American “Ideals” Gibberish

Progressive Democrat “ideals” have now galloped so far to the left that they’re no longer even visible on the computer screen.  Even worse, if that’s possible, when only that generic word is used as a place-holder, rather than having to actually remember and speak of our real national ideals, which they loath.

Case in point was presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, when she spoke yesterday (April 4th) at Al Sharpton’s annual National Action Network National Convention in New York City, one among the growing herd of Democrat hopefuls.  Regarding America’s ideals, she was quoted as saying: “We are an aspirational nation.  We are also clear-eyed, but we have not yet met those ideals, we have not yet reached those ideals.  We will fight each and every day to get there and reach those ideals.”  Assume you’re now crystal clear, sorry “clear-eyed,” on “those national ideals.”

At the same time, she also joined the parade of virtually all their candidates, black and white, who professed pandered support for “reparations,” now well over a hundred years too late, addressing that issue financially, if Congress chose to at all.  But a winning rainbow to grab onto at this conference, in particular.

But back to the elusive “ideals” Senator Harris says we “have not yet reached,” let alone what exactly we should aspire to, in the progressive view.  So let’s take a guess.  “Aspirational” America should strive for goals like: wide open borders; citizenship (i.e., voting rights!) for all migrants squatting here illegally; increased federal dollars for welfare, housing, and food stamps; significantly increased federal taxation (individual and corporate); siphon off significant dollars from the national military budget for transfer to social programs; pro-abortion anytime, even at birth;  allow other languages to exist on the same level as English; de-emphasize assimilation for residents; de-emphasize America’s history and history makers; elimination of the Electoral College, to provide an efficient path to one-party rule;  elimination of “white nationalism”(and white stuff in general); continue to ignore the Constitution, and even more so; eliminate capitalism; print money to compensate for the ruination of our economy, etc.  And that’s just for starters.  All sounds pretty good, if you’re a university brain-drained younger person needing help making decisions and finding your way amidst this unfair country you dislike.

So, then, how about some actual American ideals that seemed to have slipped the Senator’s mind (and the minds of all extreme leftists).  Upholding the Constitution, and Bill of Right, our brilliantly-crafted blue-print for conducting a  nation founded on liberty (while also adhering to the rule of law);  maintaining our cherished individual freedoms; encourage knowledge of America’s history and key individuals responsible; maintaining capitalism, proven to be the very best, most effective economic system in the world;  maintaining English as America’s dominant, if not official (which it should be) language;  welcoming legal immigrants who will assimilate, adopt our language and customs, strive for citizenship, and contribute for the good of the nation, through work productivity or other means; pro-life, from conception forward; encourage respect for traditional religious practices; adequately fund, respect, and support our military forces, those great Americans who have volunteered to defend home and country; maintain the Electoral College and keep the Supreme Court at nine justices, both in keeping with founding traditions;  speaking of which, respect our Founders and other heroes of the Republic, rather than remove them from view and thought; profess genuine love for America, flaws and all; and pray that God Almighty will continue to guide our exceptional nation.

Those, and of course others that conservatives can think of, are the ideals that have made our country great.  Ideals worth standing up for, and fighting for, as the leftists seek to drive our America onto a dark, evil path toward its eventual destruction.  That is, unless prevented through the collective power of political leaders, and the bulk of our citizenry, who continue to love our nation and who strongly favor the conservative road forward.  Going head to head, then, against the self-satisfying, control-seeking, historically and intellectually impaired who, through their close-minded, left-is-right,  political-social beliefs, demonstrate with increasing fervor what it’s like to fall off the liberty wagon.

(Sen. Harris quote via, Nolan Hicks, 4-5-19;  Reparations via, Francesca Chambers, 4-5-19)