Allowing Non-Citizen Votes??

Talk about trying to change the results of duly elected candidates (Republicans, of course) by permitting the counting of votes from non-citizens upon a petition to the court from the losing candidates (Democrats, of course).  Such is the case in Florida, but watch the cause spread nationwide if this ridiculous attempted manipulation is granted in this current, now-prolonged Florida election.  Illegal and unheard of, a blatant, fraudulent attempt to reverse and steal election results by violating state and federal election laws.

Voting in America is a cherished right reserved exclusively for United States citizens.  But here’s the chilling part of this disgusting, manipulative effort on the part of Florida Democrats and their D.C. handlers: It’s become clear that non-citizens have, in fact, been allowed to routinely vote in U.S. elections!!

From a 2014 study, we see the reality of this emerging threat to our electoral process, made possible, and usually on purpose, when local, Democrat-aligned election officials turn a blind eye to voter eligibility (that is, failing to check for, and insist upon valid proof of citizenship in order to register).  Concluded the 2014 study’s authors: “We find that some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes, including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections.”

Obviously, then, the problem is very serious, in terms of manipulating results. Among other conclusions from the study’s findings: “There was one House race and one Senate race during the 2008 and 2010 election cycles which were close enough for votes by non-citizens to potentially account for the entirety of the Democratic victor’s margin.”

And how are these non-citizens, with acquired photo ID’s, permitted to vote?   Carelessness, or more likely the overt willingness, of Democrat-affiliated election workers to simply fail to prevent non-citizens from registering and then voting.  It is clearly a conscious effort to allow illegal voting, whether or not it appears that the preferred Democrat candidate(s) will need that fraudulent vote margin.  It is purposeful, inside corruption, plain and simple.  Again from the study quoted above, this will even further infuriate you: “Our results also suggest that photo-identification requirements are unlikely to be effective at preventing electoral participation by non-citizen immigrants: In 2008, more than two-thirds of non-citizen immigrants, who indicated that they were asked to show photo-identification, reported that they went on to cast a vote.”   Two-thirds!!

This is a very serious voting integrity issue, perhaps one of the largest in current times, and one apt to become a rampant problem nation-wide, if it isn’t already.  One that obviously must be stopped or the validity of the entire American voting system is subject to question.  And if the vote totals are fraudulent, due to illegal voting, where do we go from there? And certainly so if we have any hope or intention of maintaining a free and fair electoral system, or, frankly preserving a free and fair nation, for that matter?  It puts our entire, traditional system as a democratic republic in jeopardy.

So, it goes without saying that non-citizen votes must not be counted, in what has clearly become a fraudulent-attempt to conclusively alter the results in the Mid-Term race(s) for Florida Senate and Governor. Despite their well-known belief that they have the right to win every election no matter what it takes, illegal or not, the Democrat candidates in Florida must not be allowed to steal the duly and legally declared Republic victory results, as prescribed by law and vote tally on election night.  All available court and law enforcement resources must be forcefully imposed on these ballot “mishaps” to ensure the prior election outcomes, determined fairly and legally by the citizen-voters of Florida. This time, for a change, Republican forces must stand strong, and must not relent, until right prevails.

(Study quotes via, from the 2014 article “Electoral Studies,” Jesse T. Richmond, Gulshan A. Chatta, and David C. Earnest, as reported by  Steven Hayward, 11-13-18)