Army National Guard Officer Killed In Afghanistan

Brent Taylor was on a one-year Afghanistan deployment, there to help train a battalion of Afghan special operations troops.  He was killed there last Saturday when attacked by an “insider” (very likely meaning an Afghan soldier).  The attacker was, in turn, shot and killed by Afghan Forces.

Brent Taylor was a Major with the Utah National Guard.  Additionally, he served as the current Mayor of North Ogden, Utah, even while away on deployment.  Said he in an interview before his death: “I have given my life to serve three loyalties (God, Family, Country) whenever and however I can.”

Brent Taylor was a fine soldier and, as mayor, he was beloved and respected by the citizens of North Ogden.  Major Taylor leaves a wife and seven children.  Friends quickly set-up a GoFundMe account to help provide a financial cushion for the family at this time of great loss. The results, to date, have been impressive (over $150,000, with donations continuing), in tribute to a great American, who so successfully served his God, his family, and his country.  In Major Taylor’s words, referring to both his military and civilian roles:  “Service is really what leadership is all about.”

(Quotes & background information via, Penny Starr, 11-4-18)