Armed Forces Day 2021

Today, Saturday, May 15, is the day set aside this year to celebrate and give the nation’s thanks for the men and women of America who have put on our country’s military uniforms in order to serve the defensive needs of our nation and the cause of freedom, both our own and that of our committed allies when such may be challenged by enemy forces.

Armed Forces Day always falls on the third Saturday in May (Memorial Day then follows on May 31st this year).  Armed Forces Day was established as a special commemorative day by President Harry Truman in 1950.  The National Security Act (1947) unified our nation’s military services into one defense team “towards the goal of readiness for any eventuality.”  The National Security Act also created the National Security Council, the CIA, and the unified Department of Defense: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, & Air Force (separated from the Army after WW II).

Today, there are approximately 2.4-million men and women serving the nation in military uniform (including our great Coast Guard): Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Force.  The United States Army is the largest combined component, making up about 46% of the total Americans currently serving.

Today, and every day, we extend humble and heartfelt thanks to all of our nation’s courageous men & women for their commitment to serve, and their devotion to duty, in the protection of America’s national security and individual freedoms.  Sincere thanks to all those currently serving within the five military branches of our great nation.  The sincere appreciation and support for your service, from nation-loving-and-respecting Americans, never ends.