And Still They Come

Rio Grande Valley (Texas) Border Patrol agents corralled almost 2,000 illegal immigrants who crossed over into the U.S. in their sector last weekend alone!  While we concentrate our attention on the thousands in the Mexico-staged migrant crowd, illegals simple continue trying to enter America, well away from the spotlighted area.  If you are ready for this, Border Patrol agents detained over 50,000 illegals in this sector alone during the month of October!  It’s been determined that a great many of the illegals who cross are escorted to the border by human smugglers who charge huge sums for this “service.” Fortunately, virtually all of those who cross illegally are met and held by CBP agents.  But think of the processing backlog customs officials now face, as well as the ability to house and feed these staggering numbers of people.  And the crowd at the Mexican-U.S. border persists.

And speaking of that migrant horde, it’s being reported that more than 1/3rd of the migrants in the caravan, now camped in Tijuana, have serious health issues, very often contagious diseases!  That becomes a huge problem should any of them gain admission to our country without being apprehended. And a huge problem, as well, for those caravaners detained and placed in U.S. holding facilities.  This imposes a health threat for fellow illegals, and especially for U.S. personnel having to deal with, and process, them.

Consultant Peggy Grande puts the illegal immigration issue into a clearer, more basic perspective: “Do we (U.S. tax-payers) want to spend over $8,000 per immigrant per year instead of aiding a wounded veteran, assisting a homeless citizen, or feeding a hungry American family?  It’s not a matter of compassion, it’s sheer economics. And perspective.”

With finite federal/state/local dollars, and with billions each year tied up supporting the millions of illegals already here (and they continue to arrive and are apprehended daily), are we, in fact, losing cost perspective?  The liberals want more and more illegals let in order to pad their future voting block, exhibiting no real concern for the increasing billions being spent on illegals’ welfare and other supportive services. No question, we should be taking care of the needs of our American citizens (native and naturalized), including food, housing, medical services, education, job training, etc.  Taking care of our own first.  That’s the proper perspective.  And, right now, it’s being completely overlooked by far too many in this country.

(Rio Grande region crossings via, David Krayden, 12-5-18); Migrant health issues via, Teri Webster, 11-29-18 );  Economic perspective via, Peggy Grande, 11-2-18)