Attempted Fraud in Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott was duly and legally elected U.S. Senator in this past Tuesday’s Mid-Term Election.  But you see, Rick Scott is a Republican.  Therefore, throwing truth, honesty, and the law over the side of their now-listing ship, leftist Democrat power-brokers in Florida, and you can be sure, nationally, as well, could not accept that outcome from Florida’s voters. So they set about violating all rules, regulations, decency, integrity, and the law, to do all they could, illegally, to try to steal this election from Senator Rick Scott.  The time had come, once again, for the Imperial Democrats to allegedly attempt fraud in Florida.  Because losing just isn’t acceptable to Democrats.  So, time to send in their party’s generic, anywhere, anytime, election-manipulator, Robbin’ Hood.

The principal leftist Democrat operator, currently caught in the glare of the investigatory spotlight, seems to be a woman named Brenda Snipes.  Ms. Snipes is the supervisor of elections for Broward County, a county considered to be the most liberal in the state.  Ms. Snipes has been accused in the past of allowing non-citizens and felons to vote, of having more voters on county rolls than eligible voters in the county, of destroying ballots, and suddenly finding new ones, the latter for the preferred Democrat candidate, of course.  Even though hers is an elected office, why in the world this elections supervisor, with all of these alleged voting irregularities and election law violations, hasn’t been fired or jailed before now is hard for any law-abiding person to understand.

Hopefully the reported attempted fraud in this election, if determined to be true, will be her final undoing, with legal proceedings to follow. But don’t count on it.   And by the way, interesting to note that past objections to voting total irregularities there have been lodged, not only by Republican candidates, but in one election, a complaint was filed by a Democrat primary candidate, as well!

According to Florida election law, all ballots, early and otherwise, are to be tabulated and reported to the Florida Department of State within 30-minutes of the polls closing.  As you might guess, in this currently contested election, not only was the mandated deadline violated, the supposed vote count still hadn’t been finalized for Broward County several days after the election.  In this Democrat controlled area, it’s just amazing how ballots continue to be “found” well after the polls are closed and the vote totals in.  That’s, best case, malfeasance. Worst case, pure fraud.

Newly-elected Florida Senator Rick Scott quickly filed a lawsuit against Ms. Snipes and her elections office.  The legal effort is to hopefully stop the apparent illegal effort to change the election results, with newly found, or newly marked, ballots. Palm Beach County has, reportedly, also exhibited vote total irregularities, and Senator-elect Scott has filed suit against election officials there, as well, calling for legitimate counts, regulated observers, and public transparency.  It is our fervent hope that truth, honesty, and the law will prevail, so that Rick Scott can continue to claim the Senate seat that he rightfully, legally, won.

It’s interesting how in recent years, increasingly above-the-law leftists, for whom the Constitution has become merely a suggestion, simply cannot accept or tolerate election losses.  As with the mantra of continuing to claim that President Trump is an illegitimate president, because that office was reserved for Mrs. Clinton. Why?  Because it was “her turn.”  Now in both Florida and Arizona (and keep your eyes on the special Senate election in Mississippi for possible Democrat efforts, if needed, to steal it, as well), vote total manipulation is either currently going on, or is suspected of possibly happening.

Like dear Mrs. Clinton, it’s as if Democrats are due these victories, regardless. It’s their birthright and the laws be damned if legitimate vote totals get in their way.  They simply must win at all costs because they deserve to win, regardless of actual voter preference, since leftist candidates consider themselves superior to the rest of us.  They are the anointed elite. They are destined to rule over the nation’s vast majority of “deplorables.”  You know, those losers who are committed to the Constitution, to the rule of law, to honesty & decency, to love of country, and devotion to God. Thus, by definition, they are deplorable humans, who are unworthy of leadership because they are totally incapable of running their own lives, let alone the lives of others, in the minds of our regal elites.

Thus the leftist-elitist mandate to do whatever it takes, regardless of laws or who may get stomped on, to win every election, every argument, every everything.  To heck with honesty.  To the leftist-elite, honesty and integrity are mere nuisances, much like they view our Constitution.  All low hurdles to easily step over. Power and control is their deserved end, regardless of the means to achieve it.  To win and to rule is their destiny, think they.

May legality prevail in Florida.  If there is any true and impartial justice left (and we sometimes wonder), may Rick Scott assume his lawfully-elected role as Florida’s newest U.S. Senator.  And may former veteran combat pilot, Republican Martha McSally, prevail in her Arizona Senate race, as well. These races, and Mississippi’s to come, are extremely vital to maintaining President Trump’s very important U.S. Senate majority.

(Background information via, Eric Eggers/John Binder, 11-9-18)