Addicted To Hate

Addiction is a national tragedy.  We’re reading and hearing about far too many young Americans, and some not-so-young, who are dying from the use, and over-use, of illegal narcotics, the vast majority of which, we’re told, are coming in through our southern border.  As well as the additional deaths resulting from dependence on painkillers, which may have started out legitimately prescribed, but evolved into illegitimate availability through illicit store-front “pain clinics.”  The cost, financial and personal, to American healthcare for treatment, and to society/families for lives lost, is enormous.

But addiction in today’s America isn’t always to drugs (or alcohol).  It can also be to emotions and feelings.  For instance, fearful college students, we know, now are said to seek “safe spaces” in order to shield themselves from bad words, thoughts, or persons.  Or even untenable political beliefs, ingrained in naïve student minds, by ultra-liberal professors, who in turn were indoctrinated by their own former liberal professors, with the lineage tracing back to the hippy/free-love era of the mid-to-late 1960’s, and even beyond. And that all has culminated today in liberal-addicted students who now band together to chase known conservative speakers off their campuses, so as to protect them from scary, contrary (but true) facts and thought!

Hate, too, is among those human feelings.  Not a pleasant one, and it has to be learned, but one that has caught on with committed liberals, who wish to never hear, speak, nor see any “evil.” Conservative thinking Americans, today, represent personified evil, and therefor must be shunned and cast out.  And the fact that conservative thought and persona are, for some unacceptable reason, even allowed to exist in this country, has allowed and hastened that feeling of hate to surface, and then rapidly expand throughout the liberal clans within our nation, political or otherwise.

Hate has become the primary shield against conservative evil, whenever defensive “safe spaces” aren’t readily available.  Protect thyself.  Put on the armor of hate. Project feelings, not facts. And be ready to verbalize that hate whenever and wherever provoked. It’s the ever-ready emotional flamethrower that permits liberals, they firmly believe, to quickly transform conservative thought into ashes. And, in time, from those ashes will spring the socialist/communist nirvana that liberals have been promised by their patron saint, Saul Alinsky.  One of his best known contemporary protégés, Obama, tried as hard as he could to upend this great nation, “fundamentally transforming” America, you’ll recall, from individual freedom to government-dominated socialism.  He left, by design, considerable lasting damage, trying his best to obliterate our traditional laws, freedoms, customs, and character, purposely replacing unity with deep, resentful division based on racial and ethnic separation (divide and conquer).  Part of the total-government-control formula he embraced from his radical earthly-guide, Mr. Alinsky.

And the socialist, big government, over-bearing federal regulations regime that Obama worked so hard to instill was supposed to continue, make that, was guaranteed to continue, from 2016 onward, under the for-certain socialist velvet-hammer of dear Mrs. Clinton.  Then instead, through heavenly delivery, came that voter-induced, beyond shocking, political train-wreck.  The presumed Queen-elect was electorally dethroned to the dismay of liberals.  The impending march to even fuller socialism had ground to a halt.  And “safe shelters” across the liberal landscape must have become filled to capacity, housing the frightened, lost, and forsaken.  Donald Trump spoiled their promised nirvana.  That dream of a socialist-communist society would have to wait.

And thus emerged, launched into the open, raging hate.  Directed at conservatives, of course.  But, specifically, at Donald Trump.  Leading, now to the scam impeachment of a duly elected, clearly able, and extremely popular with the thinking-and-principled voters, United States President.   So far, then, hate has defined his term in office. And as the President has sagely stated: “They’ve come for me, because I’m in the way. They’re really after you,” (the stubborn, freedom-loving, God-worshipping, hard-working people of America).

And so, as we approach the start of the Year 2020, the impeachment travesty and charade continues with hatred from the left-wing fanning the fading embers. Said Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), who chose to rail against both the GOP Senators and the President, when he stated: “I think the only thing more outrageous these days in Washington than President Trump and his fearful tweets are those Republicans who have enabled him to do this, and to take a little more freedom, and a little more freedom, until we have a tyranny here, if he is not restrained (read: impeached).” Piling on, Senator Schumer was quoted as saying: “At a time of solemnity, when he (Trump) is being accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, to be nasty, vulgar, and just lying shows the character of the man.  He has the lowest character of any president we have ever had.” Just some extra doses of fabricated slander to soothe their fragile feelings.

On the heels of those choice smack-downs, one of the great, but little reported, events in the House, prior to the vote to impeach, was when GOP Congressman Russ Fulcher stepped to the microphone and announced that he would then recite, one-by-one, “every high crime and misdemeanor committed by the President of the United States.” Then Congressman Fulcher stood silently before the assembled representatives, saying nothing until his allotted time expired. Point dramatically made. The President had committed no crimes, thus none to announce!  So you can put that where the sun don’t shine, Mr. Schumer and company.

With the full House finally voting to impeach the President, Mrs. Pelosi said she had “a spring in her step,” and proclaimed it to be “a great day for the Constitution.”  Suddenly she cares about the Constitution?  All while her colleagues routinely stomped all over it, that ancient, tired, non-hip document, certain to become a forgotten relic when liberals take over the nation to complete its elimination as a free society.  And now, bless her heart, Mrs. Pelosi is pressing for “fairness” in the Senate trial, which is (a) humorous, and (b) beyond her dictatorial control, as she has no Constitutionally-prescribed role in the upcoming (we presume) Senate proceedings. What just took place in the House was “an inquiry where Democrats dictated all the rules, held secret meetings, leaked news spin to tar Trump, and unilaterally chose witnesses.  What a joke that they now demand ‘fairness’ (as they see it) from the Senate.”  Summing up the scattered House pieces of this malicious, disjointed, jigsaw puzzle, veteran Wall Street Journal columnist, Kimberley Strassel, very candidly and succinctly pulled it all together, when she wrote: “The House inquiry was a farce, riddled with procedural gamesmanship and shifting definitions of ‘high crimes.’  A serious Senate trial would only further highlight the weakness of the House case.”

As to the validity of the alleged “charges” against the President, noted Democrat lawyer (but one eminently fair-minded and rule-of-law-centric), Alan Dershowitz, expressed his judgment on, and frustration with, the two (so far!) Articles of Impeachment.  He is deeply concerned that neither of the charges are Constitutional, but rather a purely political power-play vs. abiding by American law and procedural tradition. Said he: “Neither of these proposed articles satisfy the express constitutional criteria for an impeachment. A majority of the House is simply making it up as they go along in the process, thus placing themselves, not only above the law, but above the Constitution.”  He then went on to say: “You don’t need to go to law school to know that these charges are just liberal-speak for ‘we don’t like this guy’.”  To perfectly tag that concluding thought, Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said in an interview: “They (Democrats) hate Trump.  They’ve been wanting to impeach him (but) they couldn’t contain themselves.  They’re like a puppy urinating on the floor!  At some point, people have to be adults, and not just in a hissy-fit.  This is a republic, by golly, it’s not a school sorority or fraternity.”  Wisdom, and puppy pee to boot.

It all comes down to the fact that Democrats (at least the more vocal ones), and the entrenched liberal D.C. bureaucrats, simply hate President Trump.  Add to that the reality that those same Democrats, joined by the Hollywood liberal chorus, and by the Dem’s insatiable, amorous, bunk-mates, the national marketing media (formally: news media); a blindly-obsessed, together-as-one, threesome that not only detests the President, but is still livid over the 2016 election and adamantly refuses to accept (and rejects) its presidential results, now a full three-years later. In sum, they hate President Trump and they hated losing that election, depriving them of their political savior, the seemingly character-challenged Mrs. Clinton (Obama 2.0) and the road to elitist glory, at the expense of our nation.

Whether they call themselves liberals, progressives, squadies, socialists, fascists, communists, and/or whatever new façade they can conjure up to hide behind, all such individuals share a common feeling of intense, obsessive hatred toward the President and any others associated with him. And it is this all-consuming hate that has seemingly become the pre-eminent thought-and-vocal addiction of today’s moderate-to-extreme political left-wing.


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