America: Fire In The Hole

Political sanity among those currently in power seems to be in diminished supply. If questioning their sanity seems to be unfair, then an accurate alternative might be a complete lack of concern for what’s best for America.  Failing that, then, in the absence of innate common sense, we can just go with the ever-admirable quality of consummate stupidity, which appears to be increasingly now in vogue. All driven by the fire-hydrant blast of executive orders and House legislation (because they can) of the anti-America elitist Progressive clan. Led by those at the top of the executive branch, senate and house food chains, at least two of whom were duly elected to serve, not squander (fiscal and other resources), we are currently beset with seemingly unending efforts to diminish or destroy our freedom and security, in exchange for what would appear to be a forthcoming tyranny-based, all-powerful central government, brazenly replacing the citizen-controlled, freedom-centric, blessed land of liberty, envisioned by our brilliant Founders.

This cascade of inappropriate-for-America actions includes stopping the pipeline; hampering or outright stopping the auction of oil/gas leases (the sale of which adds millions of dollars to our seriously depleted treasury); stopping construction work on the southern border fence (jobs, plus resulting chaos); a $1.9-trillion Covid relief act that was anything but; a forthcoming unconstitutional effort (H.R.1) to federalize all states’ election policies/procedures to ensure voter fraud (no ID’s required) and perpetual political domination by the likes of those swell folks currently in power; uber equality, make that equity (not the same) permitting, among other gender impositions, converted-boys to participate in girls’ sports and their locker rooms; apparent efforts to impose subtle (or worse) politization on our currently effective-as-it-is military; the serious continuing efforts to further politicize our schools, teaching staff, and curriculum, especially within Progressive-dominated cities and states; nibbling away at our Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights; and perhaps the biggest threat to our nation at present (along with all of the above), the tsunami of illegals (minors and adults) permitted to stream across our southern border with apparently insufficient or no Covid testing prior to admission, enticed to arrive with promises of free everything, and possible amnesty, if only they pinky-swear to return to the border for their admission hearings which, as you well know, very few do.  As indicated above, all of this is purposeful political insanity (national suicide?), or, gosh, if that’s too insensitive, just make it, as mentioned, consummate stupidly, in direct opposition to those masses of stalwart citizens who care deeply about the well-being and the very future of our Constitutional republic….our America.

Illegal immigration, or open-door migration, as preferred by the seriously distorted vision of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat liberty and security wrecking ball of the party in power, is the current biggest, and yet, with political will now absent, solvable threat to the financial and social fabric of our nation.  Mr. Biden has made it clear all along that migrants are welcome to come.  He did so by his words (back during the campaign), his inferences, his destruction of President Trump’s very effective border control policies, and his cancellation of the continued border wall construction, and that alone served as an interpreted green-light to come-on-in for those seeking entry.  Wrote Wall Street Journal columnist, Holman Jenkins, Jr.: “President Biden is not throwing away Donald Trump’s immigration policy.  He’s throwing away the border policy of every president since Bill Clinton.” Jenkins continues: “The Biden strategy seems not devised to improve matters, if there’s any strategy at all. The administration has only incited a fresh flood of risk takers.”

Among the unintended consequences (or perhaps actually intended) was the rush of unaccompanied minors, from young to teens, purposely sent here by parents hoping to eventually be allowed to rejoin them, and knowing, regardless, that the minors would not be deported once inside the U.S.  The Border Patrol currently has at least 15,000 unaccompanied migrant children in custody, a situation with legal limits on how long they can be held before HHS must take them, and a scenario which local law enforcement officials along the Texas border are calling a “full-blown crisis.”  For perspective on the 15,000 unaccompanied minors currently being held, at the very peak of the migrant entries in 2019, only 2,600 children were being held in CBP custody!

Along with the juveniles’ mess, there are the adults coming across.  Recall that President Trump had put in place a policy by which those seeking entry must remain in Mexico until their application was reviewed.  That was among the policies voided by Mr. Biden’s administration.  So, once inside the U.S., they are now enabled to stay, and are then shipped around the country, wanted or not, “required” of course to return for an application hearing. Would you return with the chance your application for entry would be denied?  Of course not.

So, among the other problems caused by this rampant rate of illegal entry, the National Sheriff’s Association estimates that as many as 50% of entering illegals are testing positive for Covid-19!!  However, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reported that doctors at the border told him the number of illegals testing positive is actually running at around 10%.  So, despite the large gap in suspected “positives,” somewhere in the middle may be the actual number and, regardless, at either end, it’s too high to permit untreated admission to our nation.

And reportedly these mistaken admittees are being shipped around the country, putting receiving communities at risk beyond their local virus status already in place.  And now, given the understandable push-back they are receiving from southern border communities and states as the invading hoard continues, the Biden administration is apparently actually considering flying illegal entrants to states and communities closer to the Canadian border, apparently in order to spread the influx of medical, financial, and educational grief around! Worse yet for America’s communities, south or north, beyond the problem with the ‘positive’ cases, it is reported that not all arriving illegals are even being tested!!  So, how big a potential problem?  The Border Patrol detained over 100,000 illegal immigrants at our southern border in February alone, plus an estimated 26,000 more who evaded capture!

In a recent poll, respondents were asked if people entering our country illegally should be tested for Covid-19 before being released into the interior of our nation. This will not stun you. The response: 90% answered YES !

Now if you’re into conspiracy theories, try this one on. “Biden, or whoever is calling the administration’s shots, is sending migrants into the vast reaches of the American interior on purpose.  It’s part of their plan to create a new covid surge so they can shut us all down again.  Will we the people stand for a replay of what was an effective coup d’etat?”  While that theory may be bunk, the fact is, with this current group of anti-America types in control in D.C., which they all hope, by the way, becomes their permanent status, sadly, amidst today’s attempted (forced?) “transitions,” it’s actually believable. Distressing, disgusting and clearly anti-American behavior, but believable, given the ease with which those in power, nationally and within states (especially the long-term lock-down mania of Democrat-controlled cities and states), were able to shut us all down, and out of understandable fear of disease or death (far more common early-on), America’s citizens believed the warnings (often with penalties for abuse of orders) and routinely, regimentedly, complied.  Is it possible that repeated shut-downs (and repeated deaths through possible careless migrant spread) could actually be the master plan of a regime committed to total control, if and when possible?  Believable at the hands of this current power-obsessed central leadership cabal.

Well, if virus-infected illegals entering our nation were not enough of a concern, now we are told that actual or potential terror suspects have also become an illegal entry issue at our southern border.  “Individuals that have been on the watchlist for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border.”  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) indicated he’d been told by Border Patrol agents that Iran, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and China nationals were among other non-Spanish-speaking (!) individuals seeking to cross our border.  Said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC): “People will be coming by the hundreds of thousands by the summer.  It is a humanitarian crisis and it’s going to be an economic crisis for our cities along the border.  Eventually its going to be a national security crisis because they’re children today, but they could easily be terrorists tomorrow.”  Add to this word that illegal alien convicts are being released from state prisons into American communities because, under the Biden administration’s “sanctuary country” policies, “ICE agents can no longer detain or deport them.”  It all just gets worse and worse for America’s citizens, increasingly concerned about the health and safety of their families.  By their actions, the Biden administration seems not to share those same concerns.  And that may well be because the D.C. elites in power are immune to those concerns.  Their families are always going to be just fine, while normal Americans are left to deal with the negative impacts of their political fall-out.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse at the southern border, it just very well might.  Word from Fox News that Border Patrol agents in the Texas Rio Grande Valley Sector are actually considering releasing asylum-seeking illegal border crossers into the country without even having been issued a court date to appear! A senior source with Customs and Border Protection told Fox News that “the reasoning for the decision is that the situation has become so dire that Border Patrol has no choice but to release people nearly immediately after apprehension because there is no space to hold people even to do necessary ‘Notice to Appear’ paperwork.”  This situation may be, in part, the reason for the probability that current illegal migrants may be flown up near the Canadian border for processing!  Talk about a situation that is so out of control that it’s being forced now into likely-ineffective, patchwork solutions.

Then there are the Mexican cartels.  Fortunately, for now, “most cartel violence occurs in Mexico as different factions fight for territory along the border into the United States. Smuggling drugs and humans in their primary business, and they control the border.”

And now, two ‘oh, by-the-ways’ from our Progressive benefactors in D.C. First, from Mrs. Pelosi (D-CA) you need to know that illegal minors brought to America by their illegal migrant parents, the so-called ‘dreamers,’ “are true and legitimate heirs of our founders.” If that’s the case, which it isn’t, (with no Founders left to confirm!)  kinda makes you wonder what we native-born Americans are, doesn’t it?  Pretty much second-class in this apparent pro-illegals era! And do recall that immigrants, back at our founding and after, were considered to be legal arrivals. “The praise for illegals echoes the progressive view that America is not homeland for American citizens, but is instead only an idea, or only a ‘Nation of Immigrants,’ that is open to any foreigner, regardless of what ordinary Americans prefer.”

And the second doosy comes from the Biden Administration, specifically Secretary of HHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, who chooses to blame the whole Biden-created migrant stampede and resulting crisis at our southern border on President Trump! “What we are seeing,” he reportedly said, “is the result of President Trump’s dismantlement of the safe and orderly immigration processes that were built over many, many years by presidents of both parties.”  Seems like we spoke about sanity earlier.  This statement is an example of the opposite.  On the contrary, by building the wall, by mandating that asylum applicants must remain in Mexico or their home countries prior to application processing, along with other restrictive measures, his administration controlled the caravans and mass pressure for admittance that plagued us during the more permissive Obama years.  The reason for the seemingly open border stance is obvious.  Regardless of the damage done to our nation by unrestricted illegal immigrant admission policies, and actual encouragement to come (!), the Progressive goal is to pack in more and more assumed future Democrat voters to help perpetuate their ultimate goal of total power and control.

In the words of Tucker Carlson, with the administration’s in-motion moves to grant amnesty (ultimately, a road to citizenship) to, among others, migrant farm workers who’ve worked here for just 180-days over the last two-years, “Biden’s border crisis has shown that he doesn’t value American citizenship.”  Wrote columnist Frank Miele in his article ‘Open Borders: An assault on Common Sense:’ “If our elected leaders can dilute the vote of Americans by engineering a new electorate whenever convenient to do so, either through amnesty or through weakened election rules so that anyone can vote, then consent of the governed is no more than a cheap parlor trick. The patience of the American people is being tested.  Will common sense prevail?  Or is it too late?”

One final thought on all of this illegal migration mess expressed by a reader who submitted a column to The Epoch Times newspaper on a different, but as it turns out, related subject: “If socialism were truly superior to our free market system, American citizens would be storming the gates of nations throughout Central and South America rather than vice versa.  Seek and demand the truth.  Educate yourself.  Take responsibility.  Be free.”  And the simple way to stop the massive illegal flow of migrants, bound to intensify in the weeks ahead: Reinstate all of the border controls, with remain in place orders, including resumption of the wall construction, adopted with success by the Trump administration. Sadly, that will never happen because, beneath it all, they do not want to stop illegal immigration.  A slap in the face to both existing American citizens, and to those waiting in line to come to America legally.


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