Anthem Snub

Back when that former NFL player who, under this topic at least, doesn’t need or deserve to be named, first put his ego, and disdain for America, on display by publicly kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem, there were copy cats for awhile and then the novelty of that nation-insulting act faded away.

Well, in some quarters at least, disrespecting the nation’s anthem (and flag) has now re-emerged, triggered by saluting and perpetuating media-spotlighted “victim-hood,” principally again, it seems, among the wealthy professional athlete-entertainer class of elites (in their own minds), who conveniently forget that it is the American system of free-enterprise capitalism that has made them such wealthy on the court or field entertainers.  What they fail to realize, in their assumed political sainthood, is that if public support falters, and it will, if the lack of patriotism continues, followed then, in lock-step, by the big-buck-supportive rights fees from the national television/cable networks, that bountiful free-flowing fountain of cash turned on for years, also has an OFF switch.  After which they can return to their amateur status of old by tossing the ball around with the neighbor kids and hoping for an occasional commercial.

Some teams, or individuals, on the court or on the rink, have again decided to show-off for some cause that they’ve allowed themselves to be convinced is rampant.  Case in point, two WNBA teams, on July 25th, decided rather than denigrate our National Anthem by kneeling, all decided instead to denigrate the Anthem by not being there. That’s right folks, showing America who’s boss, at the end of pre-game warm-ups, reportedly every one of the players simply walked off the court prior to the Anthem playing.  One must conclude that standing quietly with hand over heart for a few moments is too difficult a “play” for these entertainers to grasp. But, insulting their nation, easy.  Oh, and time for this pertinent reminder. It is the American military member who wears a uniform.  Athletes and other entertainers wear costumes.

Rather than snubbing “The Star Spangled Banner,” like the professional ladies above, but without professional behavior), in a league that many Americans may not even realize exists, by start contrast, at the first game of their post-season between the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers, every, repeat, every player stood for the National Anthem. Congrats and thanks to them.  Apparently, it’s easier to stand respectfully in skates on ice than it is in sneakers on a dry floor.  Who knew!

Fortunately, the holier-than-thou club is overshadowed by the vast majority of loyal Americans who understand about respect for our national symbols, love our nation, and refuse to see America as “evil” and in need of “transforming” (i.e., overthrowing).  One such staunch advocate for America is Pittsburgh Steelers stand-out, Stephon Tuitt, who has written the following supportive statement reflecting what right looks like: “I stand for the flag because I am a proud American. This country has provided and rewarded my family in so many ways through our perseverance and hard work.  I will continue to honor my country and be an example to my children to stand for what they believe in.”  And commentator Ben Shapiro speaks directly to the kneeling foolishness in relation to its impact on our great nation now, and going forward, when he wrote: “The counterculture has become the culture.  And that is both a tragedy and a travesty.  There can be no future for a country in which standing for the National Anthem is considered gauche, while kneeling is considered heroic.”

By not showing proper respect for our anthem and flag, those individuals are snubbing their nose at the very nation that has given them so much, and more importantly, they are openly denigrating the generations of America’s military men and women, and the combat losses endured, in the battles to, first, gain our independence and freedoms, followed by wars thru the decades to maintain such. And when forced upon us, continuing that fight to ensure liberty from tyranny for other allied nations, while, again, protecting our own.  Incalculable sacrifices made for our nation, and for millions of families, who suffered losses, to ensure the preservation of our sovereignty and our precious freedoms, all made possible, for both the grateful and the ungrateful alike, by generations of proud, loyal, and courageous Americans.

In stunning contrast, those who kneel or turn their backs during, or walk out prior to, the playing of our National Anthem, regardless of setting, are plain and simply ungrateful, anti-America jerks.  There is no question but that the recent statement on this topic, by highly-respected former NFL player and coach, Mike Ditka, reflects the feeling of the vast majority of true Americans, and would seem to be the perfect way to conclude this post.  Said Mr. Ditka, a great American: “If you can’t respect our National Anthem, get the hell out of the country!”


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