Ah-Oh, The Asylum Doors Were Left Unlocked Again!

As the coronavirus warnings have ramped up, the jailers have fled, keys in hand, leaving those progressive liberals confined under the “autocratic” Trump regime to make a run for it, not to sensible freedom, mind you, but rather straight to the nearest universally-beckoning DNC-controlled microphone and camera, in order to share their breathless, heretofore pent-up wisdom, with we pathetic deplorables (i.e., gun-owning, God fearing, family-focused, nation-loving conservatives).

A physician, said to be a part of Mr. Biden’s ‘medical advisory panel,’ claimed that we’re so late in the reactive process.  “It’s like an international embarrassment of how much we have messed up in this entire process of testing that is so critical to our understanding of the disease…it’s inexplicable.”  Well, Doc, a couple of comparatives for you to help ease your ‘international embarrassment.’  First of all, had the President clamped down hard too early in the process, before the experts truly realized what we were dealing with, President Trump would have quickly been labeled a dictator, one exercising excessive, even “autocratic,” powers.  But have him wait until he and his medical experts had a better expectation of the disease’s potential and spread, employing a more restrained use of his executive power, then, as only the liberal mind can concoct, he’s an “international embarrassment.”  Secondly, take a look around at other nations who reacted more slowly than we did to shut down borders and engage private industry to assist in the fight.  Much of Europe (especially Italy) and elsewhere (Iran, South Korea, etc.), for instance, are currently in a world of, very likely to be, lasting hurt.

And finally, try this one on for comparative size.  Let’s go back to the swine flu outbreak of 2009.  Reportedly, Mr. Obama, the progressive’s patron saint, waited four-months to declare a national emergency, after almost one-thousand Americans had perished from that flu. By comparison, for those now raging at this President’s presumed delay, as of this writing (3-18-20), over 100 of our citizens have thus far died since his national emergency declaration.  Why no previous outrage?  Because “Barack Obama enjoyed eight-years of the media’s (adoring attention), filled with uncritical, laudatory and selective coverage. Whereas (President) Trump has been incessantly attacked.”  Here’s but one contrasting illustration: “Obama is caught on a hot mic promising Putin’s #2 ‘flexibility on missile-defense after his re-election,’ and the media yawn.  Trump urges the President of Ukraine to investigate his country’s meddling in the 2016 election, and the corruption involving a U.S. Vice President’s son, and he’s impeached on the made-up charge of ‘abusing his authority’.”  Bottom line, Doc, put your hyper-partisan, Teflon-Baracked, cork in it.

And still they come, the noble march of the despondent nay-sayers, partisan mouthpieces convinced that everything President Trump has done to combat the coronavirus threat, in a valiant attempt to keep Americans uninfected, or at least among the living, has been too little, too late.  And on the subject of dying, which would likely not upset most rabid liberals, as long as all those doing the dying are conservatives.  Just last week, a Washington Post columnist predicted that more Republicans than Democrats will die from the virus because conservative media (to include, of course, Fox News) hadn’t hyped the threat, thereby likely preventing their “core viewers” from making more timely preparations. “Because there will be fewer (liberal candidate) mass gatherings (i.e., rallies), there will be less Democrat deaths.”

Echoing the inevitable death-rattle for conservatives, a dark-side cable news analyst reportedly actually said the following: “Look, Fox News has been getting people killed for years.  Just look at the crusade against affordable health care, their crusade against expanding Medicaid.”  OK then, take a look at the comparative status of health care, patient outcomes, and citizen satisfaction, in those nations with long-established state-run health care.  Not the nirvana that socialist progressives always make such out to be.  But to end his unsupportable rant on his view of a high note, that analyst then punctuated his false premise by adding that Fox News is “a cancer on this country.”  While one does so hate to object to such nonsense, the reality, dear sir, is this: progressive liberalism, or full socialism, if you prefer, is in reality the primary philosophic ‘cancer’ plaguing America, health-wise and every-wise. Along with the coronavirus, rational, thinking Americans can only hope that neither form of that ‘cancer’ever becomes a true ‘pandemic’ here.

So as not to leave Spoilywood actors out of this review of the outlandish, since they never fail to have really important stuff to say, most of it we’d far prefer they’d just leave on the screen. Now comes this on the subject of coronavirus from yet another wealthy, forgettable liberal used to simply repeating lines written for them by others.  Wrote he: “This is a moment to reflect upon the fact that Donald Trump and his enabling GOP are racist science deniers whose cultish insanity might very well kill us all.”  Reading right off the leftist script while taking the time to go two-for-one, by labeling the President and all conservatives “racist” (an auto-pilot buzz word so overused today that it ceases to mean anything), and “science deniers,” implying that none of us on the right side of reality actually believe that this globe-imperiling virus is an actual threat to America.  Or maybe he’s just angry because he thinks, correctly, that the nation’s conservatives somehow don’t believe that all ‘climate change’ is man-made, and if only we-types would stop exhaling, temperatures would return to normal, and that all would be acceptable again in their make-believe world.  Just another example of why we should continue to ignore any political pronouncements made by actors, singers, dancers, or candlestick makers.

And one more to be filed, or better yet flushed, under the heading of outlandish. The Mayor of New York City has publicly stated that, given the coronavirus threat, now would be an excellent time for the “nationalization of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”  Now, there’s yet another stunningly FDR-like progressive liberal idea.  Let’s just have the federal government take over private industry.  Seems like that’s the well-traveled, pot-holed, one-way road to the seemingly desired by some on the far-left: Marxist rule.  Just what a thriving free, capitalistic nation needs. With bizarre suggestions like this, it’s no wonder the residents of New York City are less than impressed with the leadership, or lack of, that their mayor has provided.  Fortunately, the great businesses and industries of our thankfully still fully free-enterprise nation have stepped up and are doing all in their manufacturing and distribution power to provide the increased level of healthcare supplies and medicines needed to meet the extraordinary challenge that this virus-scourge has thrust upon us.  And all being done without the need to turn their company’s keys over to an out-of-control autocrat and his henchmen in D.C.  But, other than that, swell suggestion, Mr. Mayor.

As we’re all in need of a corona-break, here’s a bit of much needed humor. The ACLU has actually requested that illegal migrants confined in the Seattle (WA) detention center be released (!), given the severity of the outbreak in that state. Said the ACLU via tweet: “Public health expert say releasing (illegal) immigrant detainees who are at heightened risk for the coronavirus, due to age or medical condition, is a critically important way to meaningfully mitigate that risk.”  Here’s a better way to “mitigate that risk,” thinking first and foremost about the health and safety of America’s citizens.  Rather than simply releasing them, instead, gather up all those deemed to be at risk and immediately deport them to their home countries.   Risk “mitigated.” Problem solved.

And one final international note to provide you with a much-needed laugh in the midst of this looming coronavirus plague.  Those stalwart, peace-loving lads at the  international terror group, ISIS, have issued a warning to all fellow murdering rogues that they should avoid, for now, trying to cause death, destruction, and mayhem in Europe, since they’ve learned that darn virus can actually kill people, worse yet, themselves included. One senses some resentment and perhaps jealousy in their brotherhood-of-terrorists directive, since harming and killing people without warning is supposed to be their officially designated product line. So, not that it matters a whiff to decent people, but there might actually be a mini-pinch of  honor among these bands of thugs and thieves.

And with that, for the nation’s constantly complaining progressive liberals, enough already. Stop with the self-gratifying cheap-shots, at a time when the American public is rightly concerned about that virus, and the Trump Administration is doing all that it can to slow, if not stop, its near-term progression here.  Bad mouthing is all that the contribute-nothing-useful left-wingers seem to be capable of doing.  Ever complaining, but without ever offering any realistic, actually helpful alternatives for we little people, since a false superiority complex has for too long been baked into their DNA.  And that same Trump-be-damned mindset runs from D.C.’s halls of opposition, to the intellectually-barren shores of L.A.  Facing a common and invisible enemy in this deadly biological war, as we are, makes these the times for Americans to come together, not to be ridiculed and purposely pulled apart.


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