“Biden At The Border:” A One-Act Fantasy

Last Sunday (1-8-23), in a well-orchestrated, theatrical event, Mr. Biden made his first (and super-sanitized) visit to the border, opting for El Paso, Texas. The carefully staged 3-hour visit was, purposefully, the first such in his two years in office, by the way, a seemingly unconcerned two years, during which literally millions of migrants have illegally entered our nation. This after the Trump “wall” construction was stopped and our southern multi-state border was known by all the world to then be open.

Reportedly 4.4-million illegals (with fewer than half sent back) have been “encountered” (recorded and allowed to enter) by our over-whelmed, over-worked border patrol officers, while an estimated additional 1.1-million “gotaways”, as the term indicates, have entered our country undetected. The latter are most likely to be those covertly smuggling humans and illegal drugs, primarily the rampant killer fentanyl, not to mention sneaking in, as well, criminals and potential terrorists. By the way, understandably, El Paso residents were angered by the special presidential clean-up which effectively masked the true extent of the crisis and the human flood those residents have been forced to deal with.

Regardless of the administration’s insistence to the contrary, we have an open southern border. There can be no question that this administration is purposefully allowing the entry of these millions, from all over the world, with the probable ultimate intention of granting amnesty (quite likely on a mass basis,) which is for the Progressive-Socialists in control of the White House, a far more efficient way for them to bolster the ranks of future democrat voters, rather than by the required individual asylum determination prescribed by law.

This carefully orchestrated, showcase visit, implying at least some minor executive concern about our dangerous, porous border situation, was permitted only after the City of El Paso was temporarily “cleansed” of its over-run illegal migrant status (over-flowing shelters; migrants sleeping in the streets, etc.) so as not to be in any way offensive (vs. realistic) to the headlined visitor, or to show the actual disastrous situation there. It was literally a carefully sanitized, one-act show, designed to convince the complacent liberal media, and liberals in general, that the border situation is under control, humane efforts are in place, and that flooding our nation with migrants, adding billions in migrant care expenses, endangering citizen lives, and the overall health, well-being, and security of America, is simply no big deal and therefore shame on those who actually care about our country, present and future, for making it seem like our wide-open southern border (unlike that of any other country in the world) is somehow a problem. Relax. Everything is just fine, we are told. As advertised, we are the welcoming land of the free (emphases on “free”).

To make this totally staged political theatre even more absurd, the administration used this opportunity to roll-out a new so-called “humanitarian parole” program to ultimately make it easier for migrants from four selected countries (Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela) to enter the U.S., and very likely stay. Believe it or not, applicants for the “parole” program must apply for expedited entry, from their home country or safe haven, via some kind of new U.S. mobile “app”, rather than declare for asylum in-person at the border upon entry from Mexico, which is the law. Interesting that we can spend billions on a larger IRS, making it easier to badger law abiding taxpayers, but we plan to permit selected migrant entry to our nation, not by in-person vetting, but by some kind of a snazzy new-fangled app.

Once accepted, these particular app-approved migrant nationals must then provide for their own air travel (as if they would have the money without do-gooder organization assistance!) to a designated U.S. point-of-entry and ultimate U.S. destination (by purposeful design, spread around America). Supposedly those not meeting “eligibility” requirements (including other than the four nations?) face accelerated deportation under an expanded Title 42 (Public Health Law). This new “plan” allows for 30,000 migrants per month, from those four Latin American countries, to enter the U.S. under special authorization. Folks, that’s a total of 360,000 annually from just those four “parole” priority nations alone. How are we to believe that this is actually reducing overall illegal immigration!

As you might suspect, conservatives were quick to react, among them columnist Margot Cleveland who wrote: “President Biden has finally found a solution to address the surge in illegal crossings at the southern border: Tell the tens of thousands of aliens unlawfully entering the United States from Mexico that they can come to America “legally”, if they instead fly to an assigned port-of-entry in the interior of the country. Seriously, for all the Biden administration’s spin, that’s his plan – and it is illegal.” And Federation for American Immigration Reform spokesperson R.J. Hauman reacted as well: “This is one of the most egregious, unlawful abuses of humanitarian parole authority in the history of our nation – a middle finger to Congress, the American people, and the rule of law.” Folks, we are being duped by yet another illegal migrant entry ploy. Meant to impress those sleepy Americans and liberal media types with the certain to be false claim of actually reducing illegal immigration.

Thankfully, there is at least one prominent Republican political leader who sees through the purposeful political fog. He is Texas governor Greg Abbott. When Mr. Biden landed in El Paso, the governor was right there as he stepped off the plane; short on pleasantries and long on stern message. Abbott handed Mr. Biden a letter calling on him to uphold United States immigration laws, in essence, challenging him to carry out his legal responsibilities as the nation’s chief executive. In plain English, just secure the darn border! In his letter, the governor included the following: “All of this is happening because you (Biden) have violated your constitutional obligation to defend the states against invasion through faithful execution of federal laws.” Abbot then went on to write: “Under President Trump, the federal government achieved low levels of illegal immigration. Under your watch, by contrast, America is suffering the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country. “

Bravo to Governor Abbott for having the admirable grit to confront Mr. Biden, face to face, about his blatant failure to uphold and enforce existing immigration laws. It will likely change little at the border, but it exhibits, for a refreshing change, much needed opposition backbone. Our sincere thanks to the Governor for his fortitude.

With mass amnesty very likely lurking behind the administration curtain, we have an illegal immigration crisis, exacerbated by a White House that is content to ignore the law, while pandering to the controlling Progressive-Socialists who are clearly dictating Mr. Biden’s policies and actions, and effectively, it seems, all too often, perhaps illegally actually running (and ruining) our country.


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