistice ceremony and observance in France, French President Emmanuel Macron became a very vocal internationalist proponent, with some of his comments undoubtedly aimed at Make America Great Again, President Trump, also there in attendance, when Mr. Macron is reported to have said: “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism.  Nationalism is treason.”

Well, Mr. Macron, you’re wrong on both counts.  Patriotism and Nationalism go hand-in-hand, at least here in the United States.  It’s not only important, but imperative, for the citizens of America to love, respect, and remain exclusively loyal to, one great nation, ours, the United States of America.   America First is by no means “treason,” which, from our view, is an absolutely ridiculous assertion.  Nation First is the way caring Americans hope it will always be. As a citizen, working against this country from within, maintaining loyalty to another nation, that is what creates grounds for treason.  Certainly not love for, and devotion to, country!

Speaking like a globalist, Macron felt like nationalism bred selfishness, meaning that a strongly nationalist nation could no longer care about other peoples and countries.  That concern, justifiably, falls on the deafest of ears here in America, the most generous, caring nation on earth (perhaps for all of history).  Although, yes, we do believe deeply in America First, we absolutely do care about the well-being, and the freedom, of others, as evidenced by our painfully costly help to free the world from tyranny in WW I and WW II, among countless other examples of American assistance, through the decades, to other nations dealing with severe weather and other disasters, natural or otherwise.

The greatest Americans are patriotic Americans, devoted to the well-being, protection, and security of American First. In this world of discord and crisis, U.S. nationalism and patriotism are definite positives among our nation’s devoted citizens.  There may be many grounds for treason, Mr. Macron, but here in America, neither nationalism nor patriotism are among them!

(Macron quote via, Charlie Spiering, 11-11-18)