AMERICA FIRST …. Apparently Not!

Lib-Democrats, and their Progressive order-givers, are “working around the clock” (just like the WH claims to now be doing, as it way-too-belatedly tries to solve the baby food crisis) to pull all of the remaining plugs out of America’s now hole-filled sea-wall, as more and more figurative ocean water comes pouring throughout the land, engulfing and endangering the productivity, even survivability, of our industries, companies, transporters, retailers, cities, towns, and people. “Ocean water” being a fitting euphemism for the multitude, and mind you, still multiplying, range of very serious problems plaguing our now-hobbled nation.

The list of issues and serious current problems that seem to be devouring us continues to grow.  From:  Inflation; to big-city crime; to a disastrously open southern border; to too many jobs and too few available workers (where did they go?); to indoctrination, not education, in our schools; to a very serious energy crisis; to a “sudden” lack of sufficient baby food for citizen families. Sadly, that’s not a complete list of what now ails America.  And the cause of it all?  Liberal-Progressive control of our major cities and, collectively, via D.C., over the entirety of our now-suffocating nation.  Yep, the buck stops there.  It stops with those set on traumatizing our people, while trying desperately, in the meantime, to force upon us the “fundamental transformation of America” which Obama repeatedly pitched and promised to a the-naïve nation during his long-ago presidential campaign.

It may very possibly be the Ghost of Obama Past (or his influencers) who is/are calling the current administration’s continuous moves/orders/acts required to forcefully yank us away from capitalism and liberty, and instead, dump us into some fatal form of economic and societal Socialism (or Marxism, as it’s now more commonly and correctly termed).  You remember Socialism, an economic form of government that has never worked anywhere, at any time, that is, for the benefit of the public, and certainly not for freedom which it voraciously devours, and spits us out.  Do recall Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s famous truth on the subject: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Among our disturbing issues, most now on the rapid road to crisis, is inflation, with gasoline, groceries, home buying, and, yes, lack of baby food, at any price.  This lasting inflation is totally the fault of the Biden Administration, with a Democrat-dominated Congressional assist, because of the billions upon billions of dollars that the federal government has either had to print fresh, or borrow, at increasing interest rates!  It’s the ridiculous and rampant spending (or ‘gifting’ to special interest groups and backers) that is at the core of the inflation problem, which was triggered when the current president took office.

Inflation impacts every American.  The next bona fide crisis now upon us is illegal immigration which to most Americans is, for now, out of sight, out of mind. Only the southern border states see and feel the impact each day.  Again, made considerably, unbelievably worse, a catastrophe really, since the current president took office.  Only the now-wobbly, court-challenged Title 42 stands protecting America to at least some minor extent, but only for the time being, as the Biden squad is anxious to get rid of it, so as to virtually flood (ocean water) our nation with unvetted, unvaccinated, non-English-speaking, limited skilled migrants, some of whom are known criminals and certainly among them, potential terrorists, being warmly welcomed to our country, all lured here by the promises of ‘free’ just about everything.

These hordes could one day, before long, crush America’s economy, culture, laws, health, and security.  As it stands now, the Administration is, itself, violating our nation’s immigration laws to the point where those long-in-place laws, in actuality, cease to exist (e.g., the birth of sanctuary cities, etc.!!).  For those of you keeping score, reportedly over 500,000 illegals crossed the southwest border during just a ten-week period, ending in mid-May.  Annualized, that’s over 2.5-million new illegals potentially to be added to America’s benefits rolls in 2022.  Among them, human smugglers & fentanyl couriers, terrorists, and actual criminals, and this is all before the post-Title 42 border-swamping takes place, regrettably likely in the months ahead.  Oh, and in the meantime, DHS Secretary Mayorkas “has welcomed almost 150,000 poor Cubans into the United States, mostly to seek jobs and housing that would otherwise go to poor Americans.” This is all absolutely unconscionable, knowingly conducted and encouraged by this administration.

Violent crime in our major cities is currently out of control, not to mention retail and vehicle theft.  Again, it is the fault of the Liberal Democrats who are in control and apparently, too often, choose to see the culprits as the real victims, letting too many of them go without either charges or bail.  The solution is more and higher-paid police officers free to round up and hold the criminals.  Failing an effectively and timely law enforcement solution, even perhaps National Guard assistance.  But the real key would seem to be keeping criminals found guilty incarcerated for a reasonable length of time.  The safety and security of law-abiding citizens must be the overwhelming priority.

Speaking of priorities for Americans, we need look no further than the rising cost of fuel, both regular gasoline and diesel (critical for those in the truck and transport business).  Mr. Biden is apparently dead set on ruining the fossil fuel industries, and throwing our citizens into transportation turmoil, all for the sake of obeying his Progressive Democrat task-masters, who now worship all things green (minus the American dollar), as the requirement for climate control.  This assumes the likely hoax that we Americans are actually the climate cause of damaging CO2, that humans really can control the nation’s/earth’s climate (but couldn’t control the supply of baby food), and that America, alone must save the planet, at the cost of our economic system (Socialism on-deck), despite China, India, and others continuing to rely heavily on coal for energy!).

In a speech yesterday in Japan, Mr. Biden actually told America, and the world, the following: “Here’s the situation.  When it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger, and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels, when this is over.” This is justifying record-high gas prices, paid at the shrine of the Green Goddess, now many years, likely decades away, from being nationally ready to transition to as yet undiscovered alternate sources of energy, if that, in fact, must actually have to happen.  Nuclear power is ready right now, but no one wants to talk about that already here reliable energy source.

Mr. Biden’s statement, made decades too early, is ludicrous and an insult to working Americans, who know full well that there is no replacement for fossil fuel now, nor will there be for many, many years to come.  A great example of putting the cart way, way before the horse.  Wind and solar are unreliable (watch for the brown outs this summer) and nowhere ready to take on the task of supplying America its power.  Fossil fuels provide somewhere around 80% of America’s energy needs. The best news, purposely being ignored by green-eyed administration types, is that, reportedly there is enough recoverable crude oil within our borders to supply our energy needs for over 400 more years (and that’s just our already known deposits) !!  We are being force-fed bravo sierra about both the impact on climate of fossil fuels and the foolishness that wind and solar can carry the nation’s power need load, without oil and natural gas.  We’re simply being fed a fools-gold vision of a yet-existent future that just, perhaps, can be totally green.  Maybe so, way out there at the far end of our binoculars, but nothing close enough to be viewed as realistic.

When you look closely at what president Trump was able to do for the nation’s economy and general well-being, with ample employment, etc., and then look at what Mr. Biden’s administration has imposed on our nation and its now-languishing prosperity, it’s not difficult to conclude that the inflation problem, the gasoline problem, and the border crisis are all  part of a carefully worked out, Socialism-inspired, plan to more and more control Americans and our freedoms.   In other words, that all of this that we are now seeing and suffering through may actually be being done on purpose.  With the loathsome goal of driving our people and our economy into despair; driving both to the green goal of Socialism-Marxism.  That very same ‘fundamental transformation of America” that Obama spoke of, dreamed of, and has now passed along to (assigned?) the Biden administration to carry out.

It is more than obvious, by now, that what’s best for America, that is, American First, is no longer the objective of this administration, if it ever was.  What seems to be in the top slot now is Politics First, Progressive Democrat-controlling politics, that is. One could even conclude that based on administration and liberal Democrat Congressional policies, there may actually be decision-makers on high who not only don’t like America, but may even hate it…and us.

The frightening thing, both domestically and internationally, is that one doubts we’ve yet seen the worst of the intended, designed, and even accidental, significant harm to, and perhaps actual semi-destruction of, this blessed, free, capitalistic, opportunity-filled land that we patriots cherish, fight for, and love.  Hopefully, these assumptions, and this prediction are totally wrong!  How long until November!!

(500,000 illegals entered in ten-weeks via, Bob Price & Randy Clark, 5-21-22; Mayorkas welcomes Cuban illegals via, Neil Munro, 5-19-22).