Beyond Absurd

Be sure you’re sitting down, and not holding or drinking hot liquid.  Now, there is actually a suggestion being made out there that so-called social justice warriors should be afforded the title of “veteran”!!   This ridiculous notion was supposedly made recently on an LGBTQ Nation site by a gentleman who proposed that “those fighting a cultural and figurative civil war to reduce the violence and injustice” in America should also be considered as “veterans,” since, in his mind, they are “warriors” for peaceful solutions to domestic conflicts.  Apart from the foolishness of the veteran-designation suggestion, as all are well aware of SJW’s activities over the last several years, the actions and methods chosen for conflict resolution are sometimes anything but peaceful.

This absurd “veteran” suggestion may very well be a complete hoax, but, sadly, these are crazy times, and two national media sites have picked it up, so for those who prefer facts and truth, to feelings and butterflies, we’ll deal with it.

Regardless of veracity, this fanciful concept would represent but another glaring example of how our society, culture, and traditions are, in fact, being rearranged, redefined, if not outright discarded, by those unhappy about anything and everything that is our America.  Yet rather than take their unhappiness to the wonderland of a different country, they prefer to remain here, take freely from the nation, profit from it, and then continue to complain, shout, and create divisive unrest, rather than ever really solving anything.  Gosh, that sound’s familiar.

So, to put this delusional “veteran” notion to rest, no one, repeat no one, can ever legitimately be called a Veteran except those courageous, dedicated individuals, men and women, who have served, and by so doing, have helped insure the defense and sanctity of our nation in one of America’s five military branches.  To term so-called social justice warriors as some kind of veteran is an absolute insult to any person who has proudly worn the military uniform of our nation. Those who have gone into harm’s way, putting life and limb on-the-line for America’s sovereignty, security, and the preservation of our cherished freedom, both for our nation and for citizens as individuals.  Freedom first won by the Veterans who fought and died for our original independence from England. And since that time, our military members, from all races, religions, and genders, have served through succeeding generations to defend all of America, all Americans, in support of the total nation, not just on behalf of selected interest groups, the latter which results in the separation of Americans, rather than the unification that caring citizens desire today, now more than ever.

You may work for your company or organization for 28-years.  Upon departure, that makes you a former employee, not a veteran.  You may community organize for many years.  When you leave, you are a former community organizer, not a veteran.  Genuine former military members are Veterans, and they are entitled to that revered patriot-designation for life.  As Americans, we have a tradition of honoring and cherishing our Veterans.  And with that, we give them sincere thanks for their service and sacrifice.  For it is the generations of military Veterans who have preserved our great nation.  A nation, in no small measure, made great by them.

(Quote via, Brett T., 9-29-2018)